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BASN Audio Metalen - 2DD + 2BA in-ear monitor​




  • ENHANCED BASS SOUND: Specifically designed to deliver stellar audio quality, this iem earphone provides premium performance. Featuring heavy, impressive driven bass, fast and accurate with quick attack and decay. Full and warm mids with excellent details. Highs are well extended but not overly boosted. You can enjoy authentic live streaming.
  • TOTAL 4 DRIVERS: Coming with 2 upgraded balanced armature drivers and 2 dynamic drivers. The response of BASN Metalen in-ear monitor headphones is from low to high frequency. The iem headphone adds more definition, shows more details, and provides a balanced sound feature.
  • SWEATPROOF CNC CARVING: The newest craftsmanship design applies to the appearance of BASN Metalen earbuds, milling resistant all-metal CNC sculpture. Gray matte shows innovation and novelty out. Combined with flexible and adjustable memory wires, this BASN ear monitor is so smooth that you may forget they’re in your ears.
  • DETACHABLE MMCX CABLES: There is a updated OFC silver-plated cable and a fiber cable with mic phone. Both interchangeable cords with 3.5mm plugs can be exchanged with other upgraded detachable cables. The two wires with MMCX connector are compatible with all jacks audio devices, which are anti-tangled and durable.
  • SWIFT ROTATION CONNECTOR: Provided cyclic rotation with MMCX connector, BASN in ear monitors can be replaced by other in-ear earbud headphones. It is also suitable for other upgrading cables. Coming with compatible plugs, it is easy and convenient for you to match and upgrade your earphones and headphones.

Package Included
1 * pair of Metalen IEMs
1 * black in-line remote mic cable
1 * silver-plated OFC audio cable (Black)
1 * carrying case
1 * cable clip
1 * 6.3mm plug
1 * cleaning tool
3 * pairs of silicone eartips (S/M/L)
3 * memory foams eartips (S/M/L)

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New Head-Fier
Pros: > Superb build quality
> Ergonomic, comfy shaped shell
> Fully accessories
> Fun, warm timbre and tone
> Decent overall clarity
> Superb musicality
> Amazing bass amount and response with a deep bass
> Good sub-bass extension
> Good transparency
> Energetic, airy high range
> Intense, fun treble
> Good overall technicalities
> Good soundstage width and height
Cons: < Recessed midrange
< Slight BA timbre
< Average resolution
< Needs a good and powerful source matching
< Not a clinical performer
< Not for monitoring
< Cables a little cheap looking
< Competitive market and price segment
< Might be too bassy or too piercing with certain sources

BASN Metalen - Caffeine For Ears​


  • The following review was written by a fellow reviewer of mine, I'm merely outsharing this review to Head-Fi community on his behalf.
  • Thus, I do not have the rights regarding sound impressions and actual user experience.
  • For further inquiries and clarification regarding this IEM, please do contact Edmund Chan on his Facebook account.




BASN which stands for ‘Be A Sincere Newcomer’ is actually not a newcomer in this audio industry but they were established way back in 2009 by an audiophile enthusiast, Louis Lee and they are based in California, USA. They are rarely mentioned here in the audiophile scene in Asia but BASN is quite well known in the west for producing in ear monitors for musicians and producers alike. They have a wide catalogue of products that includes a portable vinyl player and a microphone as well. Perry from BASN has contacted us to introduce our community with their brand and we are thrilled to have this opportunity as we at Audiomonsta are keen to find hidden gems all around the globe for us all to enjoy. BASN has kindly sent us a pair of their 4 drivers IEM, the Metalen for a review and we are truly grateful for the opportunity given. How will they fare in this ever growing portable audio scene? We shall find out here.

Functions & Specifications​

Before we start the review, here are the specifications of the BASN Metalen;

  • Drivers: 2 x 10mm dynamic + 2 balanced armatures
  • 18 Ohms, 102 dB Sensitivity
  • 20 - 20 khz Frequency Response Range
  • CNC Precision titanium Alloy
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • 2 recessed MMCX silver plated cables (1 x with mic, 1 x 4 core single ended)
  • In green or blue colour

The BASN Metalen can be purchased from their store and Amazon;

Packaging & Accessories​

The packaging here is a simple, straightforward type of retail packaging that looks professional steering away from those over the top anime themes. They are packed like a well established company package with their information on the back inside a medium small box. Inside we will find a plethora of accessories that is worthy of it's asking price which includes 3 pairs of foam tips, 3 pairs of silicone tips, a cleaning tool, a 6.35mm converter, 2 basic cable which consists of 1 with microphone and 1 braided single ended cable, a zipper hard case and the IEM itself. The Metalen is fully accessorised indeed and very neatly packed.


The design is an ergonomic shaped shell that is quite small in size and they fit into the ear concha snugly giving a superb comfort that is suitable to wear for a long listening session. The Metalen is a CNC machined titanium alloy build that is what I would call solid, seamless and feels premium on hands with a slight weight on it. The overall build is impressive to say the least with their brand logo imprinted on the faceplate. BASN also claims that the titanium alloy that they used is also great in controlling the resonance problem to create a clearer overall sound.



The Metalen is equipped with 4 drivers which consist of 2 dynamic drivers along with a dual balanced armature. The dynamic drivers are dual 10 mm drivers that are in charge of the lower frequencies towards the midrange along with 2 balanced armature fixed near the nozzle where 1 driver is in charge of the mid to highs region and another for the high region.

The nozzle is rather large in diameter and they are fitted with a metal mesh for protection. There are 2 vents near the nozzle and another vent at the inside of the body providing a well vented IEM that possesses zero driver flex.

There are a total of 6 pairs of eartips that consist of 3 pairs of black foam tips and 3 pairs of silicone eartips in normal size bore all in small, medium and large sizes.

They come with a silver metallic zippered hard case that is made with some type of fabric that mimics a steel case. They do offer a great protection for the IEM and are practical for everyday usage.

The Metalen has a protruding type of MMCX plugs that is quite different to minimise the swivelling effect of normal MMCX plugs but other 3rd party MMCX can be used without any problems.

There are 2 types of silver plated cable included in the package where 1 straight cable with a 3 button microphone that has a rubbery body and they are quite sticky to the touch and another single ended cable in 3.5mm 4 core braided cable. Both of these cables are fitted with ear guides with memory metal inside to form a better fit on your ears. The cables honestly looked a little on the cheaper side and I would prefer a single good quality cable instead of 2 cheaper ones.


Gears Used for Comparisons​

  • Shanling M6 Ultra
  • Fiio Q7
  • Questyle M15
  • Hiby FC6
  • FiiO BTR7
  • Intime Sho DD
  • Letshuoer DZ4
  • Kinera Idun Gold 2.0
  • Tinhifi P1Max Panda
  • BQEYZ Wind
  • Hidizs MD4
  • Moondrop A8
  • Unique Melody 3DT
  • Dunu EST112

Songs list​

  • Korn - Freak On A Leash
  • Ning Baizura - Ke Sayup Bintang
  • Nora En Pure - Thermal
  • Celine Dion - Power Of Love
  • Tina Turner - Simply The Best
  • Louis Armstrong- What A Wonderful World
  • Eric Clapton - Blue Eyes Blue
  • Colyn - The Future Is The Past
  • Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
  • Slipknot - Duality

Tone and Presentation​

The tone of the Metalen is a neutral warm, smooth sound that slightly leans towards a brighter side of the spectrum with a V shaped sound and a healthy dose of bass and treble. Their overall sound is quite clear and energetically fun with a non aggressive yet strong bass and a lively high range. They have a good thick bass and midrange along with a smooth, inoffensive high range that sound unapologetically fun. There is some coloration present here in their midrange that gives music some joyfulness to them but in certain genres like acoustics and classicals, they might sound a tad bit unnatural. Overall technicalities here are solid with a wide dynamic spectrum of sound.


The Metalen possesses a good, expansive soundstage that is wide but has a mediocre height for their price range. Soundstage here has a good 3D holographic presentation with an accurate placement of sound which may suit a wider audience like gaming or movies. They possess a good air in their presentation that provides an immersive sound especially in the bass region. They also do have a good sized headroom that actually gives a medium sized room feel even for earphones without any boxy feel.

Separation and Timbre​

Separation is great honestly for a hybrid driver and I can't detect any major cohesion problem as the drivers work together harmoniously with no crosstalk issues while producing a great left and right separation that gives music a wider range. Layering is also great as well as no gaps are present in the whole frequency range and they do sound full overall. Timbre here is slightly intense and aggressive while being a little mellow at times but they do have some balanced armature timbre here where the high range does sound a little metallic and unnatural.


The wind is rated at 18 ohms at 102 dB sensitivity which means they aren't as sensitive to pick up noise but they do need some power to perform to their full potential, not much but a little will go a long way. A simple good dongle will suffice but a better source that is well amplified will give the Metalen some extra resolution along with some high range refinements. Source sound matching isn't really a problem as they are quite neutral in their tone but I would prefer a warm source for them as they will sound more intimate. The Metalen is actually quite revealing in nature as they will show flaws in music evidently, so feeding them with good, well mastered tracks will increase their overall performance.

The Bass (Low)​

The bass that the Metalen produces is actually quite good partly due to the dual dynamic setup and they are able to give a deep, meaty, fast bass response that has a lift in the mid bass. It is a boosted warm type of bass that has a slight tightness to their presentation. Details here are good with a bass response that is clean and clear without muddiness, haziness or bleed present here. Bass amount is big but quite well balanced and they are not suitable for bassheads as they are tuned more towards a more natural dynamic bass amount that is fun to listen to. Sub-bass amount here is good and they extend quite deep giving an airy overall bass presentation. The Metalen bass has a more prominent mid bass presentation that gives an immersive bass and they do perform when called upon which make them very suited for EDM, hip-hop hip-hop and jazz genres. Overall, the bass response genre is actually good as they provide a deep and dynamic bass that is accurate and fun to listen to.

The Mids​

Midrange is a warm type of mids that has good intimacy in their sound while giving a clean and clear midrange. They have a rather recessed midrange partly due to their strong bass and highs but the recessed mids do sound a little behind the overall sound of the Metallen which might not suit some vocals driven genres. The midrange does sound intimately warm and there is a sense of space in the presentation. Details here are great with a good macro sound while having a great micro details retrieval with minute sound present without any hitch. Their overall clarity here is also great as their transparency is actually good with a crystal clear sound along with a strong resolution that provides a vivid sound presentation. Vocals here have a brilliance that is great for female driven vocals as they are crisp and snappy while male vocals are acceptable but they do lack a mellow, deep sound due to their recessed nature. There is some coloration here present in the midrange that gives music some lushness and provides a more fun sound but in return, they might sacrifice some naturalness in the music but it is a minor setback.

The Highs​

High range has a forward sound signature that is bright but is smooth sounding enough while being able to keep a good presence and it sounds rather lively. It has great details and clarity that is typical of a balanced armature driven highs. Resolution and transparency here is superb with its high range sounding clean and accurate without any veil. While the Metalen high range has the superb resolving capabilities, they do possess a metallic timbre that is quite typical of a balanced armature driver which can affect the natural state of certain high range but in return, their high range does sound crisp and they certainly has a great sparkly decay that sound energetic and lively. There is a slight bump in the 8 to 10 kHz region that makes the overall high range a little piercing but the amount is just enough for my ears and they are not sibilant nor harsh sounding. Treble is definitely intense here as they are a slightly strong overall high range and this intensity brings a more fun, energetic sound to music but there is a caveat of it being a little fatigue on higher volume on longer periods of listening. Extension here is superb as they have a slow roll off sound that has a good air in their presentation that makes music livelier with a sense of space.



  • VS Kinera Idun Gold 2.0
Kinera is another well known maker of high end products from China and they are famous for their well made in-ears that are housed in high quality hand painted resin shells. The Idun gold 2.0 has a configuration which consists of 1 dynamic with 2 balanced armature. The Idun cost a little more than the Metalen and both have a solid build along with a well accessorised package.

High region​

Highs on the Idun sounded more polished and natural with a greater sense of clarity while the Metalen sounded livelier with a crisper presentation. Details on both are similar but extension is better on the Idun. Idun overall high range is smoother while the Metalen has a more energetic feel.


The Idun midrange has a thicker, more forward presentation with a greater, more vivid resolution and transparency while the Metalen has a more neutral bright style of presentation that is slightly more spacious. Vocals on the Idun do sound lusher and more balanced with more accuracy that blends in with more genres.


Bass on the Metalen has the winning hands of being more in their quantity as they are more impactful, meatier, deeper and more authoritative while having the same amount of details with the idun. Sub-bass extension is similar but the Metalen sub-bass has a stronger presence.


The soundstage on the Idun is slightly wider with a similar height. Headroom on the Idun is bigger and has more air.

  • VS Letshuoer DZ4
The DZ4 is one of the latest products from Letshuoer China and they are equipped with triple dynamic driver along with a passive radiator. Both of these products are priced similarly and both have a great, solid design along with a fully accessorised package.

High region​

The highs of the Metalen have a stronger presence with a crisper, more sparkly high range. DZ4 high range has more air along with a slightly better detail retrieval abilities and they do sound natural. Metalen has more energy and bite here along with better brilliance that gives more life into music.


Midrange on DZ4 is not as recessed and they have a more natural, organic take on the mids. Resolution is also better on the DZ4 but transparency wise is better on the Metalen. Both have a good detail retrieval but the Metalen has a better micro detail presentation. Metalen mids is tuned towards a female brilliance type while the DZ4 is more balanced.


The amount of bass in Metalen is more apparent with a stronger, more dynamic bass response versus the flat bass of the DZ4. While the bass on the DZ4 is more accurate, the bass on the Metalen has more energy and they are indeed more fun to listen to.


Soundstage height is similar but depth is better on the DZ4 with a similar big headroom size and both have a good air in their presentation.


  • Questyle M15
The Questyle M15 is my go-to portable DAC/amplifier with Questyle's signature direct current amplification and they are a neutral to bright sounding device suitable for a portable usage. The M15 does possess a great extension on both ends displaying none of the Sabre chip glare.

Bass sounded clearer and tighter with details and clarity presented cleaner. The bass has a leaner presentation and has a better texturing that gives the overall bass more natural. Sub-bass depth remained mostly the same but they do sound cleaner and clearer overall.

Midrange is less recessed and possesses better resolution producing a more vivid sound while retaining the warmth and their clarity. Vocals sound lusher and more balanced with a more controlled mid high range along with a more spacious feel.

High range has a less spiky treble and better sparkle with a more extended range along with a slight reduction in their metallic sound. Treble has slightly toned down in intensity and they are still very well controlled with an increase in their airiness.

Soundstage has seen improved width and height.

  • FiiO Q7
The Q7 is a beast of a transportable DAC amplifier that is the flagship in the Q series in FiiO. They are equipped with a single Sabre ES9038pro dac chip along with dual THX 788+ boasting a 3000 mw power with the DC adapter. They have a bright to warm sound that has tons of power to drive any IEMs and most of the headphones around.

Bass has better texture and they have a tighter bass slam that sounds more controlled. They have a cleaner sub-bass extension with a slightly deeper rumble. Details and clarity has a slight increase and they do sound airier with a cleaner bass response.

Midrange has a more intimate presentation along with a more resolving sound. They might make music a little more forward but they are still a little recessed. Micro details seem more evident mildly while macro details apparently sound clearer. The midrange also does sound more spacious with some air added and a more accurate placement.

Highs has a more controlled, less spiky sparkle added and has a better extension along with a crisper sound added. Details and clarity stayed the same but they sound more extended with an airier presentation. They are still a little fatiguing in loud volumes but still managed to sound very well in control.

Soundstage height and width is better with a wider, airier sound overall.

Who Is It For?​

The Metalen is for someone who wants a pure fun, well built hybrid IEM that has a solid bass response and a sparkly high range that certainly sounds addicting. They might satisfy light bass heads out there but not for hardcore basshead. For those who look for a bold sound but still very in control, the Metalen do the job decently. For EDM, Hip-hop and Jazz, the Metalen does excel due to their deep low end but not really suited for acoustics as they do have a recessed midrange. The Metalen is also suited for gaming and movies for their wide, accurate sound placements along with an immersive sound.

Final Words​

Being the first IEM that I ever tried from BASN, the Metalen actually surprised me for their bold sound as a sound like this is getting more and more rare. With their amazing deep bass response and energetic high range, they are without a doubt a fun IEM to listen to. Though they are a V shaped sound that purists might not like, they are great for times to just enjoy the music and they are quite addicting for me just like a pick me up coffee in the morning to refresh my mind. It is also hard not to love their original, ergonomic design and a solid titanium alloy body that fits like a glove. A good introduction for BASN indeed as the Metalen is a hidden gem that might be the one you are looking for. Great job BASN.

  • Tone and presentation : 9/10
  • Build and design : 9/10
  • Separation and timbre : 8/10
  • Soundstage : 8/10
  • Bass : 9/10
  • Midrange : 7/10
  • Highs : 8/10
  • Value : 9/10


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