1. Zerstorer_GOhren

    DUNU X Gizaudio DaVinci Impressions Thread

    On how the Dunu DaVinci become one of the most anticipated set in this year due to DUNU's reputation as an audio company that teaming up with Gizaudio which became one of the rising stars of portable audio reviewing
  2. DUNU DaVinci

    DUNU DaVinci

    FEATURES: ● 2 Dynamic Drivers+4 Balanced Armature Drivers ● Independent Dual-chamber Dynamic Driver Unit ● Enhanced Five-Way Frequency Crossover SPECIFICATION: MODEL: DUNU DAVINCI IMPEDANCE: 35Ω SENSITIVITY: 109 - 112dB FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 5Hz - 40KHz CABLE LENGTH: 1.2M PIN TYPE: 2-PIN...
  3. AFUL Explorer

    AFUL Explorer

    Brand Introduction: Aful Acoustics has always targeted a strong and experienced acoustic R&D Team. They have adhered to the simple concept of "Only Real Progress in Technology can bring Tangible benefits to the Consumer". Four Years Ago, AFUL Acoustics was founded to bring a change to the HiFi...
  4. CCA Hydro (2DD + 8BA)

    CCA Hydro (2DD + 8BA)

  5. 7Hz Aurora

    7Hz Aurora

    Tribrid Driver Configuration: The Aurora boasts a tribrid driver configuration, optimizing a 12mm dynamic driver, two balanced armature drivers, and a 6mm planar driver for cohesive, high-quality sound across the spectrum. 12mm Composite Dynamic Driver: Explore the depths of sound with our...
  6. Letshuoer Cadenza 4

    Letshuoer Cadenza 4

    Letshuoer Cadenza 4
  7. Shanling

    Shanling ME600 - New Five-Driver Hybrid IEMs at 329 USD

    Introducing Shanling ME600 Shanling ME600 represents a big upgrade to our midrange offering in the 300 USD earphone range. Featuring a brand-new construction with a heavily altered design, taking a bold step in a more unique direction. ME600 also becomes our most affordable five-driver...
  8. FENGRU DTTN Ling 1

    FENGRU DTTN Ling 1

    FENGRU DTTN Ling 1 Dynamic + 3 Balanced Armature Hybrid Driver In Ear Earphones Vocal HIFI Earplugs Detachable 2Pin for Audiophile Feature: 1. Product Name: FENGRU DTTN Ling In Ear Earphone 2. Type: In-ear 3. Brand: FENGRU 4. Model: Ling 5. Impedance: 16Ω 6. Earphone sensitivity...
  9. Rose Technics Star City 5 Pro

    Rose Technics Star City 5 Pro

    Rose Technics Star City 5 Pro
  10. ND X12

    ND X12

  11. KBEAR Flash

    KBEAR Flash

    KBEAR Flash technical specs are: Color: black/gray/blue/purple Driver: 10mm DD + Customized BA Impedance: 32±2Ω Sensitivity: 108±2dB Frequency response range: 20Hz - 20KHz Cavity material:aluminum alloy + PC Cable material: 4N OFC with silver plating Pin type: 0.78MM 2PIN-C Plug: 3.5MM stereo...
  12. BASN Metalen

    BASN Metalen

    BASN Audio Metalen - 2DD + 2BA in-ear monitor ENHANCED BASS SOUND: Specifically designed to deliver stellar audio quality, this iem earphone provides premium performance. Featuring heavy, impressive driven bass, fast and accurate with quick attack and decay. Full and warm mids with...
  13. ND Nice

    ND Nice

  14. Kinera Imperial Loki Emerald

    Kinera Imperial Loki Emerald

    Loki, the god of fire, has extraordinary strength due to his noble birth, and his mischievous character makes him a challenger to order, indirectly leading to the creation of “Ragnarok.” Tuning Philosophy Balanced atmospheric sound style, with slightly prominent mid-range (vocals), solid and...
  15. TangZu Audio Nezha

    TangZu Audio Nezha

  16. XENNS Mangird Top

    XENNS Mangird Top

    About Mangird  Mangird was started by a small handful of young engineers passionate about music and high-resolution audio. Combining their knowledge in electrical engineering and studio performance audio gears, the Mangird team has since produced numerous professional in-ear monitors that have...
  17. Y

    Best bass texture on iem without breaking bank?

    I'm looking for an iem with the best possible bass texture at the price point (>500$). I've yet to own a single DD iem, so I'm unsure if those are the best in terms of bass quality? I listen to a variety of genres, like almost anything you can think of. any recommendations are welcomes, thank you!
  18. KZ ZAT

    KZ ZAT

    KZ ZAT Pinnacle Benchmark of Hybrid Earphones 4-level tuning switch 16 tuning styles 8 customized balanced armature driver Dynamic driver with quad-layer voice coil 3D printed acoustics cavity Personalized design aesthetics 1- 8mm Superlinear Low-Frequency Dynamic Driver 2- 30019 *2 Mid to...
  19. Alambic Ears Mentawai

    Alambic Ears Mentawai

    10mm proprietary metal dome DD 4 BA Knowles BA 2 Sonion tweeters 4 Sonion EST 3D Shells 4 way crossover Impedance : 13 ohms Sensitivity : 112dB/mW Freq range : 20Hz〜40kHz (Pics by @ian91)
  20. 7Hz Sonus

    7Hz Sonus

    Frequency Response: 10-20000Hz THD: <1%/1kHz Impedance: 30Ω(@1kHz) Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin Sensitivity: 109Db/V@1kHz Material: Medical-grade resin front chamber + aviation-grade aluminum back chamber Cable Material: High-end silver-plated OCC cable (49 wires per core, 4 cores braided cable)
  21. Yanyin Canon II

    Yanyin Canon II

    Yanyin Canon II 1DD + 4BA hybrid Tunable switches
  22. Fiio FH11

    Fiio FH11

    Fiio FH11
  23. Simgot EM6-L

    Simgot EM6-L

  24. KZ Krila

    KZ Krila

  25. Hisenior Okavango

    Hisenior Okavango

    SPECIFICATION: DRIVER(S): 1DD+6BAs TUNING: 4Ways Integrated Crossover(Passive) Quad-Bores/4Dampers (Knowles) FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10Hz-30Khz Sensitivity: 112db@1mW IMPEDANCE: 20Ω±10% NOISE ISOLATION: -20db (UIEM)/ -26db (CIEM)  CONNECTOR: 0.78mm 2Pins UNBOXING & INCLUSIONS: ■Okavango IEM...