1. H

    Best warm and bassy IEMs under $1000? Bonus if it has good vocals.

    So i'm looking for an IEM with good warmth and bass under $1000. Im currently considering the Kinera Nanna 2. Please let me know wether this would be a good choice for me or not and feel free to recommend better IEMs for what i'm looking for. Thanks.
  2. HZSOUND Waist Drum

    HZSOUND Waist Drum

    Features:- >Powerful performance. >Compact Bullet-shaped form factor. >Stainless Steel ear cavities. >Unique Balanced Hole Semi-Open Back Design. >Rich & Lively sound tuning. >Two-pin 0.78mm connectors. >High-purity OFC Silver-Plated Cable. >Available with in-line microphone. >L-Shaped...
  3. Trojacked

    Chord Mojo 2 Confusion

    Hey Guys, Wondering if any of you would be able to assist me? Im wanting to purchase a Chord Mojo 2 to partner with my 64 Audio Nio’s to have an end game portable setup. However after lots of research I’m still unsure of one thing, and that’s where or not I’d be able to go straight from my...
  4. Sergedc

    Connecting on Line level output

    Hi, I have a Yulong DA8 II DAC and a pair of Shure Aonic 5 (36 ohm and 119 dB SPL/MW @1kHz sensitivity) The headphone amp is way way too loud, and produce too much noise. What would happen if I connect the IEM on the RCA out (at the back) instead (I know I need an adaptor)? Not enough power...
  5. 1832vin

    IEMs are improving so fast nowadays; do you think it’s worth waiting?

    Maybe this does not apply to audiophiles that likes to collect more than listen(ouch), but if you are a audiophile that like to save up a bit to buy a new pair of good IEM and use them for a good while, the scene is moving at such a break new pace compared to a few years back, are you scared...
  6. Z

    Sub $150 IEMs for regular listening

    Hello, I am looking for an adequate pair of IEMs for myself. I currently own mostly bluetooth stuff like Senn HD4.40 or Technics EAH-AZ70W. I thought of Etymotics ER2SE but got discouraged by the lack of bass and comfort. I saw Moondrop Aria getting a ton of praise so I got interested in them...
  7. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 (MTW3)

    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 (MTW3)

    Enjoy superior high-fidelity sound with impactful bass thanks to Sennheiser's TrueResponse technology with wireless audio like never before: aptX™ Adaptive codec lets you hear every detail. You can personalize the sound with a choice of presets and an equalizer feature to tailor the sound...
  8. Dèng

    Linsoul Labor Day Sale 2022 & THIEAUDIO Elixir Launch

    :confetti_ball: Linsoul Labor Day Sale 2022 & THIEAUDIO Elixir Launch :confetti_ball: Greetings everyone! We will be having a small Linsoul Labor Day Sale 2022, which is taking place from 30th April till 4th May (GMT+8). Linsoul Support Team will be away during this period but shipments will...
  9. 1832vin

    where is the sweet spot for non-audiophiles? (listening out of a plain old phone)

    i had my Ibasso IT01 for 4 years now, and it's starting to break.... it was a well rounded IEM with nice strong base (a bit loose) and decent mids and trebles, and i also have an over ear momentum (first version). with the same phone, i can hear the difference. which makes me wanna know, what...
  10. Dèng

    Linsoul x Vivir Digital x THIEAUDIO Elixir Product Launch Giveaway

    :gift:Linsoul x Vivir Digital x THIEAUDIO Elixir Giveaway:gift: Greetings everyone! New products are being released one after another, and the next anticipated IEM is likely the THIEAUDIO Elixir! Estimated launch date: End of April, 2022 Retail price: TBA We are just a few more days away...
  11. Heartfield Acoustic Deer

    Heartfield Acoustic Deer

    The Masterpiece of Heartfield-Deer Heartfield, namely the artwork from sincere heart, is currently an unfamiliar name but will be something in the HiFi industry with its exclusive aesthetics and origins. The first masterpiece from Heartfield is called Deer which symbolizes the eternity of love...
  12. deekod

    I have the bug.. I need help 🤣

    Classic Newbie here, got some blessing 2’s and an ifi hip dac last year, just purchased chord mojo 2 and needing advice on my next iem upgrade or pair of over ears to do it some justice using qobuz . I have the bug now and I need advice on suitable treatment 🤣
  13. Haris Javed

    Broke my Fiio FH7 mmcx connector on the driver - need replacement driver

    Hello. Somehow I broke my mmcx connector on the right headphone driver of my you guys know if I can order a new right driver from Fiio? I know Fiio reps are on head-fi, and I would appreciate any help. Thank you
  14. Dèng

    Linsoul x RAPTGO HOOK-X Giveaway & Other Results

    :headphones: Linsoul x RAPTGO HOOK-X Giveaway & Other Results :headphones: RAPTGO's latest Planar+PiezoElectric Driver Hybrid IEM, RAPTGO HOOK-X is available for pre-order on Linsoul here! We are glad to be RAPTGO's exclusive distributor and we are holding yet another Giveaway to celebrate...
  15. Shanling MG600

    Shanling MG600

    What is the "MG line?" Main concept of MG line are designs based around a single dynamic driver construction. You can expect different drivers with some unique diaphragms, matched with shells made from a wide range of materials and we will be playing around with a few other, less common...
  16. S

    IEM moisture buildup causes unbalanced volume

    Hi, so the volume balance of my Moondrop Kato gets worse over time throughout the day. Sometimes it's on the left sometimes the right. After a lot of testing and searching I found out that it's because of moisture that builds up in the nozzles which blocks the sound. After swapping out the...
  17. M

    Tinhifi t3 plus filter

    Where can i find some tin t3 plus mesh gaurd filter? I accidentally damaged mine. I live in the uae, no help here. Thank you.
  18. D

    What IEM?

    Source will be lossless on iPhone connected to Audioquest Dragonfly Red. I previously have used Etymotic ER4P (20 years ago), and from about 10 years ago the Shure 535. I liked the attenuation and neutrality of the ER4P, I thought overall sound was a bit better on the Shure 535. I just broke the...
  19. 1648894809878.jpg


    Bakoon CAP1003 / Westone labs All new umpro20
  20. 1648894847537.jpg


    Concept of Weston iem
  21. marcelzxc

    IEMS and Music

    Hello friends! I have something for who like to discover new music albums. I have a website that I review audio products and share some diversified music albums. The reviews are in portuguese language, my native language, then maybe you can't understand, but the music is universal, so you can...
  22. S

    Looking for a starter amp/dac stack or combo for IEM's - especially T800

    Hey guys, I'm new here. Please take in to account that i am dumb probably and dont understand something correctly Couple of days ago I met with a new friend who is really into hi-fi audio and he reignited my passion for headphones and music. Came back home and realised I didn't drive my...
  23. R

    No ordinary IEM post!

    Hi everyone, Ok perhaps that was a cheeky title, but I want to ask for opinion on something that affects us all differently. I’m nearing 50 years old, and consider myself to have good hearing despite lots of abuse over the years. Last year I purchased my first pair of custom IEMs in the UK. At...
  24. codeanders

    Looking for low-profile (small main housing) IEMs

    As the title would suggest, I'm looking for recommendations on low-profile IEMs, or generally ones with smaller housing. My outer ears are shaped a little funny, so larger IEMs (like the Moondrop Blessing 2) make my outer ears ache after not too long. My actual ear canal is normal sized, don't...
  25. admiralnorman

    Linsoul 7HZ Timeless vs Shuoer S12: they sound exactly the same

    Despite the Timeless being $50 more than the Shuoer, they sound exactly the same. Testing single ended and balanced using a BTR5 and a galaxy fold 3 as a source. Using a splitter, I can even use one in the right and the other in the left and I detect no channel imbalance. I also personally...