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The discovery thread!

  1. megapowa
  2. zachmal
    if your phone is rooted you can give AINUR NARSIL a try, that should strip away all unnecessary post-processing

    not sure if it works on the zenfone 5z though.

    AINUR NARSIL with the LG V30 definitely puts the experience on another level :dt880smile:

    Also the NX7 definitely needs some burn-in, I've replaced the cable with a 16-core and applied foam tips.

    That put away the strong sibilance from the out-of-the-box experience and the output is more on the warmer side, it entirely feels more balanced
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  3. peter123
    I'm telling you guys that this thing is going to be the portable audio source of 2019. When it's officially released the standard for how good sound one can get from a phone will change forever.

    20190815_212450.jpg 20190815_214929.jpg 20190815_212420.jpg

    Even the Radsone ES100 look large compared to it ha ha.

    I also love the back story of a Russian engineer in China who's tired of seeing well known brands overcharging for poorly performing (measuring) products and would like to do something better and cheaper. The first independent measurings are now published on another site and the result there is every way as impressive as the sound I'm hearing from it.

    E1DA ES9038S, remember the name my dear friends :wink:
  4. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    Jim shipped my NX7's, so it will be awhile via China Post. In the meantime, I'm jammin' the Sennheiser IE40's. Great timbre, bass speed and resolution with that wide Sennstage. But let me let you in on a secret....*ahem* I enjoy the much cheaper MD Crescents at this point. Something about their sound is just addicting. 'nuff said for now. I await the NX7 so I can join the Train or the Tracks?
  5. jant71
    Seems the IE40 Pro is popular. Tons of stuff out for them now. Connectors, cables, BT...
  6. activatorfly
    I have the ES100....& thinking about buying the bundle E1DA 9038S & PowerDAC V2 - did you buy both?...if so how do you rate the latter unit?
  7. Lurk650
    I don't believe either is for sale yet (?).

    Both of us go the PowerDAC for review and critique to the inventor (I didn't get the E1DA small unit though). The PD is very good, very loud. Powers gear with ease. On that note, via USB from laptop is one simple printer cable to buy. From the phone though you need to have a splitter, I had to buy a USB C splitter and a USB Type A to USB Type C cable and phone has to be charging to even power up the DAC. Not convenient but works, I guess thats where the more portable version comes into play. Now with the PowerDAC you can only run 2.5 balanced cable so no adding an amp but like said, the unit is powerful and doesn't need one.
  8. peter123
    Yes, I've got them both. So far I've only used the PowerDac V2 for an hour or so to check that it work properly and I liked it a lot, it powers even the HE560 with ease. I've spent a lot of more time with the 9038S and like already said it's amazing, actually it can also power the HE560 perfectly fine but with less headroom than the V2 and it's amazing with the HD800S as well. For a portable solution its sound quality is just crazy good and it can power everything I own. It works great straight out of my Galaxy S8 but battery drain is very noticeable. The V2 won't work with my phone without external power so I'd say it's much better suited to be used with a computer or laptop.

    I'll post more impressions of the V2 when I get some more time with it.
  9. lucasbrea
    when would be available the ES9038S I'm really looking forward for this. Thanks
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  10. courierdriver
    Like your review, and I concur with pretty much all you said. I'm really enjoying my set as well, and I do appreciate them for what they offer for the price. I was looking for a set that have just a bit more details in the highs compared to my other iems, and this set delivers very nicely. I'm really enjoying the NX7 and I really don't find them too much for me in the treble at all. My source is my smartphone, hooked up to my Fiio Q1MK2 dac/amp via USB C to USB micro. I use the pure copper version of your cable from Nicehck in 2.5mm balanced, out of the Fiio's balanced output. The warmer sound sig of the Fiio's AK4490 dac, pure copper cable and Newbee foam tips; help tame the brightness so many have been harping about. I've not felt the need to mod them with micropore tape, or even EQ. Well, maybe a little EQ, via the Q1MK2'S bass boost switch, depending on the recording. All in all, this is a very satisfying set and I'm happy to have it in my collection.
  11. courierdriver
    Yeah, I'm curious about this one, but I'll probably pass. I have bought too many iems lately, and my goal is to get a good DAP by Christmas. Still, it looks interesting (but so does the new KZ KSN/Terminator). I really need to get myself some willpower, and resist. But with these affordable prices, it's damn hard! Lol!
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  12. courierdriver
    Agreed. Warmer source might be a huge benefit to those who find the NX7 too bright, or those who are treble sensitive. I think someone even previously mentioned that they were using this set with a tube amp. I think that sometimes people forget about system synergy. Finding the right combination of sources, amps, cables, tips, etc. is what can make or break a system. Almost any piece of gear can be improved to suit any person's individual tastes, just by experimenting a bit.
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  13. Maxx134
    Anyone heard of this IEM yet?

    MediaDevil Artisanphonics CB-01


    They are on Amazon for around $60 US.

    They use Nanene® Graphene-Enhanced drivers.

    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  14. courierdriver
    I'd also like to rec the Fiio Q1MK2. I'd try to get an older version from a year ago, which was still using the better sounding AK4490 dac chip. The new ones went to a lesser AK4453. I haven't heard this newer dac, but I would have expected that if Fiio was gonna keep producing this model, they would've either stuck to the 4490 or upgraded to a 4493, like they use duals of in the M11 and Q5s. Why, Fiio, why? Only thing I can think of, is that maybe they are now using a different opamp, which allows them to use a lesser dac chip. Honestly, I don't know.
  15. Makahl
    Do you know if this AE store is legit?

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