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  1. ETA Audio O2

    ETA Audio O2

    ETA Audio Website: O2:
  2. E

    Most complete open back under 1000€ for music?

    I am evaluating the Hifiman Ananda Nano, which is worth about €650 in my country. The Focal Clear OG is at €799. I would also like to try the Sivga Sv023 which costs €499. Which is more complete? It would be to enjoy varied music but I mainly listen to ambient, soundtrack, electronic/dance and...
  3. R

    Sundara or Timeless

    I am torn between purchasing a hifiman sundara or a 7Hz timeless. I know its like comparing apples and oranges but I am mainly interested in raw technical ability and resolution between them. I currently own a Hifiman he400se running on a Topping L30 II amp and a Ibasso Dc03 pro dac. I am open...
  4. M

    Looking to upgrade from AKG 712 Pro (budget up to $2000)

    Hello! I'm seeking your advice for my next headphone upgrade. Currently, I'm using AKG 712's. They've been great for 7 years, but I'm wondering if there's a better set out there for me. Budget: Up to $2000. Sound: I favor bass-heavy music but don't want to compromise on clarity or balance...
  5. R

    Is it possible to increase 40-400 Hz range in headphones?

    Hi, is there any way that I could possibly increase about 40-400 Hz range in open backed headphones? They are planar headphones and I'd like to achieve something similar to Meze Elite What I want to achieve: What I have: Thanks in advance for any answers!
  6. some dude

    Looking for open back planar to complement my ZMF VC

    I currently have a ZMF VC and a few different amps. I have a woo wa7 gen 2 with tube psu, Burson Conductor 3XR, and a chord mojo 2. Im open to selling the Burson to get another beefier tube amp depending which planar I get. I know I want something with a ton of detail. Preferably something that...
  7. ETA O²

    ETA O²

    ETA O² The legacy Mini Open headphone was an exercise in maximum minimalism - stripping down the enclosure to its most basic form to reveal the most potential of the drivers within. The question therefore arises - given the unique strengths of this type of...
  8. jb2unique

    Sony MDR-MV1

    The secret is out, Sony's open back professional monitor headphones just announced in Japan for creators with excellent spatial expression, suitable for production of 3D sound, etc. Releasing 12 May 2023 (JP) * US release date - now available (Subject to change) Along with the launch of 360VME...
  9. C

    R70X vs DT 1990 vs Edition XS for gaming?

    Hey guys! I'm fairly new here. For some context, I used the tygr 300r previously, after which I got a pair of 650s, which have been extremely pleasant to listen to. I'm not looking for one more pair to compliment the 650s, primarily to use on FPS games, with good, clear and detailed bass. So...
  10. Sennheiser HD 660S2

    Sennheiser HD 660S2

    Enjoy your music on a completely new level. An intimate, relaxed sound signature combines with outstanding precision and exceptional comfort — and now, extended sub bass — for a deeply moving experience. Ever felt goosebumps from sound so real, it was as if the source was in the room with you...
  11. Sennheiser

    Dive deeper into legendary sound. Let’s meet the HD 660S2

    Hello Head-Fi! It sure is hard to keep a secret! We’re here to officially debut the HD 660S2, the latest in our 600 series of audiophile headphones. This dynamic, open-back set of cans brings a new flavor to this award-winning and best-selling family thanks to the feedback from you, the hi-fi...
  12. JMAudio XTC Open-Back Audiophile Headphones

    JMAudio XTC Open-Back Audiophile Headphones

    New headphones from John Massaria Audio (JMA), famous for modifying Kennerton and Hifiman products. See below for product description from their webstore: JM Audio Edition XTC 50mm BioNano Wool/Beryllium Dynamic CONTACT US FOR COLORS AND STYLES AVAILABLE and TUNING AVAILABLE We use two...
  13. iBasso SR3

    iBasso SR3

    Specifications: Driver type: moving coil Structure: fully open Frequency range: 3Hz-40kHz Sensitivity: 108dB at 1kHz Impedance: 150Ω Rated Power: 50mW Distortion: <1% (at 1kHz /1mW) Plug specification: gold-plated 4.4mm Wire length: 1.6m Product net weight: 395g (excluding wire)
  14. yangire

    open back headphones that can handle good volume with no distortion.

    looking for open headphones, with a sharp and airy sound with no overwhelming bass. abt the bass, i prefer smtn between dt880 edition and hd560s, 880s have a tiny too little bass, and 560s have too much. not a clear budget in mind yet, so just leave out everything you can think of that you could...
  15. Somatic

    Attention All Drummers ...

    I'd like to get an idea from the collective how one would play an acoustic drum set at full volume while listening to music without damaging their hearing. Do you guys use an IEM, open back, closed backs? Thanks.
  16. SIVGA SV023 Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones

    SIVGA SV023 Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones

    Hi-Fi Dynamic Driver Wood Headphone Modest & classic design 50mm dynamic driver made of LCP composite diaphragm plated with Beryllium for strong dynamic, high fidelity and wide extension sound quality Walnut wood housing with exquisite and elegant surface Ergonomically designed headband for...
  17. rudbeard

    Neumann NDH 30

    I've seen a few announcements for these, but not much media presence, unlike their saturation approach with the NDH 20. These are designed for use as studio monitor on the go. The Neumann acoustic engineers created the open back of their studio monitors in the NDH 20 form factor. Neumann has...
  18. Monty1089

    Can someone help choose an open back gaming headset for me?

    Hey guys. I game on a PS5. Yes I know not a PC so that limits my choices on headphones/headsets to buy. Buying a dac, headphones and separate mic won't sound as good as using them on a PC. So I will stick with a headset (built in mic) though since most of the good headphones will sound crap on...
  19. E

    Any information on the Micro Seiki MX-5 electrostatics?

    Hello everyone, today I got a pair of Micro Seiki MX-5 electrostatics that were found in my grandparent's attic because they unfortunately passed away. Does anyone have any information / measurements for these headphones? Also, how do I have to hook up the electrostatic energizer to my amp/dac...
  20. K

    Most Comfortable Open Back $200 headphones?

    Hi, Turned out that I have two issues 1. Closed back feels like a sweaty cave (and I hate not hearing my surroundings) 2. Even medium clamp force makes me feel like I am having an "interview" with the Spanish Inquisition Without being picky about sound signatures, which one of these is the...
  21. WaveTheory

    $1200-1800 Open-back Headphone Roundup & Discussion

    I posted this comparison video of the LCD-X (2021), Focal Clear OG & MG, HiFiMan Arya se & v2, ZMF Auteur, Sennheiser HD800s, and Fostex TH909 on my YouTube channel: Feel free to continue the discussion here! I hope this video and thread helps those shopping around for this class of headphone.
  22. ZMFheadphones Atrium

    ZMFheadphones Atrium

    New co Flagship from ZMF Open Back Handcrafted Wood Proprietary Patent Pending Dampening/Air Flow System
  23. Sendy Audio Apollo

    Sendy Audio Apollo

    Description: 1. Lightweight design, refreshing, fashion, delicated craftmanship, comfortable wearing. 2. 68mm large diameter diaphragm and high efficiency electroacoustic energy conversion makes natural and soft vocals, deep and solid bass, bright treble with clear details, transparent and...
  24. M

    Need some advice

    Good morning all :) I Need some advice on some new Headphones. My current pair is a V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless i bought them because i was a huge fan of the Lp2 and wantet to continue with V-Moda. Now i want to get out and try something different im Looking into open Back headphones for...
  25. Z

    Sub $200 open back

    Is there an open back full size headphone that is under $200 and has clarity/neutral sound? I come from the radio and voiceover worlds where it's all closed back cans and I'd like to get a pair of affordable open-back headphones so I can just zone out with some good tunes in my ears. Don't...