1. Geekfly GF8S

    Geekfly GF8S

    Geekfly GF8S Description 4 drivers 50kHz frequency response HiFi audiophile sound quality Balanced armature + 2 piezoelectric ceramic + dynamic Imported Class A power amplifier Physical 3-way crossover Dual filter circuit Touch operation Bluetooth V5.0 Long battery life No main or secondary...
  2. Hidizs MS2

    Hidizs MS2

    Specifications Driver Type: 1DD 10.2mm, Dual Voice Coils & Dual Voice Chambers (Hidizs Newly Developed Marcromolecule Composite Diaphragm V2.0 Version) + 1BA Knowles RAD-33518-P183. Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz Sensitivity: 112dB Impedance: 18Ω Jack Connector: 3.5mm SE, gold...
  3. Schiit Vali 2+

    Schiit Vali 2+

    Want to play in the tube pool without going full boat crazy? Well, have we got an amp for you! Welcome to Vali 2+, the most affordable and versatile tube hybrid amp on the planet. Tube Your Entire Desktop Vali 2+ delivers plenty of power for hard-to-drive headphones—and also provides the low...
  4. Shozy Rouge

    Shozy Rouge

    The One and Only Hand-Painting. As a brand never satisfied with itself, the Rouge series has truly opened a new era of Shozy with the fantasy appearance along with the unusual hand painting skills. Exactly as its name, the whole body of this earbud is hand-painted by skilled experienced artist...
  5. DUNU-Topsound

    Thank you, Head-Fi! Black Friday starts early this year with DUNU --- Our BIGGEST SALE EVER!

    2020 has been a tumultuous, trying year for everyone. An unfortunate perfect storm of a holiday travel season, morphed nucleic acid material, and altered surface proteins has forever stilted human interactions and caused countless heartbreak around the globe. Like many other companies, we too...
  6. KBEAR Lark

    KBEAR Lark

    Specification: Brand: KBEAR Model: Lark Interface: 2PIN 0.78mm(TFZ) Frequency response: 20-20kHz Sensitivity: 105dB Impedance: 16ohm Earphone material: Zinc Alloy+Environmental friendly PO Color: Mauve; Light Gray; Aqua Green Cable material: 4 core silver-plated cable Plugtype: 3.5mm...
  7. 64 Audio Nio

    64 Audio Nio

    Nio is a universal-fit earphone featuring a 9mm dynamic driver and 8 balanced armature drivers. SPECIFICATIONS Driver Type/Count Eight precision balanced armature drivers and one dynamic driver Driver Configuration 1 tia high, 1 high-mid, 6 mid, 1 dynamic low Frequency Response...
  8. BGVP DN2

    BGVP DN2

    Brand: BGVP Model: DN2 Plug diameter: 3.5mm Headphone sound principle: Dynamic Driver Balanced Armature combination Headphone output source: portable audiovisual Cable length: 1.2M headset Plug type: straight plug type Whether to control by wire: Yes Impedance: 21Ω Sensitivity: 110dB/mW...
  9. CCA C10 PRO

    CCA C10 PRO

    Brand Name: CCA Model Number: C10 PRO Time to market: 2020 Specification: Drivers: 1 dynamic driver & 4 balanced armature driver Impedance: 24 Ohm Frequency Response: 20~40 KHz Sensitivity: 109+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz
  10. KZ ZSN PRO X


    Brand Name: KZ Model Number: ZSN PRO X Time to market: 2020 Specification: Drivers: 1 dynamic driver & 1 balanced armature driver Impedance: 25 Ohm Frequency Response: 7~40 KHz Sensitivity: 112+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz
  11. 1597914925525-01.jpeg


  12. Pai Audio DM2A

    Pai Audio DM2A

    Pai audio DM2A Specification Driver: 2BA ( Knowles) + 1 dynamic driver Sensitivity: 125dB Impedance: 8Ω Frequency Response Range: 10-30kHz Connectors: 2pin 0.78mm Cable Length: 1.2m Plug: 3.5mm Line Type
  13. ZsoSahaal

    Hybrid IEM recommendation? (~300 USD)

    Hello, fellow HeadFiers.I could really use a piece of advice from more experienced IEM enthusiasts. I've been thinking about getting a pair of hybrid IEMs lately for everyday usage. I currently use JVC HA-FD01, and though they have impressive sound quality, they tend to be rather fatiguing with...
  14. Little Dot MK III SE

    Little Dot MK III SE

    Little Dot MK III SE is a hybrid and fully balanced amplifier, you can think of it as the ultimate upgrade for MK III series. It uses 6922 as its preamp tubes(6922/ECC88,6DJ8); Transistor part runs on a fully discrete, fully symmetry, and pure class A circuit design; The machine is balanced...
  15. CVJ CS8

    CVJ CS8

    CVJ CS8 New CVJ flagship IEM, 3BA + 1DD
  16. QOA Vesper

    QOA Vesper

    Introducion This is a new product by QOA, a China-fi brand that hit the market few years back. This brand is affiliated to the brand, Kinera which seems to handle the more high-end products while QOA looks into beginner/intermediate player's market. In general, their earpiece is slightly smaller...
  17. KZ ZST X

    KZ ZST X

    1BA+1DD Hybrid Dual Driver HiFi In-ear Earphones Improved 10mm XUN Dynamic Driver+30095 Balanced Armature Upgraded version of KZ ZST Classic cyan and purple color Upgraded version of KZ ZST. Comes with KZ Starline tips and KZ SPC cable.
  18. BQEYZ Spring II

    BQEYZ Spring II

    BQEYZ Spring 2 1BA + Piezoelectric Ceramic + Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-Ear Earphones Description Structural analysis Balanced armature, 13mm bionic diaphragm dynamic driver, 9 layers of nano piezoelectric ceramics. Coaxial dual-cavity patent dynamic ceramic horn...
  19. AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon This year, to meet the ever-evolving demand in performance in the IEM arena, we introduce you the all new Tri-Hybrid Driver Architecture in the Halcyon. Featuring quad electrostatic transducers driven by a single, gen 2 transformer with enhanced efficiency and sensitivity in the...
  20. Z

    (SOLD) FS Noble TUX5 - quick sale low price

    SOLD Hello. Just got them as a partial trade , Original owner bought them about 8 month ago from the Israeli distributor. I dont need them and had to take them as part of the deal, this why the price is 50% retail. Price = $ include DHL express WW and PP fee.
  21. OldDude04

    SOLD - Empire Ears Nemesis IEM

    SOLD Hey all. Up for sale here is my recently acquired set of Empire Ears Nemesis IEMs in mint condition. I bought them to see if I liked them more than my Hyla Sardas, and the Sardas beat them out by the narrowest of margins for me. I usually only keep one nice set of IEMs around, so I'm...
  22. rantng

    SOLD - FS [US] - Noble M3

    Noble M3 in great condition. 2nd owner, pet/smoke/child-free home. Original packaging not included. Will ship in pelican case w/8-core OCC 3.5mm cable & assorted tips. Price includes shipping (sorry, US only). No trades.
  23. talponne

    FS/FT Audiosense AQ3

    Hi, I’m selling / trading my AQ3, because I don't use them anymore and the reason is I got the FD01 which are the end game for me. So I would like to explore more and would accept trades with DACs, open back headphones, buds. Comes with box and accessories. Thanks for watching.
  24. Mangird Tea

    Mangird Tea

    Mangird Tea
  25. AKG K340

    AKG K340

    These vintage hybrid headphones are among the best I have ever listened to. Very hard to feed, at 400 Ohm (measured, they are about 350 Ohm). Mine were tweaked with new pads, new headband, new elastics and jack plugs on each side for balanced use.