Kinera Imperial Verdandi $ 1199 2 Knowles BA + 2 Sonion EST + 1 DD + 1 Bone Conduction Driver Impedance: 14 ohm Sensitivity: 105 dB Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz Extras Flash Acoustics Monocrystalline Copper + High Purity 4N Silver Cable Plug with 3.5mm and 4.4mm AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal...
  2. BASN Metalen

    BASN Metalen

    BASN Audio Metalen - 2DD + 2BA in-ear monitor ENHANCED BASS SOUND: Specifically designed to deliver stellar audio quality, this iem earphone provides premium performance. Featuring heavy, impressive driven bass, fast and accurate with quick attack and decay. Full and warm mids with...
  3. NymPHONOmaniac

    PLANAR IEMs fans thread-Impressions, suggestions, ranking list, techs

    Hello headfier, i was seeking for a planar IEMs thread and didn't find any so there it is....since I feel its quite needed with all these new planar release, especially in CHifi market. Personaly, i own about 15 pairs of planar IEM. My fav are Letshuoer S15, Hidizs MP145, Raptgo Hook X HBB...
  4. ARTTI R1

    ARTTI R1

    🔈 Driver Setup. 2DD 6mm PU Suspension Titanium + 1DD 8mm CC Beryllium-diaphragm ✨Sen & Imp. 102dB/mW | 20,4Ω 💰 Price. 60€
  5. KZ Castor (Standard/Harman-Neutral Version)

    KZ Castor (Standard/Harman-Neutral Version)

  6. Enther

    What do you think will be the iem or iems of 2023?

    I open debate. The iem that offers the best quality-price ratio... just as the Ikko Oh10 or the fiio fh7 could be in 2019, the Mangird Tea mk1 or the Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk in 2020, the Moondrop Variations and Timeless when they came out in the 2021, the Yanyin Cannon or the Senheiser Ie600...
  7. Tanchjim One

    Tanchjim One

    Product information: Sensitivity: 126 dB/Vrms @1kHz Frequency response range: 7-45Khz THD:<0.062% @1kHz Driver: 10mm dynamic driver Impedance: 16Ω士10% @1kHz PIN SPECIFICATION:gold-plated straight pin Dynamic diaphragm material: Peek&Pu Hanging Edge Ti Ball Top Cable specification: 1.25M 3.5MM...
  8. PROblemdetected

    HISENIOR AUDIO Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the discussion thread of HISENIOR AUDIO HISENIOR AUDIO was founded in ChengDu (China) in 2016. At its beginnings, it was dedicated to developing products for musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles. Always with their sights set on the international market, they have begun to have...
  9. Queen Of Audio Vesper 2

    Queen Of Audio Vesper 2

  10. TRN TA4

    TRN TA4

  11. TANGZU Princess Chang Le

    TANGZU Princess Chang Le

    HiFi Quality & 6mm Micro Dynamic Driver 4-Axis Cnc Craving Aluminum Alloy Shell Traditional Chinese Aesthetic Design OFC Silver Plated Wire
  12. KBEAR Pecker

    KBEAR Pecker

  13. Simgot EW200

    Simgot EW200

  14. Zhulinniao Shanghua Z2

    Zhulinniao Shanghua Z2

    Available on Aliexpress and Taobao
  15. samandhi

    TRI Star River Impressions

    I didn't see a thread yet for these and have only seen these mentioned on the Discovery Thread, so I thought I would start a thread here for people to give their impressions on these. I have a set incoming (should be here between Feb 16 through the 22).... My Hermano @FranQL has me a bit excited...
  16. Kinera Celest Pandamon

    Kinera Celest Pandamon

    Celest Pandamon SPECIFICATIONS Kinera 10mm SPD 2.0 ™ ( Square Planar Driver ) Impedance: 9 ohm Sensitivity: 108 dB Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz Oxygen Free Copper Cable 3.5mm Termination Plug INCLUSIONS One pair of Celest Pandamon In-ear monitors. One 3.5mm Oxygen Free Copper Cable. Six...
  17. Tinhifi C2

    Tinhifi C2



  19. KB EAR Rosefinch

    KB EAR Rosefinch

    KB EAR Rosefinch 【5μm Silicon Composite Biological Diaphragm DD】KBEAR Rosefinch in ear monitor adopts the classical 5μm silicon composite biological diaphragm 10mm dynamic driver. Powerful configurations to achieve high quality of flagships.The units enable Melody Wired Earphones to possess...


  21. Tanchjim Zero

    Tanchjim Zero

    TANCHJIM ZERO Model: ZERO Origin: Dongguan, China Color: Silver Sensitivity: 118dB/Nrms @1Khz Impedance: 32Ω土10% @1Khz Frequency response range: 7-50kHz THD: < 0.5% @1Khz 94dB SPL Driver: 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver Driver technology: DMT 4 Cable: 1.25M+3.5MM gold-plated...
  22. Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Go

    Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Go

    Impedance 32Ω Sensitivity 116db Frequency range 18-22000Hz(±10dB) Interface 3.5mm Cable Length 1.2m(±2cm) Plug type Straight PLUG Size (diameter of shell) 16.8mm Monk Go are entry-level earbuds by Venture Electronics which are only produced with limited quantity. They were released 2021...
  23. TRN CS2

    TRN CS2

    The CS2 is an inexpensive fun set in the TRN range.
  24. ANN N200

    ANN N200

    Impedance: 16Ω Earphone sensitivity: 116dB/mW Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Interface: 3.5mm Cable: 4 core black plastic-sleeved cable Plugs: L Plug SE termination ANN N200 are vintage earbuds that was introduced way back 1997. These are already discontinued and comes off as extremely rare at...
  25. ExTubeGamer

    Smooth and neutral like the TinHifi T2

    Hello dear HeadFi community, I started my audiophile career with the TinHifi T2. Despite testing out a lot of IEMs, I never found an IEM that is as smooth and neutral like the T2. Not even the T2 plus has the relaxedness and neutrality in the mids like the T2. It seems the lack of treble...