1. RAPTGO Bridge

    RAPTGO Bridge

    The Next Generation of Hi-Fi Experience the perfect fusion of sound quality and versatility with the Raptgo BRIDGE in-ear tribrid Hi-Fi earphones. Combining cutting-edge technology and innovative design, these earphones are tailored to satisfy the needs of audiophiles and casual listeners alike...
  2. 1832vin

    lost my Katos.... when do you think the blessing 3 dusk will come out? or should i try something else?

    I lost my katos, the blessing 3 has caught my attention, but it being a "side grade" isn't too appealing for my money... especially since it's not "cheap" by many measures so it's a decision on how long a crinale collab usually take, and how many months can i stop listening music for, or...
  3. D

    A&K charging full price for a repair while keeping partially damaged unit ?

    EDIT: I +can take some personal accountability and like both brand's products so for the sake of argument lets say this was all user-error, the way it happened is somewhat irrelevant as I am being billed rather then getting an RMA (which I tried but they would know best if they inspected and...
  4. CasioTofu

    <$75 in-ear monitoring IEMs that can be pushed in EQ? 🤔

    Hey guys. I'd like an IEM that doesn't have harsh treble out of the box because when I'm recording videos I don't have any EQ options and the high frequencies hurt my little baby ears. So just a fairly flat in-ear monitoring IEM should be fine. (It makes perfect sense, don't question it.)...
  5. KBEAR Pecker

    KBEAR Pecker

  6. Fiio FD11

    Fiio FD11

    Fiio FD11 Specs: Driver: Dual-Cavity 10mm carbon DD Impedance: 24Ω@1kHz. Sensitivity: 111dB/mW. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz. Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-pin. Termination Plug: 3.5mm Gold-Plated Copper Plug.
  7. Whizzer / Opera Factory OS1

    Whizzer / Opera Factory OS1

    Specs taken from Amazon: Speaker Type: 10mm graphene dynamic driver Sensitivity: 112dB SPL/mW Impedance: 22Ω Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz Distortion: <1% 101dB(20upa) Vocal Tract Difference: <1.5dB(at1000Hz) Rated Power: 10 mW Cable Length: 120 cm
  8. M

    IEM for gaming (competetive/esport)

    Hi, I would like to buy headphones for gaming (competetive/esport) and as I was looking into it, i found out, that the best choice would be IEM headphones (right?). So my question is: What would be the best choice? Budget: up to $150 (or around $200 if something would be worth the price)...
  9. Tanchjim Tanya DSP

    Tanchjim Tanya DSP

    Tanchjim Tanya DSP Specifications: Driver: 7 mm micro dynamic driver Impedance: 16 ohms Frequency response: 20Hz - 42kHz Sensitivity: 112dB @ 1kHz Cable (non-detachable): Litz oxygen-free copper wire, USB type-C
  10. Tripowin Piccolo

    Tripowin Piccolo

    Tripowin Piccolo Driver Config: 11 mm Dual-Cavity LCP Dynamic Driver Earphones Sensitivity: 110dB±3dB Impedance: 32 Ω±10% Cable: 0.78mm 2-pin, 3.5mm
  11. kdoninel

    Yunnai "Super Best In Eat Stereo Buds" Review

    Pros: Decent Build Quality Good Soundstage Great price Cons: Not as Tasty Leaves you a bit hungry
  12. externalFile.jpg


    buxtehude with my daily life
  13. 1618117267115.jpg


    Plenue D1 with my daily life
  14. BGVP DM9

    BGVP DM9

    Connector:3.5/4.4mm Output source: HiFi Material: Metal (pretty sure it's wood. It also says so in countless other places) Line Length:120cm±10% Wearing Method: Earbuds Impedance:30Ω Sensitivity:≥110db SPL/mW Frequency Response Range:10-40000Hz Principle to vocalization: moving coil Mic: No...
  15. Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon

    Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon

    Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon’ Solaris Stellar Horizon represents a full re-envisioning of this classic Campfire IEM. This top-to-bottom revolution captures the essence of what makes Solaris great while simultaneously elevating to a brand-new horizon. Three Custom Dual-Diaphragm Balanced Armatures...
  16. C

    Custom cable for a QDC Anole VX ( Moon Audio Edition)?

    I'm ordering a very expensive 2 pin cable and I need to make sure all my points are covered for compatibility. 1. This IEM has 0.75 mm pins? The cable maker has informed me they have 0.75 mm pins. 2. Anole VX has reverse polarity: If I simply reverse the pins, is this issue solved, or are...
  17. P

    Andromeda 2020 still relevant in 2023?

    Hi! I have read unhappy reviews about Emerald Sea. I am a prog metal and metalcore (djent) lover and years ago when I was still a student I was looking for the right IEMs for it and many comments mentioned the legendary Andros 2020. I always wanted them and now I could get them. Are they still...
  18. Nostalgia Audio Camelot

    Nostalgia Audio Camelot

    CAMELOT (UNIVERSAL) Camelot is a tribrid IEM, consisting of 2 huge 10mm Dynamic Drivers, 4 Balanced Armature Drivers and 4 Electrostatic Drivers. Not only the shell, the internal modular of Camelot is designed to be fully built by 3D Printing, to keep every Camelot performing the same sound...
  19. CammyFi

    SeeAudio x ZReviews Rinko Review

    Seeaudio x ZReviews Rinko Review Pros: ▶︎ Bass at Sometimes ▶︎ Cable Cons: ▶︎ Everything that isn't a Pro The Unboxing: Ah the SeeAudio x Rinko, well I had to certainly “See” it to believe it and believe it I did, The box for a start is clearly the front and centre selling point...
  20. pablobaluba

    Basic setup advice for nowadays music/tech (dac, iem, streaming)

    Hi all, Old user, but took a break of a few years and a lot has changed since then. I need some beginner advice if possible: I now mainly (95%) use YouTube Music (Premium) for listening music (but i also want to bring my Flac collection back on my phone). I listen both from laptop (at work)...
  21. HarmonicDyne Devil

    HarmonicDyne Devil

    Two Years of Outcome  Music is the eye of the ear. With two years of dedicated research and adjustment, HarmonicDyne Devil eventually comes in time so as to provide a earphone of surprisingly acoustic performance and high artistic value for the audiophile community. Featuring two flagship custom...
  22. 20230429154434_IMG_5637.JPG


    Me wearing of Er2xr iem
  23. KZ x HBB PR2

    KZ x HBB PR2

    Product Name:KZxHBB PR2 Impedance:15±3Ω Sensitivity:94±3dB Frequency : 20-40000Hz Plug: 3.5MM Pin: 0.75MM Cable type: silver-plated cable Cable length: 120±5cm
  24. Brise Audio Yatono Ultimate 8W

    Brise Audio Yatono Ultimate 8W

    Brise Audio YATONO 8wire Ultimate earphone cable YATONO 8wire-Ultimate earphone re-cable was developed as the highest sound quality model pursuing only sound quality. BriseAudio have put all of their current know-how into this cable, and it is the highest sound quality cable in the history of...
  25. Dressage DS4+2

    Dressage DS4+2