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The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

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  1. batphink
    Groupon has the Audio Technica ATH-ANC27 for $49.
  2. Lurkumaural
    Sooo tempting, color notwithstanding. I almost went in full price for the plain-corded version last week.

    Too bad I have a slight aversion to single-button remotes for my own use.
  3. Painful Chafe


    I ordered a set and politely asked for a black pair. I'm assuming it wont work, but hopefully. They are going to replace my M11+P.
  4. Whyzguy
    Canada Computers has some deals on headphones/in-ears
  5. pumbaa071
    Sennheiser CX 495 3.5mm Connector Ear-Canal Headphone Your Price: $29.99
    Sennheiser CX 495 3.5mm Connector Ear-Canal Headphone
    Your Price: $29.99
    With Promo Code
    Attached Images
    credit to Selma from slickdeals
  6. djvkool


    UE700 is by far more comfortable, the highs are slightly better than TF10 (more detailed), in short UE700 is more analytical with punchy bass
    TF10 on the other hand, has better bass, and overall balanced sound (and has more 'weight' than UE700) - with standard cable, the mid is recessed (UE700's mid is better), but if you get the after market cables (Null Audio, Chris_Himself, etc) the mid improves a lot, so do the high and low, though the soundstage becomes slightly smaller.
    I own both and I think they complement each other, when it comes to dance music (EDM), I have yet to find anything better...
  7. murano
    Skullcandy Jib Earbuds - FREE (kind of) - In Store Only
    Purchase for $9.99, Receive $9.99 back in Staples Rewards (Must have or sign up for Staples Reward card, coupon will expire in 60 days after receipt)
    Expires 12/24/2011
    Limit 1 per customer.

    Valid SKU's: 321114, 321115, 321116, 321117 or 321118
    Coupon Link
  8. psygeist


    Customer service is very good. There won't be any problem in choosing the color preference.
  9. Nask
    Hi all,
    I'm a noob but I was and still looking for my future IEMS and I saw TripleFi 10 @ 173$ on Amazon. Is it "normal" ? (In France, they costs double)
  10. yello131
    Carrying out a message from Dimitri at Musica Acoustics.com (or musicaAcoustics.jp)
    MA is offering end-of the year sale on varies brands:  Ortofons: e-Q7 and e-Q5, Radius DDM2, Fischer Audio's Consonance, Eternas, Tandems Oldskool, F003W,
    Govibe amplifiers, Earsonics...Colorfly C4
    For more info, inquiry via email to Dimitri, from his website http://musicaacoustics.jp/ or musicaAcoustics.com
    Ultra Happy Holidays to all head-fiers!
  11. goodvibes


    I noticed that he doesn't show the MAs on his web page. Is he clearing out, gray market or show them elsewhere?
  12. BassInMyFace

    None of the prices are adjusted from what they were a month ago when I checked last.  They are still the "summer sales."
  13. Freefallr4545
    Still 250 For Ortofon Eq5 is fantastic
  14. imackler

    They are a fairly good price at $173. The price fluctuates around the $200 mark for these in the US. Once a year, for the past three Christmases, they've gone down to $100, flooding the market for a little bit, and then the price creeps back up to the $200 mark. It's still a really good deal at the $173 mark but I think it starts getting competition at that price range from other earphones. Two great resources for price to performance ratio are http://www.inearmatters.net/2009/01/list_01.html and http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-210-iems-compared-acs-t15-creative-aurvana-3-added-12-22-11. At that price point, its a matter of what kind of sound you prefer but you really won't have anything flat out beat the triple.fi 10 even at $173.

  15. Ulti
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