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TRRS Converter

  1. bsarkezi996
    I'd like to buy a converter (OMTP-->CTIA) so I can use Sony MH1 headphones on my phone (Galaxy S2) without any distorted and broken sound. The problem is, I'm not really sure what to look for. I did find some cables, but I'm not sure that's the stuff I need. I would be grateful for some examples from ebay or amazon (even though I won't be buying the cable online).
    Thanks :)
  2. bsarkezi996
  3. cls
    I can recable your if you want
  4. higbvuyb
    Something like this. Search for 'headset adapter'
    You can get a 1-piece adapter which doesn't have the flexible bit of cable in the middle, but that risks breaking the headphone jack in your phone due to the extra leverage.
    Probably hard to find in physical stores though.
  5. bsarkezi996
    I bought Sony MH1C 2 months ago.

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