1. Kinera Freya

    Kinera Freya

    Handcrafted Design After months of intensive research, experimentation with several materials, and hand-painting techniques, the chief designer of Kinera found the perfect colors and painting materials suitable for expressing the beauty of the goddess Freya. Each single Freya is handmade and...
  2. QoA Mojito

    QoA Mojito

    Mojito is QOA's mid-range IEM that has 6BA drivers on each side, comprised of 2 Sonion BAs and 4 Knowles BAs. Queen of Audio Mojito Driver configuration: 6BA (2 Sonion + 4 Knowles) Impedance: 23ohm Sensitivity: 118dB/mW Color: Available in Aqua Blue / Amber Orange / Grape Sparkling Wine Cable...
  3. Kinera Tyr

    Kinera Tyr

    Specifications: Sensitivity: 105db ± 1db Impedance: 16 ohm Driver: 6mm Dynamic Driver Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz Plug Type: 3.5mm Cable Length: 1.2m
  4. Giraku

    SOLD: Kinera Odin Open Box Less than 5 Hours of Use

    Kinera's flagship IEM, Odin, is for sale. This was used just less than 5 hours. Practically it is an open box item. Much better than floor demo model. All the original packages and ear tips are included (see photos). None of the ear tips has been ever used. I used my own tips for test driving...
  5. M

    Help needed to choose a decent IEM.

    Help needed... Which will be better between MAGAOSI K5 V2 and KINERA IDUN? Or anything that will be within $150? My music taste is in Classic Rock ( Like CCR, DIRE STRAITS etc ) Country, Classical, lots and lots of soundtrack ( like Ennio Morricone, Zimmer ) including Game Soundtracks (Those...
  6. Akteur

    [SOLD] Kinera Idun Deluxe Limited

    Hello! Up for sale Kinera Idun Deluxe. In fine condition with all accessories except one pair of eartips. Price: 100$ + shipping from Russia and PayPal fees. Thanks for looking, feel free to contact me!
  7. Kinera Odin

    Kinera Odin

    Odin is Kinera's flagship model incorporating 8 balanced armature drivers per side. With Kinera’s previous creations done within expectations of both consumers and competitors, we felt challenged with creating something different yet still faithful to the core tenets of Kinera in sound and...
  8. Kinera Idun Deluxe (Limited Edition)

    Kinera Idun Deluxe (Limited Edition)

    Kinera Idun Deluxe -Special edition limited for 500pcs worldwide -Upgraded drivers and tuning from the prior model, Kinera Idun -2BA+1DD hybrid
  9. alexshulgin

    Kinera IDUN or other 200$ IEM

    GREETINGS EVERYONE Hey, im considering to buy a pair of new IEM's i own On-Ear Audio Technica ath es10 and shure se215, the DAP is fiio x5 II gen. Im looking forward in to buying a pair of new earpieces for winter listening outside and so on. im on a budget of 200$ and would like to get the...
  10. WayneAnderson

    Preview: Kinera IDUN (Limited Edition)

    Kinera has been teasing an in-development product as a successor to the H3 IEMs whose ergonomics vs price point gained traction at release, despite an overly bright sound and disappointing sibilance which led to some sound distortion. Still, the H3 offering at only $75 to $99 USD through...
  11. Kervsky

    New Kinera SEED hybrid IEM

    Hi, since there seems no dedicated thread for the upcoming Kinera Seed IEM, I thought I'd open a thread discussing about it. It should be in the Kinera aliexpress store any day soon as it was announced in their Telegram group to start shipping for those who pre-ordered and open to the rest via...
  12. Kinera SEED

    Kinera SEED

    Kinera SEED is the Yin (Black) of the two part product of the company, Yin-Yang. Launched early 2018, the Kinera SEED promised a neutral sound signature, while slightly emphasising vocals. Kinera has a single DD with a Balanced Armature driver. Official Specification: Sensitivity - 108 ± 2...
  13. Montyburns

    ***sold***NuForce Primo 8 IEM for sale/trade

    I have a mint condition NuForce Primo 8 IEM for sale or trade. Original box, packaging, case, cable, pretty much everything but the tips. Looking for an Ibasso IT03, Ibasso IT01, Shozy Hibiki special edition, 64 audio a3, Audeze Sine, Audioquest Nighthawk, or other reasonably portable...
  14. ostewart

    Kinera Earbud Thread

    These are actually really good, I know they were a limited run but we need somewhere where the owners can chat about these little gems. Reviews here: These love a good tube amp :D (using an iFi Earbuddy to eliminate any hiss)