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  1. SIVGA SV023 Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones

    SIVGA SV023 Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones

    Hi-Fi Dynamic Driver Wood Headphone Modest & classic design 50mm dynamic driver made of LCP composite diaphragm plated with Beryllium for strong dynamic, high fidelity and wide extension sound quality Walnut wood housing with exquisite and elegant surface Ergonomically designed headband for...
  2. rudbeard

    Neumann NDH 30

    I've seen a few announcements for these, but not much media presence, unlike their saturation approach with the NDH 20. These are designed for use as studio monitor on the go. The Neumann acoustic engineers created the open back of their studio monitors in the NDH 20 form factor. Neumann has...
  3. Monty1089

    Can someone help choose an open back gaming headset for me?

    Hey guys. I game on a PS5. Yes I know not a PC so that limits my choices on headphones/headsets to buy. Buying a dac, headphones and separate mic won't sound as good as using them on a PC. So I will stick with a headset (built in mic) though since most of the good headphones will sound crap on...
  4. E

    Any information on the Micro Seiki MX-5 electrostatics?

    Hello everyone, today I got a pair of Micro Seiki MX-5 electrostatics that were found in my grandparent's attic because they unfortunately passed away. Does anyone have any information / measurements for these headphones? Also, how do I have to hook up the electrostatic energizer to my amp/dac...
  5. K

    Most Comfortable Open Back $200 headphones?

    Hi, Turned out that I have two issues 1. Closed back feels like a sweaty cave (and I hate not hearing my surroundings) 2. Even medium clamp force makes me feel like I am having an "interview" with the Spanish Inquisition Without being picky about sound signatures, which one of these is the...
  6. WaveTheory

    $1200-1800 Open-back Headphone Roundup & Discussion

    I posted this comparison video of the LCD-X (2021), Focal Clear OG & MG, HiFiMan Arya se & v2, ZMF Auteur, Sennheiser HD800s, and Fostex TH909 on my YouTube channel: Feel free to continue the discussion here! I hope this video and thread helps those shopping around for this class of headphone.
  7. ZMFheadphones Atrium

    ZMFheadphones Atrium

    New co Flagship from ZMF Open Back Handcrafted Wood Proprietary Patent Pending Dampening/Air Flow System
  8. Sendy Audio Apollo

    Sendy Audio Apollo

    Description: 1. Lightweight design, refreshing, fashion, delicated craftmanship, comfortable wearing. 2. 68mm large diameter diaphragm and high efficiency electroacoustic energy conversion makes natural and soft vocals, deep and solid bass, bright treble with clear details, transparent and...
  9. M

    Need some advice

    Good morning all :) I Need some advice on some new Headphones. My current pair is a V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless i bought them because i was a huge fan of the Lp2 and wantet to continue with V-Moda. Now i want to get out and try something different im Looking into open Back headphones for...
  10. Z

    Sub $200 open back

    Is there an open back full size headphone that is under $200 and has clarity/neutral sound? I come from the radio and voiceover worlds where it's all closed back cans and I'd like to get a pair of affordable open-back headphones so I can just zone out with some good tunes in my ears. Don't...
  11. LittleEarz

    LCD-X VS HarmonicDyne Zeus

    Preface I did a short writeup on the Zeus vs the 660s a while ago and at the end of that review I didn't think I would venture above the $350 range. I was totally happy with everything that the Zeus was but as with all addictions I wanted to know if I hit the ceiling. I really wanted to know...
  12. -Daan-

    Headphone for big ears

    Hi, I've been rocking my Sennheiser HD25-II for 12 years now, and it's time for something more comfortable and better sounding. What I'm looking for is: - Over-ear (I have big ears ) - Open back - Easy driveable (I don't intend on purchasing an amp) - Comfortable - Bassy sound Bonus points...
  13. Apos Audio

    Hi From Apos Audio & Announcing The Caspian Headphone Launch

    We wanted to introduce ourselves to the audio community here on Head-Fi and announce the launch of our first headphone. Apos Audio is based in the Bay Area and we curate audiophile equipment from different brands including products made by us. Community members who have interacted with us love...
  14. sennheiserhd485

    Why are super expensive closed back headphones created?

    Why are super expensive closed back headphones created? I ask because, isn't it true that open is always going to be the superior design for raw sound quality?
  15. Nectar Sound Hive

    Nectar Sound Hive

    The Hives are an electrostatic headphone produced by the boutique manufacturer Nectar Sound.
  16. M

    HD 599se or shp9500.. any worth upgrading over Samson SR850s?

    Hey guys, I'm currently using the Samson SR850s and they sound okay. However I feel they are very uncomfortable and heavy even with the brainwaves padding on. I was thinking of getting a new pair of headphones and considering Sennheiser's HD599 se and the Philips shp9500s. In my country 559s...
  17. Rabco

    Help please. Haven’t bought new cans in years: <$400, over ear, wired, comfy w/eyeglasses

    Like some other posts I’ve read, the current market has a myriad of choices. My current headphones are years old Sennheiser 555’s. They were purchased partly because the Sony’s I had back then seemed harsh to me. I’m not interested in earbuds, in-ear, etc as my ear canal openings are no where...
  18. Austrian Audio Hi-X65

    Austrian Audio Hi-X65

    Delightfully revealing We created our new Hi-X65 open-back headphones with mixing and mastering in mind. They’re built to satisfy the need for close, precise listening at these critical stages of the audio production process. The same qualities that make them great for professional audio...
  19. L

    Looking for open back headphones for FPS games compatible with the V-Moda Boom Pro Mic

    Hi, I’m quite new to buying headphones, buying generic ones in the past. I’m looking for headphones for competitive FPS gaming on Modern Warfare for example (hearing footsteps etc.) that are compatible with the V-Moda Boom Pro Mic. I know open back is what I’m looking for in that regard, and...
  20. P

    Not satisfied with the Akg k240 need help finding replacements

    I bought a pair of AKG K240 like 2 years ago and I'm not satisfied with the sound, I regret investing in the whole open back thing. I always used cheap closed back headphones so I thought open back weren't going to be such a problem for me, but I was wrong. I can't focus on the music and every...
  21. Shabda

    Shure srh 1840 eq-ability

    Hello all, Wondering if anyone can comment on the shure srh 1840’s eq-ability, particularly it’s low end boost. Could i add like 12 db to sub region without clipping? Thanks!
  22. T

    Headphone and Amp/DAC upgrade for £175 (UK)

    Hi Head-Fi, I have a set of terrible headphones that I bought on Amazon for £15 about 2-3 years ago (I think they are called HD800X by Betron). They are very uncomfortable and the closed back pressure gives me headaches after a while. Also, the sound card on my 6 year old laptop is giving up...
  23. Highnight

    Aeon open x + Schiit hel + modmic? Or would you recommend something else?

    I am a complete beginner when it comes to DACs and amps so I need a little help figuring out what would be the best option for me at around the $200-$250 price range. I am not opposed to the idea of having the gaming dac then in the future getting a nice stack for music/entertainment so if you...
  24. Z

    Should I upgrade my ANANDA?

    Hi, I bought an ANANDA as my first open-back, 2 weeks ago for 699USD. I'm using it with TEMPOTEC SONATA HD PRO. I have a budget to upgrade a bit more. The HE1000V2 is selling for 1000USD on Taobao. Should I upgrade my ANANDA with a better DAC/AMP or buy a HE1000V2 with DAC/AMP Combo(I will...
  25. psy_jc

    Help me round out my setup

    A few years ago I settled on the Beyer DT770 and Westone 4R and decided to give my wallet a break. But I recently got bored of my Westones, and wanted to try a set of open cans. I stumbled on a sale on the Fidelio X2HR a few weeks ago and gave in. I bought the X2HR, liked the sound but found it...