1. DUNU DK-2001

    DUNU DK-2001

    The long-awaited successor to our acclaimed DN-2000 and DN-2000J is here! In 2013, DUNU changed the premium hybrid in-ear game with the DN-1000. It was one of the very first non-kilobuck hybrid designs around to offer a clean, clear, and balanced sound profile, Its successor, the DN-2000 and...
  2. rishabhgkp

    SOLD ItsFit Fusion Universal IEM

    ItsFit Fusion Universal These are almost new, mint, ItsFit Fusion Universal IEM, used for around less than 50 hours. Bought 2 weeks back, to give them a try, a great sound hybrid IEM, with excellent bass and treble tuning; as can be read on Flinkenick's IEM Thread and HeadFi reviews for better...
  3. rishabhgkp


    These are Hyla TE5T Hybrid IEM with Piezoelectric tweeters. (Limited numbers made worldwide) In good condition, bought from Singapore. Will include box, tips, cable and Van Nuys pouch. Excellent treble extension and response with good bass texture, better mids than CE 5 imo. Preferably ship to...
  4. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU DK-2001 - 3 BA + 1 beryllium DD hybrid: the long-awaited follow-up to the DN-2000 and DN-2000J!

    In 2013, DUNU changed the premium hybrid in-ear game with the DN-1000. It was one of the very first non-kilobuck hybrid designs around to offer a clean, clear, and balanced sound profile, Its successor, the DN-2000 and 'J' variant were even more successful. Today, the DK-2001 updates the DN...
  5. RastaDolphin

    Schiit Lyr 2 & 5 sets of Matching Tubes - Sold

    Selling my Schiit Lyr 2. I am the 2nd owner of this unit that's in fantastic shape with the original box and documentation. Including five sets of matched tubes including some Russian tubes, Amperex, Valvo, Canadian, and some others I have no idea about. Can't comment on the total hours used on...
  6. diegodesouza

    F/S Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp $175

    Up for sale is a Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp This is an open box, please see pictures, it is new condition, has not been broken in yet (has less than an hour of listening time) Free shipping and PayPal fee on me asking $155 OBO
  7. Signature Acoustics Raven Triple-Driver Hybrid Modular Hi-Fi Audiophile Earphone

    Signature Acoustics Raven Triple-Driver Hybrid Modular Hi-Fi Audiophile Earphone

    Genuine Audiophile Grade High Fidelity Analytical Sound with Stupendous Clarity & Mind Blowing Detail. High-end microphone for seamless connectivity (Press mic button to answer, Long press to decline) CNC Machined Aluminium Casing houses 2 Dynamic Drivers (Neodymium) + 1 Balanced Armature. Total...


    Description 8MM bialogical diaphragm + custom-made high-resolution 30019 balanced armature Thanks to the high resolution advantages of balanced armature, sound clean, vocal ears, bass surging warmth. It is suitable for use with sponge earmuffs Crossover is use of a physical capacitor...
  9. jusxusfanatic

    IEM that has a clear sound that sounds like the DUNU 2000J

    IEM that has a clear sound that sounds like the DUNU 2000J Any recommendations? I just tried the campfire orion today and it's not to my liking, any recommendations on some iem's that would have more treble over bass?
  10. gtrx333

    FS: Obravo cupids

    Selling nearly new obravo cupids, these are 2 weeks old and have had ~50hrs burn in and about 3-4hours ear time. Comes with all tips, comply tips have not been opened. Has 2 cables including the 2.5mm balanced cable. PRICE REDUCED TO £230
  11. BGVP ArtMagic DH3

    BGVP ArtMagic DH3

    Description Envision TEC 3D printing equipment DH3 is based on German Envision TEC 3D printing equipment and made of PMMA acrylic fiber skin-friendly material, which improves high temperature resistance and impact resistance. More professional combination of dynamic, 2 Knowles + biological...
  12. opiumhum

    Sold: oBravo Cupid planar-magnetic hybrid IEM

    Selling my brand new oBravo Cupid (used twice at home), bought a little over four weeks ago from Audio Concierge, which are currently sold out: https://www.audioconcierge.co.uk/portfolio/obravo-cupid-planar-earphone/ I'm providing the 1.2m OCC litz cable with gold plated 2.5mm balanced plug...
  13. TRN IM2

    TRN IM2

  14. KZ ZSX

    KZ ZSX

    Specification: Product Name: KZ ZSX Brand: KZ Model: ZSX Earphone type: In-ear Impedance: 24Ω Earphone sensitivity: 111dB/mW Frequency range: 7-40000Hz Plug Type : 3.5mm L...
  15. axismundi

    FS: Fender FXA7

    For sale a pair of used Fender FXA7. The earphones are in very good condition and in perfect working order. Unused tips (3 pairs hybrid + 2 pairs memory foam), 6-core silver plated removable cable, carrying case included. Delivery to EU destinations included in price. Other destinations...
  16. tomscy2000

    DUNU DK-3001 PRO - 2nd Generation 4 BA + Beryllium Dynamic Driver & Quick Switch Connector Cable

    Basics The DUNU ( @DUNU-Topsound ) DK-3001 PRO is the successor to the DK-3001 and the latest model in DUNU's DK series of hybrid in-ears. It is a 5-driver hybrid, with a dual BA tweeter handling the highs and super-highs, two single BAs handling the mids and upper mids, and a 13 mm dynamic...
  17. lithiumnk

    HYLA TE 5T rare iem- SOLD

    ###SOLD### Hyla TE5T Trihybrid iem- 1 DD, 2 BA, 1 piezoelectric driver One of the best iem for classical, opera, female vocal jazz. The speed, transients & transparency are on TOTL level. This is a specialist & rare iem. Original box & all accessories available. Extra set of eartips also...
  18. IKKO OH10

    IKKO OH10

    IKKO's second product, the OH10 is a hybrid in ear monitor with a copper shell. Pure copper cavity hybrid structure:It is made of pure copper combined with the acoustic driver design of the dual titanium driver, the internal harmonic resonance distortion is reduced, and the sound is more...
  19. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD Grage 1217 Ember II Hybrid Amp with a 6 volt adapter and 3 tubesSOLD

    For Sale an Ember II with a little over a year left on the warranty. It was built and shipped assembled by Garage 1217. I am the 2nd owner and it has given me flawless service and taught me a lot about tube rolling and how it affects the sound that is produced. This is a great amp to start...
  20. iamalex

    **SOLD** Feliks Euforia 230V (2019) with MANY TUBES(!)

    Hi, I'm selling my Feliks Euforia, bought new in March 2019 from the official retailer in Switzerland. It was always in a rack and looks as new. MANY tubes come with it. The price includes PayPal and the shipping fees. It comes with a variety of tubes, as follows: standard...
  21. FiR Audio M5

    FiR Audio M5

    The M5 TOTL by FiR Audio, a new market entrant manufacturing tubeless universal and custom IEMs
  22. Campfire Audio Polaris 2

    Campfire Audio Polaris 2

    Powerful Hybrid Design This is an all new Polaris. The only thing that remains from the past is hybrid design and the striking blue finish. Spacious highs and mids open up over top of rich and impactful bass. Polaris boasts a bombastic sound ideal for modern music. It delivers a listing...
  23. Auglamour RT-3

    Auglamour RT-3

    Auglamour RT-3 1 Hybrid IEM Specification Model:RT-3 Driver: Knowles30017 balanced armature + Titanium PU diaphragm dynamic Diaphragm: high polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm Frequency range: 15Hz-40KHz Sensitivity:(15Hz)115dB/mW (1KHz) 105dB/mW Impedance: 19Ω Channel Balance ...
  24. Sound~Patriot

    JOMO TRINITY Brass - absolutely mint!

    Dear fellows, with a heavy heart i'm selling my 3,5 months old Jomo Trinity Brass (ordered 18.03.2019 - received 02.04.2019). Yep...i simply need the money. They are definitely like new, absolutely mint, no traces of usage. No scratch no flaws. I've handled them with kid gloves. They sound...
  25. HunterT

    FS: LZ A6 [Mint Condition] - SOLD

    LZ A6 in mint condition. I have the original box and all the accessories intact, that it came with. So when you get it it'll seem as good as new. Pictured below..it is scratch less with all the filters in place (9th filter is plugged in). Price - $220 + PayPal fees + shipping charges Shipping...