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Reviews on Ultimate Ears 500vi and 600vi?

  1. tripleflange
    I can't find many reviews on the 500vi and 600vi.  Is anyone using either of these?  I'm guessing the 600vi is supposed to have better audio because of the top-fire armature?  And presumably the 500vi doesn't stick out from your ears as much and might have a better cord?
  2. 50an6xy06r6n
    I have the 500s, and IMO, it's pretty good for the price. Haven't heard or seen the 600s in person, so I can't comment on that, but I would tend to think that it would be better. Size-wise, the 500s are pretty small, and the 600s look significantly bigger in the pictures. The cord, however, is actually the worst part of the 500s. The flat design is nice and it doesn't tangle, but the problem is is that it flexes really easily in the flat direction, and the L-plug doesn't have strain relief, so you might experience problems with the wires breaking at the plug. Otherwise, though, they sound really great.
  3. ljokerl Contributor
    Look up reviews of the SuperFi5 (not the SuperFi5Pro or SuperFi5EB) - "UE600" is just the new name. 
  4. tripleflange
    I should say that both my mom and my sister have the SuperFi 5vi.  I figure the 600vi is basically the same.  Mainly wondering if anyone has compared it with the 500vi.
    @50an6xy06r6n bummer to hear about the cord.  Both my mom's 5vi and my dad's 700 got sent back after a couple months due to cord issues.  Lost sound on one side.  I don't understand why UE doesn't spend a few more cents on additional plastic around the plug.
  5. 50an6xy06r6n

    Yeah, it kind of sucks, but as long as you're nice to it and use the case it's fine. And I'm trying to see if I can improvise some kind of functional strain relief for it.
  6. JacquesC
    I've written a review of the 500vi on my blog. You can read the whole thing here:
    Basically, I think they're great, and a bargain at $79. Much better than the SuperFi 5vi, with better clarity, dynamics and detail overall, and very nice deep bass that's not boomy or muddy. I've owned Shure E2c, Vibe Duo, Etymotic HF2, Shure SE115+ and Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi 'phones, and the 500vi are my favorite so far.
  7. spekkio
  8. tripleflange
    Thanks for the reviews. Just wanted to say that I finally bought the 500vi. I can't compare with the 600vi (or SuperFi 5vi) since I haven't listened to them personally. But the bass on the 500vi is *much* better than the bass on the UE 700.  In fact, I'm wondering if there's a problem with my 700 because in comparison the 500vi the bass is basically non-existent, even when using the Comply foam tips.
    There are a few things about the 500vi that are not perfect. The cord seems a little flimsy. Even though making it thicker would probably make it heavier. And the shiny silver plastic seems pretty cheap. It shows fingerprints unlike the 700. I also don't like how the plug sticks up a full half-inch before bending. Oh well.
  9. 50an6xy06r6n

    Congrats on your purchase, hope you like them! Regarding the cable, I found that even with careful use, it still came apart at the plug area, because it's not glued properly into the plug or something... So I fixed it by just wrapping duct tape around that area and it seems to work, so you might want to try something similar to prevent it from breaking.

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