Spinfit tip for blon bl-03?
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Sound N00b

Oct 14, 2016
What spinfit single flanged tip fits the blon bl-03 best? The 2 which seem most likely to work are the cp100 and cp145. Would one work better than the other on the blon?
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Either should work; which is best will probably depend on your ear anatomy. CP145 is a little longer and narrower compared to the CP100. I find them both comfortable, but the CP145 works for me with a wider range of IEMs. But that's my ears.

The CP145 bore is slightly wider than than the CP100. This means that the CP100 can tend to emphasize bass a little bit more, but can also make the sound a little more tunnel-like. And both of these Spinfits will emphasize bass more than a wide-bore tip would.

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