1. Kinera Imperial Loki Emerald

    Kinera Imperial Loki Emerald

    Loki, the god of fire, has extraordinary strength due to his noble birth, and his mischievous character makes him a challenger to order, indirectly leading to the creation of “Ragnarok.” Tuning Philosophy Balanced atmospheric sound style, with slightly prominent mid-range (vocals), solid and...
  2. Kinera Celest PhoenixCall Multi-Driver Tribrid IEMs

    Kinera Celest PhoenixCall Multi-Driver Tribrid IEMs

    Kinera Celest Phoenixcall is a brand new pair of multi-driver hybrid IEMs designed with a five-driver hybrid setup featuring one DD+2BA+2FPD(Flat Planar Drivers) per side. Phoenixcall has got exquisite ear shells with hand-painted face covers. Will update the post after some more information is...
  3. Kinera Imperial Loki

    Kinera Imperial Loki

    Loki is a Norse God of Fire, He is also a God of trickery, deceit and malevolence. Like its namesake, Kinera Imperial Loki overall aesthetics were all connected with him like the blue colour represents the world while magma red signifies the fury of volcanic eruption as he engaging some plots...
  4. Queen Of Audio Vesper 2

    Queen Of Audio Vesper 2

  5. Audio46

    Audio46 Product Tour - Kinera Imperial Loki

    Hello Audiophiles, Audio46 is doing a tour for the Kinera Imperial Loki ($3,099). Product Tour Program Rules: Our Product Tour programs are only available to USA residents. Sign up using our Tour Sheet. Up to 3 eligible reviewers will be selected. We'll contact and announce them soon after...
  6. Kinera Celest Ruyi - Kinera Gramr

    Kinera Celest Ruyi - Kinera Gramr

  7. Audio46

    The Kinera Imperial Loki Flagship IEM is Shipping Now from Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Kinera The Imperial Loki is Kinera's newest flagship quadbrid driver in-ear monitor with outstanding detail performance that combines the characteristics of multiple acoustic drivers. The Kinera Imperial Loki is in stock and ready to ship at Audio46! SHOP LOKI>
  8. Kinera Orlog

    Kinera Orlog

    This is the collaboration between Kinera and highly reputable Hi-fi acoustic cable company Effect Audio for our first high-end IEM upgrade cable. Exterior appearance custom designed by Kinera led artistic team, tuning concept and testing handled by Effect Audio professional acoustic engineers...
  9. Dèng

    Linsoul $1 Reservation Card (RC) For Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition

    🎉 Linsoul $1 Reservation Card (RC) For Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition 🎉 Greetings everyone! Zeos from Z Reviews is collaborating with Kinera for the upcoming Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition! SECURE one Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition by buying a $1 RC before its launch, and get an Early Bird...
  10. Kinera Celest Pandamon

    Kinera Celest Pandamon

    Celest Pandamon SPECIFICATIONS Kinera 10mm SPD 2.0 ™ ( Square Planar Driver ) Impedance: 9 ohm Sensitivity: 108 dB Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz Oxygen Free Copper Cable 3.5mm Termination Plug INCLUSIONS One pair of Celest Pandamon In-ear monitors. One 3.5mm Oxygen Free Copper Cable. Six...
  11. Audio46

    The Kinera Hodur Is Available Now At Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Kinera Kinera is back with an all-new 3-driver in-ear monitor. With the idea of “perceiving the darkness”, Kinera's tuning engineer brings a relaxed atmosphere and a full sound stage to the listeners, wandering in the ocean of music and feeling the surging...
  12. QoA Gimlet

    QoA Gimlet

    Driver: 1 x DD (LCP Diaphgram) Sensitivity: 108 dB Impedance: 32 Ohm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Cable: 1,2m 4N 4-Core OFC Silver Plated Cable with 0.78mm PINs. No microphone. Connector type: Straight gold plated 3,5mm jack connector
  13. Kinera Hodur

    Kinera Hodur

    Kinera Hodur Kinera High Sensitivity & Low Power Electrostatic Driver + Kinera Customized K10012 BA Driver + 10mm Coaxial Dual-magnetic Tesla Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Impedance: 8 ohm Sensitivity: 106+/- 1 dB Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz Modular 4 Cores OCC with Silver Plated Cable...
  14. TH HiFi Face Red

    TH HiFi Face Red

    Red face is a red school character in Beijing opera. The design concept of Face Red comes from the red face element in Beijing Opera and skillfully integrate it into the headset...
  15. Queen of Audio (QoA) Margarita

    Queen of Audio (QoA) Margarita Technical Specification Driver Configuration 7mm Titanium Coated Dynamic Driver provides powerful & deep diving bass, our QOA custom QA11021 BA is a mellow-toned one with wide bandwidth, working as a seamless connection between the bass & treble...
  16. QOA Adonis

    QOA Adonis

    QOA ADONIS In-ear Earphone Brand:QOA Model:ADONIS Earphone type:In-ear Impedance: 21 Omega Earphone sensitivity:113 ±2dB Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Interface: 3.5mm Cable Length: 1.2m Color: BLUE Earphone interface:0.78mm2Pin Interface Whether with mic:no mic Whether can replacement cable...
  17. Wasaabi

    Kinera URD Review - The best looking IEM I've ever seen

    Kinera URD is probably the most beautiful iems I've ever seen The meaning of URD: URD is a word related to Norse mythology. URD is one of the Norn who are in charge of fate in Norse mythology, and is also known as the Dís of Death. She is the guardian of the well of fate under the Yggdrasil...
  18. Kinera URD Tribrid IEMs(2DD+2EST+1DD)

    Kinera URD Tribrid IEMs(2DD+2EST+1DD)

    Kinera's latest the URD features beautiful 3D printed stereoscopic faceplates and a five driver tribrid configuration per side(2DD+2EST+1BA). Features:- >Five-driver Tribrid configuration per side. >Dual Sonion EST drivers. >Titanium-Crystal Diaphragm Coaxial double dynamic driver...
  19. Kinera Idun Golden

    Kinera Idun Golden

    Technical Specifications: Kinera 7mm Titanium Plated Dome PU + 1 Knowles BA + 1 Kinera Customize BA Impedance: 32 Ohms. Sensitivity: 112+/- 2 dB. Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz. 8 Cores OFC+ OFC with Silver Plated Modular Cable Plug with 3.5mm , 4.4mm and 6.35mm Perceive The Power Of...
  20. Kinera Skuld Hand-Painted Multi-BA IEMs

    Kinera Skuld Hand-Painted Multi-BA IEMs

    Features:- >Three Knowles premium BA drivers per side. >Two Kinera’s customized BA drivers. >Beautiful Hand-Painted ear cavities. >Ergonomic cavity design. >0.78mm 2-pin Silver-Plated Copper balanced 4.4mm cable. >Premium set of accessories including Final Audio Type E ear tips...
  21. Kinera Nanna 2.0 Flagship

    Kinera Nanna 2.0 Flagship

    Released early 2021 Price - $899 Four Driver Hybrid Setup, including one 7mm Dynamic Driver, one Balanced Armature Driver and two Electrostatic Drivers. Sensitivity: 110dB at 1mW Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz Connector : 3.5mm/ 6.35mm Frequency response range: 5-50KHz Distortion: <0.8%...
  22. nhftk4320

    Are expensive IEMs worth it with a cheap DAC?

    I am considering buying a pair of either Kinera Nanna 2.0 or Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk. Both are expensive IEMs (500$-1000$) . My current setup is Shure SE425 connected to a DAC- Audioquest DragonFly Black. My question is: Does an expensive IEM sound good enough to justify its price with a...
  23. Kinera Norn 1DD+4BA IEMs

    Kinera Norn 1DD+4BA IEMs

    Features:- >Premium Five Driver Setup (1DD+4BA). >Titanium-plated PU composite high-poly fiber diaphragm. >Front cavity 3-tube crossover. >Reflective Mirror finish back cavity. >Beautiful Hand-Painted design. >Outstanding acoustic performance. >Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors...
  24. shenzhenaudio

    Mid-Year Sales reaches at SHENZHENAUDIO

    Mid-Year Sales approaches, and the best deal reaches SHENZHENAUDIO, you can spend a pleasant shopping carnival week from June 21st to 25th. For providing our customers a worry-free shopping experience, a 30-day price guarantee showing up, that you guys can purchase now and get a...
  25. Kinera Baldr

    Kinera Baldr

    "The Flagship Kinera Baldr houses a powerful multi-driver hybrid setup consisting of four electrostatic drivers, one Kinera self-developed powerful 7mm micro-dynamic driver, and two Knowles balanced armature units. The pair provides a high-resolution sound output with rich detailing and crisp...