Kinera Norn 1DD+4BA IEMs

General Information



>Premium Five Driver Setup (1DD+4BA).

>Titanium-plated PU composite high-poly fiber diaphragm.

>Front cavity 3-tube crossover.

>Reflective Mirror finish back cavity.

>Beautiful Hand-Painted design.

>Outstanding acoustic performance.

>Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

>High-purity cable.

Technical Parameters:-​

>Impedance: 32 Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 110dB.

>Rated Power: 3mW.

>Distortion: <3%.

>Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-40kHz.

>Cable Length: 1.2m.

>Plug: 2.5mm Balanced.


Kinera Norn is the latest hybrid pair of in-ear monitors from the brand with excellent looking earpieces. The ear shells are a great looker with a mirror finish back cavity and hand-painted artistic design. It houses a five driver hybrid setup on each side featuring a powerful 7mm DD paired with 4 Balanced Armature drivers tuned to provide superb acoustic performance.

7mm Premium Dynamic Driver Unit:-​

Kinera has equipped the Norn with a 7mm micro dynamic driver unit for a superb lower end response. The driver features premium components such as an N52 strong ring magnet with 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux, Japan imported Daikoku pure copper coil, and Titanium-plated composite high-poly fiber diaphragm material. The Titanium-plated composite diaphragm moves swiftly within the driver cavity producing a thundering, high-quality bass response.

High-performance Knowles BA Drivers:-​

Kinera has opted for high-performance Knowles BA drivers to pair with the DD unit. The response has high-resolution clarity with a natural tonality to take your musical experience to a whole new level. This combination of 4 premium Knowles BA drivers gives Norn a gorgeous high-frequency extension and clear positioning of instruments with its ultimate clarity and detail.

Professionally Designed Acoustic Structure:-​

The front cavity of the beautiful Norn ear shells consists of a specially designed 3-tube frequency cross over to remove any chances of multi-driver distortion. The tubes are designed in reasonable length to not affect the sound in any way, providing accurate frequency response for the users across a wide frequency range.

Reflective Back Cavity:-​

There are smooth reflective backplates on the ear shells providing excellent looks with hand-painted faceplates. It also reduces sound loss and delays thanks to the diffuse reflection of the back cavity.

High-Purity Silver-plated Copper Cable:-​

The Norn is bundled with a premium audio cable to provide an interruption-free sound signal to the earpieces. Imported 26AWG coaxial wire is used as the conductor with PVC outer insulation. It consists of 8 wires of 192 strands of silver-plated copper alloy in spiral weaving. The cable has universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a balanced 2.5mm termination plug.


Package Contents:-​

>One pair Kinera Norn IEMs.

>One silver-plated copper cable.

>Six sets of Silicone ear tips.

>One set of Foam ear tips.

>One unit of 2.5mm to 4.4mm connector.

>One unit of 2.5mm to 3.5mm connector.

>One earphone carry case.

>One user guide.

Latest reviews


100+ Head-Fier
Kinera Norn: My Personal Favorite
Pros: 1. Musical, Fun and slight V-shaped Tuning
2. Very Good and Natural Low Frequency Response
3. Crisp and Sparkly well extended Highs
4. Weighted and Full Bodied Notes
5. Very good passive noise isolation as of nozzle design
6. Comfortable and eye-catchy design
Cons: 1. Mids can be recessed/relaxed at times but it's just part of its signature so totally personal preference
Kinera is a brand of YuTai Electronic Acoustics, that has been in the business for more than 10 years now. Based in Dongguan, China, YuTai is a pioneer in 'Bone Conduction' technology. In last few years , Kinera has produced a series of exceptions products which include Odin, Idun, Seed, BD005, Idun Deluxe and single dynamic driver SIF.

Norn is the latest jewel in crown. It is a 5 driver(1DD + 4BA) hybrid in-ear monitor with stunning looks and killer design. The ear-pieces are an absolute delight to look at. With a hand crafted design and mirror finish face plate and name NORN etched across it in golden, it looks extremely premium for an entry level IEM. Its lightweight and comfortable on ears due to its acoustic structure. I personally like the fit and the nozzle design which serves very good passive noise cancellation.

It is bundled with an 8 core-192 strands Silver-plated copper alloy cable with PVC outer insulation. The cable feels sturdy and compliments the shells perfectly in look and feel. The cable is equipped with universal 0.78 mm 2-pin connectors and a balanced 2.5 mm termination plug. The package also comes with one unit each of 2.5mm to 4.4mm and 2.5mm to 3.5mm connector and a very premium looking carry case.


I have received as part of review circle sent from HifiGo in exchange of honest reviews. All impressions of sound are subjective to my own listening and my sources and is based on my experience with IEMs of similar hardware configurations and price range. One can purchase it from the following link.

For this review the unit has been paired to A&K SE100 (ES9038 Pro) and Shanling M6 (AK4495EQ) without any other amplification.


The high frequency response in Kinera Norn is excellent. The treble shines out very well and bring out all the micro-dynamics crisp in this region. This is definitely not an IEM for treble sensitive people, I can say that easily just on my initial listening as I am very much treble sensitive person but to me the Norn has tuned just perfectly in this region. The highs extend very efficiently to that particular region where it's just sufficient to give you enough sparkle without causing any harshness of fatigue. The attack and decay is very fast in treble which equally compliments the extensions in bass and gives a very satisfying overall experience. The layering and separation of instruments like cymbals is good and makes them sound very crisp and clear making this IEM very much engaging.

The mid frequency range felt nicely done, there is good resolution and contrast in this region. The notes have a bit of additional weight perhaps due to the presence of the dynamic drivers which delivers an excellent vocals. I felt the mids have taken a hit in this region and this maybe because of slight V shaped tuning but with that said I don’t mean that mids are recessed or overshadowed by other frequency response. The percussions extend very nicely to treble region. The resolution is above average and have good amount of detail and air in them.

Bass the best part of Kinera Norn. The speed, attack and resolution is top notch thanks to the dynamic driver Kinera has deployed. The kick and punch is just perfectly done I must say with no overshoot in any region. The bass extension is very good and helps Norn to get additional weight to the notes. The overall lower frequency spectrum is evenly distributed and despite of any track there is no incoherence felt at any point of time. The rumble at deeper layer of sub bass feels quite natural and full of texture. This is neither a IEM for basshead as nothing here in this region is overdone, nor it is any bass shy IEM. In my personal preference it has managed to hit the perfect tuning spot of bass just the way I like. I really enjoy my favorite album of Enigma on it specially the track "Callas Went Away" which has very nice low frequency transitions and was extremely enjoyable.

The staging capabilities of Kinera Norn are pretty good. Width is above average and has nice depth to it. There is right amount of glare in the separation which makes every instrument stands out very well. The overall tonality is towards the intimate and airiness suffers a bit as of closed design.


Final Verdict
In a nutshell, Kinera Norn has been tuned slightly V-shaped keeping consumer audio into account as well along with audiophile audience. The highs are very well done along with the bass response where as mids are tuned bit relaxed. Overall tuning is towards the intimate side with good separation capabilities. The look and feel of the IEM along with its all the accessories is very premium. This is one of the IEMs which got my attention at first glance and not failed to amaze me afterwards. Kudos Kinera, definitely this is going to be my next daily driver soon!
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How do you compare Dunu Zen x K. Norn?

Wich is the Bass King? Detail, speed, quantity, Sub or Mid focus)

Great Review.
@PereiraLucas : Tough Battle. Zen is focussed towards the mid-bass and the upper bass with a very good mid-bass texture, the sub bass has good presence without any elevation. Where as Norn has quite nice sub-bass extension and good quantity bass but overall I would say Dunu Zen is a Bass King based on the overall quality of bass.

Ace Bee

Headphoneus Supremus
Kinera Norn - In a Music Booth
Pros: Juicy bass
Clean and resolving mids
Brilliant and extended highs
Very good stage depth and height
Competent layering
Cons: Slight lack of space between different notes
Lack of stage width
Kinera has been in the audiophile trade for quite a while now. Although I have not tried any other iem of Kinera except Idun, which I did not like very much. However, when Norn was released, I honestly got mesmerised by the design. I only hoped the sound was as beautiful as the exterior.


Drivers: 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver
Drivers Configuration: 2 Knowles BA + 2 Kinera Custom BA + Custom Titanium Diaphragm DD
Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity: 110dB.
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Rated Power: 3 MW
Distortion: <3%.

I had some money spare, and thought about giving the Norn a try and purchased it, out of a whim. It wasn't bad, but I have since sold it because I have got better gear

A very good cable with 2.5 mm balanced plug, with 4.4 mm balanced and 3.5 mm single end adaptor included,Kinera got all the bases covered.
The faux leather case with magnetic flap was quite good as well.



Build and Fit:
The build of Norn is perhaps one of the most beautiful, if not The Most Beautiful I have seen till date. In hand it looks even more impressive. The shells are of medium size with medium length nozzles. Solid acrylic build invokes confidence. Because of the medium size and nozzle length, the fit is quite good in my medium sized ears. Very comfortable and snug fit.
The cable was also quite good, terminated at 2.5 mm balance with 3.5 MM SE and 4.4 mm balanced adaptors for a complete solution. The cable is quite supple, and yet strongly built.


The sound profile of Norn is decidedly W. Kinera has tuned the Norn really well that even though sound i very dynamic and grabs your attention right off the bat, it never gets irritating with unpleasant peaks.

The custom titanium diaphragm DD packs a solid and full punch. Let’s just say you will not be missing Bass on this set. Low frequencies are packed with plenty of power to make you go WOW at the first listen. Midbass slams are full bodied and powerful, and have moderate speed. Same goes for Subbass rumbles - they reach very deep, and provide the atmospheric feeling, but do not linger longer than necessary. Kinera has tuned the driver so efficiently that it produces bass with plenty of power and yet in a very controlled way. Suffice to say that due to the control none of the lower end textures gets lost, rather they are guaranteed to provide satisfaction. I love a powerful low end and I was supremely satisfied by it.

When it played the Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST - Prelude To War, the bass drums rumbled and roared with enough force to rattle my jawbones. And yet disappeared just as quick, not muddying up the mids and highs.

Steven Wilson - Pariah has a beautiful bassline towards the end of the track, Norn played it to the front of the mix with enough meat on the bones.

In The Dark Knight - Why So Serious, from 03:25, the subbass rumbles are thick and creates an almost tangible feeling of pressure around the head.


Norn has a W shaped sound profile, and hence the mids are slightly pushed forward. Although definitely not in your face. I would say Kinera did a fine job positioning the mids here.
Coming to tonality, the mids have a slight warm touch. Notes are very slightly on the thicker side, aiding them with a good presence. Notes are also quite crisp and detailed, which is even more enhanced by the body.
String instruments do sound extremely pleasing, as do the vocals. Male vocals have nice depth and body, and female vocals have good extension and brilliance. In fact, Kinera has not preferred one segment over another here. However, I could not detect any sibilance - so props to Kinera for that.
Overall, the mids were quite musical yet detailed to my ears. It most definitely did not feel dry to me.

The Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST - Prelude To War has some cello/bass which emit deep and resonating notes that set up a nice background. Norn reproduces the notes with fullness and musicality. Also, the snare drum rolls were very much crisp and detailed and easy to pick up in the mix.

Leonard Cohen’s voice in Hallelujah does sound wonderful, with enough depth and weight, along with all the textures.
In Silversun Pickups - The Royal We the electric guitars and the vocals are a bit thin and has a tendency to get peaky/sibilant on occasion. However, Land expressed the underlying energy well without the discomfort of peaks.

Yao Si Ting’s voice in Scarborough Fair is highly energetic, and has a brilliant sizzle which can get piercing on poorly tuned iems. However, Norn payes it very well without any sibilance. The energy does not seem cut off, and yet it does not get uncomfortable.


Brilliant highs with enough extension and sparkles to satisfy me. Honestly - this sums up my impression about the highs. The notes are very nicely crafted. No smudges, no uneven edges. Just very finely crafted high notes. The focus is mainly on lower treble, but upper treble is not severely rolled off, and has good presence. Notes do not feel thin and brittle. I crave for the last bit of brilliance in highs, without experiencing any uncomfortable peaks that pierces. Suffice to say that Norn delivers that. Not in spades, but yeah, definitely delivers that..

Metallica - The Four Horsemen has some intense cymbal and hi-hats playing throughout the track, and Norn made them sound brilliant, as they should, without any peaks.

In the case of Steven Wilson - Pariah, the background high notes breathe air very well, and the cymbal crashes stay at a respectable distance while not getting lost behind the strong bassline.

I have almost nothing against Norn. Separation is quite commendable - each individual note has its own crafted space in the headspace created, and nothing smudges others. Each note is also very carefully reproduced with a nice dimensionality. Understandably, no details are missed.

Why, then, do I say “almost”? Because, if you have noticed, I never once mentioned the word ‘airy’. Reason behind is that even though Norn exhibits very good separation and note details, the soundstage width is...less than my preference. Stage height and depth is quite good, but because of the lack of width, the headspace largely stays within the head, does not extend beyond it, and hence fails to provide that last bit of grandiose.

Vs. UM 3DT - Norn wins in note definition, separation, bass impact and depth hands down. 3DT does not stand any chance. However, 3DT excels in providing a very open presentation with a much wider and grander stage that extends well beyond the head. Mids and highs will depend on individual preference though. Norn mids have slightly more warmth,and male vocals have slightly more weight. However, 3DT does not fall far behind, and the slightly more neutral mids has its own charm. Regarding highs, Norn definitely has more sparkle and brilliance, but 3DT has a unique high frequency representation that sounds energetic and yet not fatiguing. Norn highs brilliance is more attacking, whereas 3DT is more musical.

Vs. TSMR Land - Really unfair comparison, as Land bests Norn in all fields. More physical and atmospheric bass, more realistic mids, more extended and detailed highs, wider, deeper, taller and more three-dimensional stage. But well, it costs more than Norn also.

All in all, the Norn has its own niche at around 500 USD price. Those who do not need a very open sounding presentation,but rather prefer an intimate sound with commendable separation and layering, with carefully defined notes and a fun presentation, Norn is for you!

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New Head-Fier
Norn: A Beautiful Experience
Pros: 1. An excellent overall tonality.
2. Extremely well-built cable.
3. Very pleasing presence.
4. The bass has a nice texture to it.
5. The highs are non-fatiguing and yet have an energy to them.
6. Mids are more than enough
7. Soundstage is wide enough with ample height present as well.
Cons: 1. The price at which Kinera Norn sits, it has more than few worthy adversaries.
2. The mids, although more than enough, still leave you feeling that this can be further improved by EQ.
Kinera is a known Brand in the Audiophile community. Their emphasis on beautifully crafted IEMs which sound equally majestic is their forte.

The Product which I will talk about is the NORN, which has a 4BA+1DD configuration.


This was sent by Hifigo as a part of a review tour. I will review the iem using my own sensibilities and experiences You can buy the Norn here.


As always, Kinera Norn is a looker. The shells are painted with red and white paints which bring out a beautiful color combo and enhances the overall presentation of the IEM. Although I did not see any L or R indicators on the shells. It has a good enough cable that has a 2.5mm termination and comes with 2 different connectors for 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm. SO overall, an excellent package.



The shell may appear to be bigger in size, but the fit is exquisite.


  • Premium Five Driver Setup (1DD+4BA).
  • Titanium-plated PU composite high-poly fiber diaphragm.
  • Front cavity 3-tube crossover.
  • Reflective Mirror finish back cavity.
  • Beautiful Hand-Painted design.
  • Outstanding acoustic performance.
  • Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.
  • High-purity cable.
Technical Parameters:

  • Impedance: 32 Ohms.
  • Sensitivity: 110dB.
  • Rated Power: 3mW.
  • Distortion: <3%.
  • Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-40kHz.
  • Cable Length: 1.2m.
  • Plug: 2.5mm Balanced

  • F.Audio FA2
  • Ifi Audio Nano BL
  • Lotoo Paw S1
  • Audirect Atom 2
  • Samsung Dongle Dac.
  • Samasung Galaxy S10
  • Sony Discman.



Test Tracks:

  • Raavan by Amit Trivedi (
  • Chandralekha By A R Rahman (
  • Cold Heart By Elton John and Dua Lipa (
  • Levitating By Dua Lipa (
The Lows are the highlight of Norn. The Sub-Bass is excellently placed and the Mid-bass has a feel to it. The complete bass presentation has both quality and quantity. There is no bass bleed and yet the bass is more than enough to satisfy the needs of a basshead.

The first Track is an addictive Trance track that has an energy to it. If the lows in the IEM are not good then it becomes muddy and dark. But in this case, Norn had it covered and the result: a 60 minutes long session with the first track in repeat.

Those who know the Chandralekha, know it was a track built for this day. The awesome sound arrangement and mixing still rivals the tracks from today. I would suggest giving this a try on Norn and then you will know what I am talking about.

No matter what you throw at Norn, you are going to be impressed.


Test Tracks:

  • Tum Itna Jo Muskura rahe Ho by Jagjit SIngh (
  • Shaam se Aankh Me Nami Si Hai By Jagjit Singh (
  • Aasmani rang By Bhupinder & Chitra (
  • Pani Pani Re By Lata Mangeshkar (

The mids have ample presence to them. The vocals are forward, and the timbre is natural. The mids have sufficient air to them and the complex tracks have been dealt with craft. No congestion felt whatsoever.

For me, Ghazals are the tracks to test the mids and vocals. So how does Norn perform you ask? The answer is exquisite. The laid-back nature of the ghazal tracks offers a very nice presentation. The vocals are forward and lush as well.


Test tracks:

  • In you Eyes (
  • Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins (
  • Hold Me Now by Thomson Twins (
  • True by Spandue Ballet (
The highs are energetic and non-fatiguing. The feel is airy and real. The highs really extend a lot and still, they are non-piercing. The feel is so satisfying that I never felt like removing the Norn from my ears. The Cymbals and the guitar notes come out with precise placement and presence.


Considering the overall sound signature, the stage is wide enough but the depth in sound is just average. The Height of the soundstage is also good and that rings out an overall good headroom experience

photo_2021-09-15_11-26-38 (2).jpg


I recently had AAW ASH for review and Kinera Norn Trumps it in every aspect. In the already crowded IEM bazaar, this is an item that will stay for a long time. This is an awesome pair that complements itself with a good enough cable that has a 2.5mm termination and comes with 2 different connectors for 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm. SO overall, an excellent package.
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