blon bl03
  1. jam130

    [WTS] Moondrop KXXS, BLON BL03, Shouer Tape, Tenhz P4Pro

    Selling a couple of IEMs, either brand new or lightly used. All IEMs come with original box and packaging and all original tips [tips were never used]. Shuoer Tape and Tenzh P4Pro are Brand New In Box - Sealed Prices include shipping to CONUS, no trades please. Moondrop KXXS - $125 - pics...
  2. Tail

    Budget Chi-Fi recommendation help

    Hey guys! Looking at TRN V90 vs CCA C12 vs Blon BL-03 vs GuideRay GR-i Could you recommend me between these 4 earphones based on some things I'm interested in? Sub bass - which has most of that low end sub-bass impact and slam Mid bass - which has the least bleed into the mids, that veil...
  3. Tail

    Sennheiser IE80 vs Chi-Fi

    Hey guys! I own a pair of Sennheiser IE80. Friend bought KZ ZSX and I tried them, just to be amazed at how 7 times cheaper iems almost match mine and even surpass them in some aspects. ZSX sounded clearer, more detailed and precise, and bass even tho described as "boomy" and "veiled" was more...
  4. Sound N00b

    Spinfit tip for blon bl-03?

    What spinfit single flanged tip fits the blon bl-03 best? The 2 which seem most likely to work are the cp100 and cp145. Would one work better than the other on the blon?
  5. iamkn

    WTS: [New] BLON BL-03 30SGD

    Condition: - New but unsealed - Tested with my ear tips for less than a min to check; working perfectly well - Cleaned thoroughly with a cloth; no fingerprints or whatnot - Stock ear tips and accessories untouched - Light gun colour - No mic version - If you need to change ear tips, I've spare...
  6. Sound N00b

    Correct connection on tripowin c-8 cable for blon bl-03

    Looking to buy a tripowin c-8 cable for the blon bl-03 but wondering if I need to get 2 pin 0.78 or qdc version. Edit: if both work does one have more compatibility with other iems and does one work better with the blon specifically?
  7. Dsnuts

    The discovery thread!

    Welcome to the new and improved. Discovery thread..   I have given some thought into what this thread should be about. If anybody that feels they have something to contribute to this thread as in. It is something new for you or the community I welcome any and every impression of anything...