Best Budget Hi-Fi IEM and Headphones in India (under ₹7k i.e. ~$100)
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Nov 24, 2018
There are tons of threads about Mid-fi and TOTL threads but none for the budget category where most of the buyers are concentrated at. Is it possible to get a great IEM without having to shell out crazy amount of money? It sure is, with or without AliExpress. So this thread is basically a thread where audio fans share. Folks can share their impressions on some hidden gems which are yet undiscovered in the local audio scene. I'll start with my current favourites -

BQEYZ KB100 (1BA+DD) - Neutral and arguably has the best timbre for a hybrid under ₹4000 (~$50). If someone wants something analytical that's not fatiguing, they can't go wrong with these. Good recommendation for folks who used IEM for stage monitoring.

Tin Hifi T2 and T2+ (2DD) - T2 is deadpan flat with slightly bright tuning whereas T2+ is neutral with mild bass boost. Both are extremely good and serve different purposes. Although, in terms of fit and as a overall package, T2+ shades it for me.

Blon BL-03 (1DD) - One of most joyful IEMs to grace the budget scene. Fantastic timbre coupled with delicate bass makes it a natural step-up for folks who are coming from offerings by local brands like Boat. Classic V-shaped sound where one thing is definitely guaranteed - tons of fun.

KZ EDX (1DD) - For something as low as ₹700, these are the best IEMs for newbies to foray into the world of IEMs. They are with detachable cable, superior sound and extremely comfortable. Extremely hard to beat them at their price point.

P.S. - In this list I've only added IEMs that can be purchased by resident Indians. Some absolutely fantastic IEMs like Sony MH755/750/1 are not added as getting a genuine product is next to impossible.
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