1. alphameridian0

    FS: Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid MCTH CTH

    Hi, Looking to sell a Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid. It is in perfect working order and sounds great. Comes with an extra stock tube! Reason for selling is because of preference for solid state. Condition is 8/10. Asking $129 + shipping/fees. If interested in a local deal I'm in Orange County, CA.
  2. alphameridian0

    FS: Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid MCTH CTH

    Woops, posted in wrong forum, please close!
  3. GoompGoomp


  4. Karendar

    SOLD - NiceHCK F3 hybrid planar+DD+BA IEM

    Hello, Up for sale is a nicehck F3 hybrid IEM. More info here. They are in perfect shape, have only been worn a few times. They're excellent IEM's which need proper driving. Comes with original tips, original case, 8 core Nicehck cable and original box. Buyer pays shipping, will ship...
  5. P

    Found: Hyla TE5B

    Good IEM condition with original cable; other accessories and box secondary. Price should be reasonable for 2nd+ owner sale. Price ask at 800 is flexible although not looking to pay retail: could be convinced with ‘fancy’ cables. New is currently $1250 from the Hyla store (less hassle), so...
  6. NCM Bella V2

    NCM Bella V2

    NCM Bella V2 is an alternate version of the NCM Bella V1. The both have 1 DD and 8 BA drivers but different 4-way crossovers and acoustic filters. Bella V2 has a more up front sound signature versus the darker V1. Both are still offered due to their different sound signature.
  7. Stealth Sonics U2

    Stealth Sonics U2

  8. Stealth Sonics U9

    Stealth Sonics U9

    [From the Stealth Sonics website]:: Our flagship 9-driver model is a hybrid system designed for anyone who requires the most accurate sonic profile. It features a precision-calibrated large diameter dynamic driver together with four Super-High drivers. Housed in acoustically-optimised composite...
  9. ORIVETI OH500


    ORIVETI OH500 | 1*DD & 4*BA Brand Name: ORIVETI Model Number: OH500 Time to market: 2019 Specification: Drivers: 4 Knowles Balanced Armatures + one 8MM Dynamic Driver. Impedance: 12 Ohm Frequency Response: 20~20KHz Sensitivity: 110+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz Distortion: <1% Cable: Handmade Class 8 wires...
  10. BGVP DMS


    BGVP DMS IEM 6BA+1DD Hybrid Earphones. To achieve a more professional driver configurations, DMS adopts SWFK-31736 Knowles driver for high and extreme high frequency, two DEK-60318 drivers for mid and low frequency, one 10mm macromolecule driver. These make the sound more flexible and...
  11. MoonAudio

    Sony IER-Z1R In-Ear Headphones

    $1,999.99 Order Now Hear astonishingly faithful sound reproduction with the IER-Z1R In-ear headphones. With a custom high-resolution HD hybrid driver system, refined-phase structure, and the sonic purity of a 0.17" balanced audio connection, IER-Z1R will elevate your listening experience to one...
  12. DRHamp

    SOLD - Schiit Mjolnir 2 Hybrid Tube Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifier

    I Purchased the outstanding Mjolnir 2 in January 2019 and I’m the second owner. It is in excellent condition with no dents, scratches or marks. It has been well cared for in a smoke-free home. Included are the original stock Lisst tubes as well as two matched pairs that are excellent in the...
  13. bowei006

    FiiO FH5 Review

    The FiiO FH5 (MSRP $299) is released following the success of their earlier IEM line but this time changes up the game. FiiO joined the earphone market in 2015 with the release of the EX1 and a budget EM3 in 2016. 2017 saw the expansion of their earphones with their popular F9 Series along with...
  14. ThogthoD


    Hi everyone, I have for sale LEAR AUDIO BD 4.2 Universal version in very good condition, have all box and accesories (only cleaning tooll and screw driver for bass addjustment is missing but it easy to replace or buy new one). Sell with stock cable. Cable on the picture is not for sale...
  15. KZ ZS10 Pro

    KZ ZS10 Pro

    Brand: KZ Acoustics Model: ZS10 Pro Driver/Transducer: 4 Balanced Armatures + 1 Dynamic Driver Sensitivity: 111 dB/mw DC resistance: 24 ohms Connection: 2-Pin 0.75mm diameter Frequency response range: 7hz - 40KHz Wire length: 1.2m (approx. 3.9 feet) Plug diameter: 3.5mm
  16. Jupit3r

    Alldocube F40 Quad-driver Review: Affordable HiFi

    Pros - Balanced and cohesive sound, nice build quality Cons - poor packaging, intrusive branding, lack of accessories Alldocube is probably an unheard name in the headphone industry, but it is a brand quite well-known for making affordable Android and Windows-based tablets. As the demand for...


    DUNU DK4001 Chi 4BA+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Aduiophile In-ear Earphone Description Patented self-locking quick replaceable plug Dk-4001 headphone wire rod is designed with self-locking quick replaceable plug, which has both high appearance level and reliability. Four plugs (3.5mm...
  18. ostewart

    Oriveti OH300 + OH500 (3/5 driver hybrid IEM's) Thread

    So there are 2 new releases from Oriveti The OH300 which replaces the New Primacy: Features: * Handmade Resin Earphone Body; * 2+1 Hybrid Driver Technology; * 8 Wires (Silver Plated Copper) Braided Detachable Cable; * Natural & Balanced Sound; Specification: Drivers: One Dual Knowles Balanced...
  19. lramirez1959

    SOLD Massdrop Cavalli Hybrid Tube Amp (CHT) New in box

    Outstanding Amp, Outstanding Price Sale: 200.00 Includes shipping to CONUS Ships from Laredo, Texas in 1 week tops Paypal fee not included. Paypal gift doable New in box No trades on this one, thanks Can´t upload photos, please PM and I will send them
  20. FLC Technology FLC8D

    FLC Technology FLC8D

    FLC Technology FLC8D The FLC Technology FLC8D is a hybrid driver IEM with 8.6mm Dynamic +Dual Balanced driver configuration. Features: FLC 8n Fixed low frequency With a New sound, wider soundstage Solid and durable Metal shell Standard 0.78mm connector Specifications Drivers: 8.6mm...
  21. Hidizs Mermaid MS4

    Hidizs Mermaid MS4

    Hidizs has prepared two new models of in-ear monitors under a common name and some features shared between the two. Main code name is «Mermaid» with the additional labels «MS4» and «MS1». Mermaid MS4 is more advanced hybrid model based on three BA drivers by Knowles and one dynamic driver while...
  22. IryxBRO

    Hidizs Mermaid MS4 (3BA+1DD) & MS1 (1DD) - new approach to IEMs and compatibility

    Hidizs is currently preparing a pair of IEMs under common name and some shared features between the two. Both would be called "Mermaid" with the additional model indicators "MS4" and "MS1". Mermaid MS4 would be the most advanced one, hybrid, based on three BA drivers by Knowles + 1 dynamic...
  23. boneburglar


    PM me with any offers.
  24. Panohm

    SOLD: AAW W900

    Hi All, Selling my Mint condition AAW W900, one of the best iems i've ever heard, selling because I have 4 custom in ears so i'm trying to sell my universals. Comes with brevity cable in 3.5mm or 4.4mm **** cable. $800 USD Shipped and paypaled anywhere in north america, please pm me if...
  25. forsakencowboy

    DIY siliconized foam tips?

    I want good isolation to appreciate my Xelentos to the fullest. I have been browsing the web for days in search of tips with the perfect compromise between durability, fit, isolation and comfort. Mission impossible! I love the comfort, fit and isolation of my Comply tips, but they require TLC...