1. deeyou

    Sony MH1C - Right Earphone Sudden Low Volume

    I'm not sure what's wrong, but the the volume on the right earphone of my MH1C's all of a sudden became really low. If I turn the volume all the way up, I can just barely hear the audio coming through on the right earphone. I've tested listening to music on my laptop, my phone, and my iPod, and...
  2. MastermindJapan

    The "What IEM thread" to end all "What IEM threads" (BUDGET EDITION)

    As per the title, pick your poison. Would be nice for you to rank them the top 3, with a little description of why you have chosen the particular IEM. List of options as follows; MH1 SHE35xx Monoprice 8320 JVC HA-FX40 XBA-1 VDS1(S) GR99 GR02 BE VC02 R1 M1 M5 Options selected...
  3. sahildev

    {Help} Sony MH-1C

    Hey guys..   I have heard a lot of appreciation of these earphones and I am looking to buy it.   It comes around $33 in India through ebay Link...
  4. DramatikBeats

    Headphones/On Ears with mic £70 budget

    Hey guys, looking for some headphones to use whilst I'm at home to listen to music, or for when I'm taking a stroll to the shops. Needs to have a mic so I can answer calls on my HTC ONE or GALAXY S3. Budget is around £70. I listen mainly to hip hop/rnb and like the sound signature of the MH1C...
  5. dcsquirrel

    Need a replacement

    So recently my favorite pair of headphones( broke after about 1.5 years of having them which was great considering the fact...
  6. asingh

    XBA-1 vs MH1C vs Sony MDRXB60EX

    Which is the most superior?   Is there a headphone in similar price range that is better?
  7. carltonh

    Jlab Epic, Don't blow this off if you like Sony MH1 or MH1C

    I'll keep this short. I love the sound of the Sony MH1. (I have a short converter to make it work like a MH1C.) But I HATE HATE HATE the comfort and design. However, I think the Jlab Epic has 100% of the sound, same EQ, quality of tightness, deep subbass and impact, and clarity, but 10x the...
  8. P098

    Volume Imbalance on Sony MH-1C, Will recabling solve it?

    Hello,   I own Sony MH-1C, lately as some of you know, its suffering from volume imbalance, with right earbud louder than left earbud. Today just to clear my doubt, I generated a mono tone from Audacity and played it, I can here the imbalance clearly, but here is the interesting bit, when i...
  9. SnailsAndSlugs

    Can't get the hang of IEMs!

    Currently using Sony MH1C. I see people walking around, on the subway, jogging, etc. with IEMs and I just don't get it. No matter what I do, my earbuds pop out, constantly need adjustment, are uncomfortable, etc. My MH1Cs came with a tube of 4 or 5 different sized rubber plugs, and I've...
  10. nipax

    XBA10 or MH1C -- bass , soundstage

    hi guys   i want to by a in-ear headphone with good sound , but i dont select between tow headphone : XBA-10 - MH1C   i listen to electronic music and ambient , my source is glaxy player 4 and ipod touch 4   i have two question from you :   1 - is the sondstage in XBA-10 such as MH1C ? i...
  11. kloan

    Where to buy Sony MH1C?

    Does anyone know where I can still order these (for a decent price too)?
  12. lukEM22

    IEM with remote/mic that works with Galaxy S4

    Any better options than the MH1C? I cant stand the cable on it. 
  13. daviscup1980

    Sony MH1C or???

    Hello, I can buy the MH1Cfor 24 dollars here in holland) but can you tell me if there is a difference in sound between the MH1 and the MH1C, or is the only difference the connection? I still cant decide if i want the MH1/ MH1c or something different like the SHure se215, i listen a lot of...
  14. Sparky191

    Earphones to control WP8 Lumia - Nokia Purity?

    Any one tried the Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920? What are they like. Or any other low end IEM/earphone that has music controls for the Lumia WP8 phones.    Does the MH1c work with the lumia's. I have a pair in a drawer somewhere. 
  15. tayano

    Dropped my IEMs in coffee

    Hi, I just dropped my IEMs in coffee (I pulled it up right away). Just the right earphone. I dried it with a hair dryer and listened to it, the right earphone seemed as loud as the left one. It's still in front of the hair dryer. Thing is, I have 30 days satisfaction guarantee from the web...
  16. walkmanforever

    Sound comparison: Xiaomi Pistons 2.1 and Sony MH1C

        So, I got my Pistons 2.1 delivered yesterday and thought of comparing it with another budget king, the "MH1C". Here are the initial impressions and a short comparison.   The packaging:   The packaging of the Pistons is extremely good considering its worth. I got it for INR 1500 which...
  17. ohcrapgorillas

    I've Made a Terrible Mistake OR My Frustrating IEMs Journey, featuring a scathing reveiw of the JVC HA-FX850

    TL;DR a good pair of balanced IEMs below $300 is very rare and that pisses me off   As much as I love my HD650 (which are probably being traded for the HD600 soon, but that's another topic altogether),  I work in an office with eight other people and because I spend most of my day in front of...
  18. Sphyn0x

    Under $100 I-EM (with control) for dnb, edm, glitch..

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for I-EM which are under $100, maybe with control, but it isn't necessary. I'm listening to EDM, dubstep, dnb, glitch and other similiar styles. I have Sony MH1C now, but I can't stand asymetric (and heavy) cable. I would be thankful for every reply/advice.
  19. bsarkezi996

    TRRS Converter

    Hi   I'd like to buy a converter (OMTP-->CTIA) so I can use Sony MH1 headphones on my phone (Galaxy S2) without any distorted and broken sound. The problem is, I'm not really sure what to look for. I did find some cables, but I'm not sure that's the stuff I need. I would be grateful for some...
  20. donnot

    Budget USB DAC

    Hi all   I've just ordered a pair of sony MH1c's and I am looking for a half-decent DAC as my ultrabook's VIA audio isn't cutting it for me, even with my id america spark IEM's. My budget is $50, preferably including shipping and I live in Australia, which will probably limit my choices. Also...
  21. P098

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50...still the best under $200 headphone?

    Hello,   I currently own Sony MH-1C earbuds, they sound brilliant, but i want to upgrade to full size headphones, my budget is $200, I want headphones with great bass without compromising the mids and high, so if im in mood of some smooth jazz, i can enjoy it without getting frustrated about...
  22. Aegis303

    Need New IEM

    Hi, My previous earphone just broke, its a Gavio Gazz (didnt like it much...not sure why but something is lacking).  I use these phones for traveling/commuting to work, so they usually wont last too long...around half to 3/4 of a year.  I am looking something below 100 USD (cheaper the better)...
  23. A

    Choice between Vsonic and JVC for an affordable IEM

    Hi ..   Am thinking of buying a good pair of IEMs. Till now I have narrowed down to the vsonic gr02 BE or JVC HA-FX3X. Basically I am looking for something with good noise cancellation under $60. Other features that I am looking for are: 1. Soundstage (under $60 would be rare but...
  24. feeblely

    need help. sony mh1c vs vsonic gr02 vs brainwavz r1

    Hi. I need 2 earphones. One for me and one for my bro.   i listen to pop/kpop.   he listens to dubstep, hardstyle, vocal trance etc(stuff with lots of bass?)   I have been reading through the forums for the past week and have come up with the following eaRphones:   for me...
  25. corycc

    Need new IEMs for the bus (~ $60)

    I take a school bus mornings and afternoons, and I'm looking for a pair of IEMs that can satisfy me for about 45 minutes as far as comfort and sound go. I don't need anything fancy; I wouldn't spend more than $60, but I would like to get the best sound for the price.    Genre-wise, I listen...