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🔈 Driver Setup. 2DD 6mm PU Suspension Titanium + 1DD 8mm CC Beryllium-diaphragm
✨Sen & Imp. 102dB/mW | 20,4Ω
💰 Price. 60€


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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Nice timbre
Lush and rich presentation
Satisfying bass amount
Not harsh
Suitable for loud level listeners
Cons: Too bassy for most genres
Too warm
Bass quality is not the best, it is loose and pillowy
Not particularly technical
Details get lost
Artti is a relatively new brand and R1 is their second IEM in the market. They are priced at 79 USD but can usually be bought for cheaper through their Aliexpress store. Although newly established, some things might look very familiar because they are manufactured by LetShuoer, at least that’s what it says on the back of the box.



I bought Artti R1 with a discount in exchange for a review. As I always say, everyone is biased one way or another so take everything you read with a grain of salt. Also I will try to be more concise and to the point in my reviews from now on without worrying about the word count etc. If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments and I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

Configuration, Build and Accessories of Artti R1​

R1 uses three dynamic drivers per side, one being an 8 mm beryllium composite diaphragm driver for bass and two 6 mm PU suspension edge and titanium dome drivers for the rest of the frequency range. There is a crossover but no info about its design or whether it’s two or three way.


Shells of R1 made out of aluminum. They are relatively light and moderately comfortable. In fact, the shell shape is pretty much identical with LetShuoer’s DZ4, except DZ4 uses a resin shell.
Cable that the Artti R1 comes with is nothing extraordinary. They have both 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm options and I opted for 4.4 mm. Apart from the cable, R1 comes with two sets of generic tips and a case made out of fabric. All the accessories were placed in the case to save space in the box so the set provides a modest unboxing experience.


Sound of Artti R1​


Artti R1 has a V-shaped tonality with the emphasis on the bass region.
Bass on R1 is overpowering but also kind of loose. It bleeds into the mids, making the whole presentation warm, lush, rich and fuzzy.


Mids aren’t particularly recessed but since bass is too overpowering, they usually get overshadowed. Upper mids however are emphasized so that they can still shine through with female vocals and electric guitars. When there aren't overpowering bass notes, this warm tonality makes them sound lush and romantic.
Treble is present but not overemphasized. Hi-hats have decent sparkle and don’t sound very blunted.


Artti R1 doesn’t impress too much with its technical capabilities. Although having separate drivers helps a little, being a bassy IEM, the details can get lost in the mix. They don’t particularly feel wide either but depth is decent. Imaging is OK but nothing exceptional. All in all, technically they represent the price bracket they belong to.



Artti R1 vs. LetShuoer DZ4​

Comparing Artti R1 to LetShuoer DZ4 made sense because their prices are similar and DZ4 also uses 3 drivers plus a passive radiator.


  • R1 is much warmer, bassier, rumblier and richer. Bass guitars are especially pretty much absent in DZ4. Bass quality is slightly better on DZ4, R1’s bass feels pillowy. Both have good bass extensions.
  • Although upper mids are similar, the warmth on R1 skews the balance towards darkness. DZ4 is clearer and sounds more neutral.
  • Neither is exactly shouty, but both have more than enough energy in the upper mids, maybe R1 slightly more pronounced.
  • R1 has slightly more bite in the treble but neither is harsh.
  • R1 is technically more capable. Imaging is sharper and it resolves more nuances but unfortunately excess bass amount masks most of these nuances so DZ4 may come as more detailed. Both have moderate stage size. Timbre is slightly metallic on DZ4. R1 sounds lush, not the most natural but more natural than DZ4.


Artti R1 vs. BQEYZ Autumn (with Bass Filter)​

I use Autumn in comparisons a lot because it is one of my favorite iems. In this case I believe Autumn’s bass implementation is what R1 could have used in my personal opinion.


  • R1 is again bassier, rumblier and warmer. Autumn’s bass is just right for me, it is also tighter and more textured.
  • Bass bleed is also minimal on Autumn with just enough richness while remaining clean and clear. R1 is overly rich and lush compared to that.
  • Upper mids are just a smidge shoutier and electric guitars have more energy on R1
  • Autumn’s biggest flaw is the 5k peak. While it adds presence to the recordings, in some cases it gets sibilant and harsh. However spinfit tips reduce this peak and only the hint of harshness remains. Artti does not have such a problem. Autumn is airier in the upper treble.
  • Staging is better on Autumn as it feels much larger. Imaging is also sharper than R1. R1 resolves nuances as much as Autumn if not more but the bass amount just overwhelms and masks the details.


Artti R1 is a fine IEM and a very good one for bass lovers. For me, the bass amount was just too much and it did more bad than good. It sounded great with EDM and Lo-Fi music, decent with rock and metal but I just couldn’t connect to my music with R1 as much as I like. So my rating is very personal and I’m sure others will like it more than I did. One thing is for sure though, now I have another IEM to recommend to basshead friends.
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David Haworth

Previously known as J Weiner
ARTTI R1 Triple threat!
Pros: Full warm musical presentation.
Solid bass performance
Smooth non fatiguing treble
Natural organic vocals with good air and positioning
Very good soundstage with nice depth and width.
Comfortable fit (For my ears )
Good for extended listening sessions.
Cons: Not the most sparkly or extended treble.
Cable not the highest quality.

TheARRTI R1 is a triple driver IEM with the following internals

Two 6mm titanium dynamic drivers
One 8mm beryllium plated dynamic driver
It has an Impedance of 20 ohms and a frequency response of 20hz-40khz

The aluminium shell is finely machined and not excessively heavy. The four-strand cable with a 3.5mm plug is OK but I find the cable likes to tangle more than usual. The R1 comes with two sets of tips and a nice fabric zippered hard case.

The sample earphone was send to Audio Reviews Downunder, our touring IEM review group in Australia for assessment. Thank you to ARRTI.

Sound Impressions and listening experience.

The R1 is not like your common Harman tuned IEM but has it’s own distinct sound. I describe that sound as muscular musical! The combination of three dynamic drivers gives the R1 a rich warm enveloping sound with a solid bass floor, clear mids and gentle highs, and a wide listening space to enjoy it all. I like this sound signature a lot and it appeals greatly. Often while assessing its attributes I found myself three songs into an album and not thinking about what I was hearing, just enjoying the music. It’s the sort of IEM that’s enveloping, non demanding but very rewarding and one you can listen to for hours without fatigue.


The bass of the ARRTI R! starts low, very low. Drums have weight and it dips nicely into the sub bass. I would not describe the bass as super fast or energetically clean, but rather rich and powerful. The strong midbass does not bleed into the mids, rather provides a solid floor for the vocals to soar above.


More solid gutsy sound. Plenty of punch to guitars snares and vocals are clear with lots of space and air. Still on the warmish side of neutral. Micro details are evident and easy to identify. The sound is not congested , rather clear and involving.


The ARRTI R1 has adequate treble with good resolution. It's quite neutral, unboosted and easy to listen to. It compliments the rest of the frequency range allowing excellent edge to vocals and instruments while being easy to listen to and non fatiguing. Albums I know to be edgy and sibilant on some other IEMs sound more neutral and enjoyable with this set.

Soundstageand imagining

Excellent is the word. A natural big wide space with good depth that easy to place instruments and backing vocals. Details are natural and easy to pick out . Everything

sound natural and correct.


Who are the ARRTI R1's aimed at?

Above all people who want an organic musicality with a high degree of finesse.

People who are tired of the Harman tuning target and are looking for something

novel and appealing

People who are treble sensitive and would prefer a smooth rich organic sound with a good bass floor.

As I have said, I can listen to the R1 for hours, enjoying the smooth bassy presentation and enjoying my music catalog
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New Head-Fier
a 3DD iem for under $60
Pros: 1. Fantastic build quality for the price

2. Great inoffensive sound

3. Very comfortable

4. Can play most genres quite good

5. A good amount of bass makes really fun to listen too
Cons: Nothing that i could say for this price.

Hello, guys today I will review the ARTTI R1. These are iem from VOLKCHOI which are made by letshuoer. Volkchoi is an audio store like Hifigo, Linsoul and Shenzhen Audio.

So what makes these R1 very enticing is that they have 3DD, yes 3dd for the price of $80 they even went for sale for as low as $55 during the 11/11 sale. Spoiler alert these are very good!

I have also shared a video version of the review at YouTube any support there in form of a view, A like or A subscribe is greatly appreciated. But if you so wish to read the written version you can read this.

Before I start the review I would like to say huge thanks to Volkchoi for sending me this review unit, You can check them out at their website given below they sell everything for your audio need. Although all the opinions you are about to here are my own.

You can buy it here (unaffiliated links) :-

I will be as usual following my bullet style format for better readability for those who are dyslexic and in general find it hard to read long paragraphs. I follow this guide in general from the British Dyslexia Association.

So lets get started!

Build Quality, Comfort and Accessories:-

1. They have a very simple packaging for the price. They come with the iem, 2 pin cable, 2 sets of tips and a very good case

2. The case provided is very pocketable and very good for daily use.

3. These are very comfortable and I can wear them for long period of time, although they are bit larger than usual.

4. The iem is made of a metal shell

5. There are no driver flex here

6. These are very well vented

7. The face plate design is very minimal and unique


Sounds Impressions:-

1. These are a warm sounding iem which does well in most genres

2. They are very good overall and they get you to enjoy the music.

3. I am using the Hiby FC6, Muse HIFI M4, Fiio Btr5, Razer USB-C Dongle and my smartphone for testing them out

4. I used all the stock accessories for testing


1. The bass here is awesome!!

2. The bass here is very velvety and very smooth. I love the amount of bass these produce

3. In songs like Waltz By sunny these have the exact amount of quantity I would want.

4. Both the sub and mid bass sound very right and anything thrown at them in this region has no issues.

6. Although In some songs like crack crack crackle by classy the bass sometimes is a bit pillowy, although the overall quantity of bass is very good the bass in some songs hits a bit soft. For the price these could be seen as a nitpick


1. For vocals these are quite ok nothing great

2. Male vocals do take a back seat in my opinion for example when listening to Chris Cornell, Leonard Cohen and Bill withers, although they have that thick vocals come across quite well they do take a bit of a back seat imo.

3. The female vocals sounds quite ok although sometimes they do sound a bit shrilly at higher volumes

4. Due to the tuning of the iems sometimes the vocals take a bit of back seat, again this is a nitpick for the price


1. The overall treble is ok and does service well for most songs

2. It does lack overall treble extension

3. In songs like Idol by Yoasobi it does an ok job

4. This lack of overall treble is great for them who are bit treble sensitive


These are quite ok when it comes to that. But this is not a technical sounding iem

Soundstage & Imaging:-

The soundstage is very wide, when listening to the 1985 Album from casiopea it sounded really good. As someone who loves a wide soundstage these sound really good! The imaging is quite ok, for example when listening to Yumeji by Nano.Ripe the starting section is rendered quite ok.

Gaming Test :-

I wouldn’t recommend buying them for gaming, but their wide soundstage does a really good job when playing fps. Although the average imaging does leave a bit to be desired


Comparison & Recommendation:-

1. v/s Geek Wold GK20 These are the exact polar opposite of the Gk20. The gk20 is a very clean sounding v shaped iem which is very technical. But the R1 are very smooth iem which are not that technical.

2. v/s E20 These are again the anti e20, where the e20 are a very clean sounding iem these are a very warm sounding iem.

3. Do I recommend this iem? In the ocean of harman iem these are breath of fresh air just like the penon fan 2.

4. If you are someone tired of the harman tune then these are very good

5. Also if you are treble sensitive the R1 makes a very good buy too.

6. While buying these do keep the shortcomings in mind I have mentioned in the review

Thanks for reading my review

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me and also if you have any issues regarding this format of review please do comment I will try to mend it. Also sorry to those who are used to reading long paragraphs of review in headfi. I hope my review was upto the mark, I appreciate any feedback.

Again a big thanks to Volkchoi for making this review possible.

Have a great day ahead :)
You’ve got review game! Watching your vid now. My channel is BangsAudioReviews on YT. I am enjoying your content, both written and visual. Well done!
Thanks for the kind words! I have subbed your channel too. 🙂



Thanks to all for the reviews. I’ve just ordered my set (prior to finding this thread) for $55 on AE (Artti official). My decision to purchase was based on how amazingly good the T10 is (especially for its price), so I was hoping for a repeat (if different) performance from the R1. Sounds like I’m going to get it. I’m neither a fan, nor a Harman hater. I can take it or leave it. What matters is how the IEMs present it. I can tell you on the T10 it is beautifully done. And I’m just as excited for the triple DD anti-Harman of the R1. Now if only AE were truly “express”. The wait begins…
Thanks to all for the reviews. I’ve just ordered my set (prior to finding this thread) for $55 on AE (Artti official). My decision to purchase was based on how amazingly good the T10 is (especially for its price), so I was hoping for a repeat (if different) performance from the R1. Sounds like I’m going to get it. I’m neither a fan, nor a Harman hater. I can take it or leave it. What matters is how the IEMs present it. I can tell you on the T10 it is beautifully done. And I’m just as excited for the triple DD anti-Harman of the R1. Now if only AE were truly “express”. The wait begins…
That's awesome! Hope you like it as much asi did. That's a really good price you got it for 🙂