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The discovery thread!

  1. Coyro
    I suppose it's a bit overkill for an easy to drive iems. It'll be good to have the single ended model too.
    Celebrating diversity.:ksc75smile:
  2. zazaboy
    @peter123 one more thing in what does it excel exactly in vocals?.. Instrument seperation accuracy? Cleaner/smoother treble? Or soundstage clarity/better details? Does it alter the sound signature as a whole like colouring? Can you please explain more because i want tot buy earstudio es100 if its only a minor difference between this dacs? Need tot be sure man.. I gonna use sensitive iems on it.. And can you go balanced with it?
  3. HungryPanda
    The E1DA 9038s only has 2.5mm balanced out
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  4. waynes world
    Got'em, and like them quite a lot. The sound quality you can get in sub $20 earbuds these days is, frankly, quite ridiculous imo.
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    Got them on my burn in station. Will beat the tard out of the drivers. I figure since it has a "Titanizing diaphragm.". It would more than likely sound better with a good drum n bass beat down.

    I let my coworker have a listen to them. Was completely surprised/shocked at the cost of them. He almost pulled out his wallet right there. Lol.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  6. Ziggomatic
    Got a new toy from Penon today: the NS Audio NS3. This is the "bass enhanced" version. Good stuff so far out of the box, especially for 69 USD. Build seems solid (they're quite fetching), the cable is not trash, and it comes with a bunch of non-trash tips. Sound is pretty balanced with some midbass lift and fairly good extension... Burning in now.

  7. courierdriver
    Sorry, but what are we talking about here? The dongle dac amp, or the Powerdac v2? I'm more interested in a portable solution to use with my smartphone and iems. I wanna stick my Fiio Q1MK2 back into my computer system, and get a smaller, high power dac amp dongle for my phone, so I can still utilize the camera when I'm listening to high rez music
  8. assassin10000
    He want my pair if me80, if in the U.S.? I put them up for sale.
  9. zazaboy
    @courierdriver I mentioned its about the E1DA 9038s dac not the powerdac v2 because i am only interested in the sound quality of the 9038s dac
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  10. Baten
    I think so far both, lol. The dongle seems like a great 9038Q2M dac/amp, the powerDAC looks like an intriguing NFB(no feedback) design.
    I will personally buy the powerdac and report back to how it sounds!
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  11. jant71
    Another BGVP... https://penonaudio.com/bgvp-artmagic-dh3.html

    Would figure it is supposed to be pretty good being an "Art magic" model. Not that logic, the other Art Magic is $1,299 so this is part of something better than the DMG/DMS type, will hold. It does have switches to tweak. Not shown on Penon but I found a picture of the transparent black...

    Needs to show something with things like NX7 and what will come next, like the Spring 1 coming Monday, that are cheaper and thing like the Magaosi DQ4 getting some good praise(better than pricier BGVP's?) at a slightly higher price tag. Not sure this one is gonna "make the cut" actually.

    D's, they also have a new bud if you are getting into buds now :)
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  12. Wiljen
  13. IryxBRO
    This is the first time I should admit that earbuds can be as good as IEMs. IMO
    Ourart ACG - great earbuds in which the balance of the sound would still depend of the best fit but the potential is impressive.

    My blog HERE
    At HeadFi HERE

    _DSC2544.jpg _DSC2554.jpg _DSC2584.jpg _DSC2592.jpg
  14. FastAndClean
    The ACG is spectacular earbud, amazing mids, treble, soundstage and imaging, i don't agree with your review on the bass section, it is not deep at all, it rolls of early, no sub bass whatsoever, that is the only weak point.
  15. coflaes
    If ourart launch a revision of the acg with a double driver, one exclusive for the BASS, that would be my endgame earbud.

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