SIVGA SV023 Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones

General Information

Hi-Fi Dynamic Driver Wood Headphone​

  • Modest & classic design
  • 50mm dynamic driver made of LCP composite diaphragm plated with Beryllium for strong dynamic, high fidelity and wide extension sound quality
  • Walnut wood housing with exquisite and elegant surface
  • Ergonomically designed headband for comfortable wearing without pressure
  • Special-shaped earcup for comfort and good seal
  • Detachable high purity 6N OCC cable to ensure high resolution sound

Wide soundstage, good dynamic, high separation​

The driver housing is made of aviation aluminum alloy. The periphery of the diaphragm is LCP (Liquid Crystal Polyme) Composite film, and the central part of diaphragm is plated with Beryllium. The magnet is high-performance NdFeb material.

The bass for SV023 is well controlled with enough quantity. The middle frequency is mild with warm vocal. Treble is natural and exquisite. Wide soundstage with good separation for instruments. This headphone can make music dynamic with sense of depth.

Light-weight and comfortable wearing​

The leather band is made of high-end goat skin, which is soft and comfortable.

The headband is made of stretchable stainless steel, which ensures suitable clamping force with no pressure and wears lightly.

The bracket is made by CNC process with aviation aluminum alloy, which is with strong metal finish and durability.

Hand-made wood housing, carefully and precisely crafted artwork​

The headphone housing is made of selected high-quality walnut wood. It is precisely carved by CNC and then made by traditional processes such as grinding, polishing, painting, natural air drying and so on. The surface of the wood housing is exquisite and smooth with high quality feel.

There is a CNC processed metal aluminum ring and gunmetal color stainless steel mesh in the middle of the housing, which matches with the wood housing very well to increase the sense of layering.


Unique earcup design for comfort and good seal​

The earcups are made of high protein material and memory form. The material touching the face is skin friendly velvet. All the materials make the earcups soft and comfortable to wear.

The special-shaped earcups designed according to the head shape have good sealing performance to avoid sound leakage.

The side of the earcup is perforated with air holes, which can effectively adjust the sound quality and ensure good breathability. It is suitable for long time wearing.


High purity detachable cable​

6N OCC cable ensures no loss of signal transmission. The detachable cable is not easy to tangle, and it is suitable for upgrading and changing to use other cables.


  • SV023 headphone: 1pc
  • Audio cable: 1pc
  • Leather carrying bag: 1pc
  • Hemp bag: 1pc
  • Adaptor 1: 4.4mm to 3.5mm -1pc
  • Adaptor 2: 3.5mm to 6.35mm - 1pc


StyleOver ear, open-back
Transducer typeDynamic driver
Transducer sizeφ 50mm
Frequency response20Hz - 40KHz
Sensitivity105 dB +/- 3dB
Impedance300 Ohm +/-15%
Cable length2.0 M +/-0.2 M
Connectorφ 4.4 mm balanced
Weight 318 g

Latest reviews


100+ Head-Fier
The option for those looking for a TOP smart purchase
Pros: Natural and purist sound
Very good dynamics for this price
Soundtage is very wide
It's too comfortable
I think it is one of the most elegant products I have ever tried
Cons: You need a powerful amplifier to give it its full potential
Its impact on the bass I would have liked it to be higher
It lacks that wow effect that some headphones produce
Welcome to written review of Sivga SV023. Today we will see an over-ear type headset that seems to me to be an excellent option under €500...but I recommend that you read the full review since it may not be for you. For iems lovers, I ask for your patience, more products of this type will be coming soon.
For now, in this review we have a very complete product in all aspects. Sivga is a chifi audio brand that has several models, some of them we already saw on the channel... and we will end up seeing others. The Sivga Sv021...was renewed in the Oriole, the Sivga Phoenix in the Sv023...although then the Luan came could almost say that it was a Phoenix 2.0...a headphone that sounds excellent by the way. I sincerely believe that we will not see a renewal of the Sivga P2 in the near future.
What attracts me to this Sivga sv023? Well, basically it has no weak points and I do believe that this one can compete, for example, head-to-head with a Focal Clear.
Headphone that a long time ago cost more than €1000. In fact I will make comparisons against that headset during the video. That's how good this sounds...and the best's worth half.
First I want to remember that my reviews and what I say about the products is my opinion... I don't have to speak good or bad about any product since you could say that I am practically free.

Captura de pantalla (1177).png

The sivga is presented in a very premium and realistic way. We have a box where everything is stored in an orderly manner. On the one hand, there is the carrying case. I'm a big fan of carrying cases, you know. I think that, based on a certain audio quality, that is, financial expenditure... they are necessary. They are not only useful for moving the product from one place to another. They are also worth storing, as is obvious. Furthermore, in cases like this one that have an optimal size, a small DAC dongle, for example, can be efficiently stored.
The carrying bag of the sivga sv023 is light brown. It has a soft touch and can also be placed vertically due to the supports it has. It is very rigid so it will protect the product more than well. We also have a fabric cover with the brand logo whose usefulness is quite questionable. It is not rigid, it does not protect...but hey, it can be stored to avoid dust. Better that than nothing...Hifiman doesn't look at anyone...I say it for models like the Sundara.
On the other hand, we have a good quality braided cable and adapters to make this set even more versatile. We have a 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter and another 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter.
I would say, from a critical point of view, that it is the best product in terms of accessories that I have tried under €1000. The adapters and a better and prettier cable make me opt for this sivga rather than the focal clear, which would have benefited from a 4.4mm adapter for example.

Captura de pantalla (1180).png

The design of this product is very interesting. We have a very obvious wood finish that places it in my top of the most elegant headphones. But there will be those who like it more or less so I'm not going to go into more detail here.
In comfort it is a success. Its large perforated memory foam pads and that wide, padded headband make the weight distribution very...very good. I'll tell you clearly, possibly the most comfortable headset I've tested.

This headphone uses a 50mmm dynamic driver which has a beryllium-coated diaphragm. Hearing beryllium and dynamic drivers is usually synonymous with, at least, curiosity on my part.
The isolation part is nothing strange and what is expected. Open earphone, non-isolated earphone. In the leakage I expected it to be worse but the truth is that it emits little sound. A little more than the Dt1990 pro and very similar to the Focal Clear.

Captura de pantalla (1179).png

In technical data we have 105 decibels and 300 impedance. Its sensitivity offsets the energy needs of the headset, making it possible to operate it with mobile phones or laptops, although with a loss of performance. However, I don't think their sound varies much. With the laptop with the best DAC that I have or the sonata I could practically hear it the same as with the gryphoon. Despite the numbers, I consider it more efficient than focal clear. This headphone is very, very recommended to try it on a vulvo amplifier.

We must start from the basis that sivga makes a very, very musical and natural tuning…some more than others. This headphone, despite sounding good musically, also has some analytical sound. Therefore, I consider this headset to be suitable for almost everything. Listen to music, play games, edit... and even work with audio... since it does not have a very marked profile in bass or emphasized treble and it does offer sufficient resolution.
In soundstage, Sivga's open models have been a big hit for me. After listening to the SV023 for quite some time, the response is wonderful. When the SV023's soundstage first comes into focus, it has all the realism of being in the studio with the performers. Some of the lightness that open backs can give you is replaced by well-articulated layers. In some cases it can also appear floaty, especially with acoustic guitars that come across just above the left and right channels.
If I compare it with an Edition Xs I could say that the Sivga offers a better scene on the x axis. In depth they are quite even, but sometimes it seems that the sivga sv023 does it better even with low amplification. In height or size of the sound I opt for the hifiman...but just barely.
Dimensionality expands with spatial tricks on the x axis, this being one of its virtues. Its good extension in the treble allows it an airy sound.
We therefore have a wide stage, but I would have liked it to be more enveloping, just as the focal clear does... which, although it does not have such a laterally expansive scene, is more rounded and immersive.
In the image it does better than, for example, the hifiman edition xs. Giving a more evident precision of the level of the dt1990 pro.
Is there anything better in general in terms of spatiality for less than €600? I don't think so.

Parts of the bass region are most noticeably divided into mid-bass and sub-bass sections, rather than coming together to form a complete tone.
The bass for me was the most disappointing part. I think it lacks gain and a little extension. That's why I recommend, if you can, a tube amplifier. Still, they sound pretty clean and fast. It creates an interesting dynamic in the bass that consistently maintains its timbre attractive to the listener, no matter what genre of music is being played. The mid-bass hits hard and the sub-bass resonates smoothly. I don't think it's powerful enough to shake you, but it complements the texture of the bass and synths with its depth and clarity. In this area I think the focal clear is even more complete.

The midrange of the SV023 is very very good. Imagine an improved HD600. It sounds very natural and offers… not only a lot of space but also great energy. It has a dynamic range response similar to bass, but faster and more transparent. Details within its timbre are easy to find, as the mids excel in sound signature with plenty of individualized elements such as orchestral strings and piano notes. Vocals are also clear and offer micro details. The mid-range, to put it a defect, lacks a little body... which, for example, if I had the dt1990 pro.

While treble reproduction can be incredibly responsive, it can also show considerable extension and for some people perhaps a little more enhanced. For the most part, everything stays clean and tidy in the treble, but on tracks where the sounds start to get more aggressive, the treble comes out to show its most character. There's a fun midrange-like snap, but with a more flavorful sparkle to the tonality of the frequencies. A shine or sparkle that is similar to what ananda nano can give but somewhat more controlled. This is especially evident in piano performances, as soloists or singers, where the highest notes seem to end with an extra bright accent in their attack. For longer listening sessions they can be a bit tiring due to their revealing nature. I personally didn't have any problems.


Captura de pantalla (1178).png

As you have heard, the SV023 is a very complete headset. It's very good at almost everything, but maybe it doesn't really stand out at all...Although maybe we're being too unfair if we compare it to more expensive headphones all the time. If we compare it with any open headphones under €500 and €600, I think this Sivga is superior.
It has very good comfort, it is quite energy efficient, it sounds natural, it has good dynamics, it has a good scene, it sounds musical but it also has an analytical touch...the only defects are a bass that is somewhat scarcer than I would like and a midrange. who perhaps could have used a little more body.
Do I recommend the purchase? Yes, definitely.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Build quality, accessories, balanced sound signature
Cons: Not for the fans of coloured sound
I don't think that Sivga Audio requires any introduction here. The company is well-known for a bunch of really successful releases in different price tiers. The most recent one, named SV023 is a company's mid-segment offering for those who'd like to see an open-back design. Walnut cups of these cans hold 50 mm LCP composite diaphragm plated with Beryllium coating drivers, tuned to deliver natural sound.

As usual, I'd like to thank Sivga Audio for providing me with these headphones for review in exchange for my honest (but unavoidably subjective) opinion.
1-Main Pic.jpg
I won't go deep into unboxing and design, as photos and other reviews give a full impression about that aspects, I will focus on my subjective impressions.

The package and overall presentation are traditionally great. Besides headphones and cables, you'll get a nice leather storage case. It brings some unwanted associations to some people, but it leaves an impression of a luxurious accessory, not typical for the middle segment.

The same, actually, applies to headphones themselves. The main materials here are wood, metal, and leather, but despite that, they are pretty lightweight and comfortable in wearing. Weight distribution is great, and the softness of ear pads makes me think of some stupid metaphors involving angel wings and fairies' whispers. Ok, it's a bit of exaggeration, but wearing comfort is great for me (all heads are different, you know).
Headphones are open-back, and despite not leaking sound both ways as some fully opened models, they are still targeted for home usage in the comfort of your favorite armchair (or sofa, or yoga mat, or whatever you're going to use).

Stock cable deserves a separate mention. It's a 6N OCC, but I wanted to say a few words about ergonomics. If any other manufacturer representative will read this review (I doubt that, but who knows), please, look at how it should be done. No rubber insulation, no fabric coating, just nice and soft wires, braided into a comfortable cable with zero microphonics. Great plus here is a 4.4 jack, it makes the most sense for the full-size cans nowadays. And of course an adapter wire for those who don't have a source with Pentaconn.

But let's focus on the sound. And I can say that here I've got what I expected. I'm a big fan of single-dynamic driver systems. Of course, they can be lacking focus on micro-contrast, typical for planars, or, let's say, the airy and energetic treble of balanced armatures. But both in IEMs and full-size cans, it's a dynamic driver that sounds the most balanced and natural for me (subjective tastes warning, just in case).
In terms of bass, it's a step aside from the tuning that previous Sivga models typically showed. It's more neutral, with less accent. While it can disappoint some bass lovers, for me, the amount of lows here is close to my subjective perfection. Bass is deep, but at the same time, it doesn't try to overwhelm you with monumental lows, sounding more balanced. Subjectively, I'd say that it's a tuning more suiting "natural" instruments: reach with overtones, balancing weight and impact, not trying to sound super-fast (and dry) or super-weighty (and bloated). Textures are rendered nicely, with a subtle hint of extra saturation, but that extra works just as a faint spice in the overall balanced and well-controlled lows.

Mids continue this tuning, offering a good balance between neutrality and musicality. In general, the amount of detail these cans offers is pretty high, but at the same time, they deliver them without an excessive accent, avoiding too clinical or dry signature. Of course, the uncolored representation of SV023 sets pretty high requirements for the quality of record and source, but with a decent setup, you'll get a really good weight, dynamic, and emotions. The imaginary stage isn't the biggest one but still is above average both in width and depth, with proper layer separation and 3D positioning.
Treble has a bit of additional energy, but at the same time, it doesn't sound too sharp. Of course, these headphones aren't a perfect choice for those who want a super soft and "comfortable" sound, but to my ears, even with pretty sibilant tracks, SV023 doesn't sound overly bright. Treble has a good detalisation and above-average extension. Of course, it's lacking a bit of layering, typical for more expensive models, but it does a good job of saturating music with overtones. Treble attacks and decays sound natural, bringing joy to treble-fan like me.

Due to a pretty neutral character, headphones are responsive to source rolling. They preserve nuances of DAC/amp/player's representation pretty well and encourage a user to experiment with different elements of setup. They don't require tons of power, but the source should offer good control to allow these headphones to show their strong sides.

To summarise, I can say that SV023 is a really good offer. Of course, it's not a "one size fits all" option, they won't be the best choice for those who want some "fun" sound signature, but if you're looking for a neutral, but not dry headphones with a detailed, but enjoyable representation, it's a good option to consider.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Reviewer at Headfonics
Sivga SV023: The latest has a dynamic driver. How good is it?
Pros: One of the best Sivga tunes yet
My favorite Sivga so far
Smooth character with good bass response
Excellent build
Cons: Preconceived dislikes for the marque
Vocals could be more vibrant
Really tough competition at this price
Sivga SV023 ($449): The latest has a dynamic driver. How good is it?



Having reviewed several previous models, Collin asked if I was interested in the SV023. I appreciated the craftmanship involved with the previous models, and of course said yes; for I liked the sound of most so far. The SV023 was in my hands a short time later. Below are my words, and mine only. A word to the wise: do not discount this model based upon the others in the line. Take that for what you will, and as always, YMMV.


Style: Over ear, open-back
Transducer type: Dynamic driver
Transducer size: φ 50mm
Frequency response: 20Hz - 40KHz
Sensitivity: 105 dB +/- 3dB
Impedance: 300 Ohm +/-15%
Cable length: 2.0 M +/-0.2 M
Connector: φ 4.4 mm balanced
Weight: 318 g

In The Box:
  • SV023 headphone: 1pc
  • Audio cable: 1pc
  • Leather carrying bag: 1pc
  • Hemp bag: 1pc
  • Adapter 1: 4.4mm to 3.5mm -1pc
  • Adapter 2: 3.5mm to 6.35mm – 1pc

Gear Used:

Topping A30P/D30P/Shanling M6 Pro
Topping A30P/D30P/MBP
Shanling M6 Pro

HiFiMan Edition XS ($499)


Billie Eilish
Green Day
Alex Fox
Tommy Emmanuel
Peter Frampton
John Coltrane
Lynyrd Skynyrd
David Bowie




In typical Sivga/Sendy fashion, the box lifts off like a top cover, replete with outline of the product inside. I like this approach, and the inside, which has a semi-hard foam cut out is shaped perfectly for the equally shapely leather case, which holds the headphones. Sivga does a nice job presenting and protecting the headphones.

Unzipping the hard-shell case, you are met with the headphones tucked neatly inside, along with the typical hemp bag, which contains the headphone cable and adapters. Simple, straightforward, elegant.



Again, in typical Sivga form, the walnut wood cups are polished to the point that they look like plastic. They aren’t, and the dark color is gorgeous. With a double headband set up, the strap fits over your head, and can be adjusted using the sliders above the yoke. Once adjusted, the headband stays, and is supported by the thin, dual metal band running over the top. Good clamp pressure is had as well. This is another aspect of Sivga that I have liked over the years, the clamp pressure. Not too loose, not too tight. And some have gone as far as bending the metal parts to give a tighter fit. For me it is just fine as is.

Dual 2.5 jack cables fit into the cups, while the other end of the gorgeous 6N OCC cable came with a 4.4bal jack. Included adaptors allow for either 3.5se or 6.35se jacks as well. Overall build of the cable is excellent with no microphonics at all. It is a bit sticky and has gotten caught a couple of times as I move, but I have become aware of that with all headphones and try to be careful regardless of the headphone in question.

As an over-ear headphone, the cup size may be a bit small for some. There is a good oblong shape, but the smaller size and depth of the cup itself may be troublesome to some users. That said, the cup is soft and pliable with the typical cloth cover, which contacts your ears. Contoured to be thinner and shaped differently on the top allows for excellent feel of the cup on the bottom. With some headphones and their same-thickness cups, I have had trouble in the past, below my ears; with too much pressure occurring. Not here, though; the SV023 provides the right pressure for my face and ears, regardless of whether I am wearing a hat or not.



Coming with a 50mm dynamic driver, the SV023 is made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy. The beryllium diaphragm is coated on the periphery, in a Liquid Crystal Polymer said to help control unwanted movement of the cup thus, reducing distortion tendencies. The magnet is made of a high-performance NdFeb material. The housing is made of hand-selected walnut and goes under close handmade scrutiny when being carved and polished by hand. The SV023 have a high impedance and will most likely require an amp if you want to get the most out of the listening experience.



The SV023 follows suit with a mature, somewhat laidback sound, which does not tend to offend. Bass is taut, but not as deep reaching as others in this price range, but no matter, for the quality is good. Mids come forward a bit, especially the vocals, which isn’t bad. Treble reach rolls a bit, but not so much that it is subdued or veiled. No, the top end presents an extended reach that almost artificially goes beyond what is heard, tying together a thoroughly pleasant sound, which spreads well in the width and height of the soundstage cavity.


Bass does reach fairly low as witnessed om Pomme’s Sans toi, which fills the sound cavity with a good expansive sound to coexist with that bass sound. Tighter and faster in attack to me, there is a very slight delay in decay, which provides me with a melodic response; slowing the sound for that somewhat laidback character. I experienced little to no bleed into the mids as a result, even with the slower decay.

Mids as expressed in the vocals comes across as slightly forward and lifted (which seems to be the way of many lately); which adds the necessary height to the signature for good clarity across the board. The width also allows for good air between notes, but to me the slightly richer and darker sound of the SV023 delays, or rather impacts true spacing of notes. Thus, making the sound laidback yes, but slightly subdued. Some might call this boring, but I rather think it is the combination of what I mention that provides for that.


The top end of treble notes are slightly rolled to me, but extend enough to artificially (again, to me) broadcast the high notes beyond where they should otherwise occur. Noting no harshness, even on songs with strong female presence in that range or cymbal work such as on Brian Setzer’s high strung Smash Up On Highway One, the sound comes with enough crispness to alleviate that roll, which could very well be how I hear the top end.

Timbre is as a result, slightly subdued, but layering & separation are pretty easily distinguishable. A melding of all presents itself as the maturity of sound in which I speak as well as a smooth character, coming through especially well on the Eagle’s live MTV version of Hotel California. A mellower song with which to start, the song covers all the bases ever so well through the SV023. I rather enjoy this presented mellowness, and replay the song just to re-hear that aspect, with Don Henley’s voice coming through as if I am sitting right on top of the mic as he plays his drum set.



Sivga SV023 ($449) v HiFiMan Edition XS ($499):

Harder to drive than the SV023, the Edition XS was a nice surprise for me. Coming on the heels of the excellent Deva Pro R2R, the XS comes across with a subdued character, and a feeling of being behind the sound, or rather further from the presentation. Bass is tighter, but with a bit less presence in the sub region. Mids have that particular sound of planar’s as well. Some will like it, others will not. But this brings to point how the Edition XS is more source dependent than the SV023. While it sounds nice through the Topping duo, it needs more power to express itself to me. Some like the HiFiMan sound, others do not. So, there you have it.


A shorter review than normal, for there really is not much many do not already know about the Sivga marque. As a result, most already have their impressions made beforehand. Many call the brand boring, with good construction. Others swear by it as their be-all, end-all. Both can be right, for you like what you like, and you dislike what you dislike. That will not change due to a review, nor should it. You may be swayed into pursuing what you already see as a worthy alternative, but opinions most likely will not be swayed.

Here is where Sivga has a seeming dilemma. The SV023 sound quite good to me, and better than previous offerings (including the much more expensive Apollo, which I found very underwhelming). They seem to be melding excellent build, gorgeous looks, and sound; which many will like in the SV023. And for that, I do like the SV023, ranking it as one of my favorites in the line and sub-$500 price. Some will still not like it, and that is their prerogative. But to discount a marque based upon previous models, and you may very well miss a model you like. That would be like judging Chevy on the Aveo alone and discounting the Camaro or Corvette. I shall leave that distinction up to you. I do think you will not be disappointed.