1. Luxifer

    Schiit Mjolnir 2, Stock Tubes, LISST, ’75 Voskhod Rocket Gray Shield, Tubemonger Socket Savers

    Second owner of this Mjolnir 2, and its in excellent condition. Includes: Stock tubes, LISST, 1975 Voskhod Rocket Gray Shields, Tubemonger Socket Savers, ~$1100 retail before tax. Original packaging included. I can almost always ship same day. I'm asking $850 net. I'm in Chicago for local...
  2. unkellsam

    Looking for ADJUSTABLE Hybrid Tube-Solid State Headphone Amps

    I know there are a couple of hybrid headphone amps out that have a knob which control how much tube or solid state is used, but don't know what they are called. Pointers would be appreciated. Specifically looking for a good pair with HD800s.
  3. ImOverEar

    AKG K812 Upgrades

    After numerous searches not really getting anywhere I thought I would start a thread and ask a few questions. I am currently choosing between 3 of the Forza cables for the AKG K812 headphones and wondering if anyone has any comments on the differences between the Forza Noir HPC Mk2, Claire...
  4. mdkaler

    [SOLD] Schiit Vali 2

    Hello there. I have a Schiit Vali 2 with stock tube here. I am the second owner and I was told it was barely used as he didn't like the sound. With a very generous estimate, I added less than 300 hours to it. So the tube should have at least 90% life left, if you are worried. Upgraded to...
  5. Paulus XII

    [CLOSED]iBasso IT03 - "The King Of The Triple Drivers"!!!

    "High-End Signature At A Killer Price!!!" - Earphonia 2 Years ago it was the amazing FLC8S, actually everybody's recognizing an outstanding price to performance ratio of the new iBasso IT03, that punches way above its weight. They have few days of use and are in like new condition, with...
  6. PopGenie

    SOLD Fidue A91

    [SOLD] Fidue Sirius A91 Reference-Class 4BA+Dynamic 5-way Hybrid In-ear Monitor No box, but come with all the accessories, tips and housing case. Shipping on buyer and PayPal fee on me
  7. xxx1313

    SOLD: ALO Continental Dual Mono (CDM) with lots of tubes and accessories

    Up for sale is my ALO Audio Continental Dual Mono (CDM) DAC/Amp in black colour, together with several tubes to roll, cables as well as a protective Black Star bag. Used, in very good condition. You will get: ALO CDM in original packaging, with charger, „Green Line“ USB-Cable and several rubber...
  8. nk77

    Tralucent 1Plus2 w/ Silver + Gold Cable

    Ebay listing here: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/142442071571 Paypal only. Worldwide shipping added but insurance will be extra. Sad to see it go but too many CIEMs/speakers so unfortunately my loss is your gain. Good luck!
  9. Tobias89

    ALO Continental Dual Mono Portable Tube Dac/AMP

    Helping a friend to sell off a set of almost brand new ALO CDM Dac/Amp in either silver/black. In original box and packaging. Comes with a ALO green line usb cable! Purchased in July this year. Heavily underutilized (less than 50hr since?) Quoted price here includes paypal fees AND shipping...
  10. Ziadax

    Rose Cappuccino MKII [SOLD]

    Hello all, I'm selling the Rose Cappuccino MKII hybrid IEMs because I need to downsize my IEM collection. This is the MKII as they have the switch on the side that allows for changing bass decay from a natural dynamic driver style to a quicker decay similar to balanced armature bass. These...
  11. cskippy

    ***SOLD*** Garage1217 Project Ember V1 w Supercharger upgrade and Metal Serialized Chasis plus tubes

    Selling my beloved Garage1217 Project Ember V1 w Supercharger upgrade and aluminum serialized chassis serial #12. This amp was built by Jeremy, I performed the Supercharger upgrade which increases the heater current to over 1A! This allows you to run 6SN7 tubes with the included adapter. I...
  12. yacobx

    The New Kinera H3 Triple Hybrid IEM

    Kinera is know for their BD005 dual hybrid but this this triple driver hybrid is gonna be a BEAST! I took some specs and pictures from their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kinera2017/ Model : KINERA H3 In-ears monitor Colour available :translucent black /red/ blue ( To be confirmed )...
  13. Cloudtastrophe

    *SOLD* Sony XBA-A3 HYBRID Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver *BABY Z5*

    For sale is the delicious Sony XBA-A3 that I acquired, but I have not been using them after i got my XBA Z5. These are Dual Balanced Armatures and one Dynamic Driver HYBRIDS that use 2 of Sony's own Balanced Armatures developed in-house along with their Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm Dynamic...
  14. prone2phone

    Oriolus Forsteni triple hybrid SOLD

    Hi I have for sale Oriolus forsteni IEMs. They have less than 50hours music time. The cable has some rotation near the right earpiece but this has no effect on sound.
  15. MadMusicJunkie

    Magaosi K3's w/ Smartphone Cable

    One of the best Chinese hybrid headphones available. Comfortable fit, tight bass, and solid clarity. These will come with cable, Amazon receipt, original box, and stock case along with eartips. Includes shipping, but not paypal.