General Information

Brand: BGVP
Model: DN2
Plug diameter: 3.5mm
Headphone sound principle: Dynamic Driver Balanced Armature combination
Headphone output source: portable audiovisual
Cable length: 1.2M
headset Plug type: straight plug type
Whether to control by wire: Yes
Impedance: 21Ω
Sensitivity: 110dB/mW
Frequency response range: 20-350000Hz-1729036729124636823.jpg18517560081845966566.jpg-1220590022640224492.jpg

Latest reviews

Pros: Good sound
Controlled bass
Build quality
Stock cable
Small size
Lots of accessories
Cons: Not for treble heads.
mmcx connectors are too tight
DN2 is the new offering from BGVP. This is the new successor of their DN1s
I would like to thank BGVP for providing me DN2.
This is my full review of DN2, a $60 dual-driver hybrid iem that sounds almost perfect

Packaging :
Wow. I'm impressed by their presentation.
Lots of accessories. They also gave me a hard carrying case.

DN2 comes in a simple cardboard box.
On the top sleeve, images of iems are printed, hi-res logo is also printed at the lower corner, and specifications are written on the backside.
After opening the sleeve you will see a light brown cardboard box with a BGVP logo.
After lifting the top part of the box, there are two sections, on the lower part, there is a small box.

Inside the box, a cable and a clip can be found. The cable was already tied with their included velcro cable tie.

On the top part, 3 sets of vocal tips (S, M, L) and 3 sets of bass tips (S, L, M), 3 sets of regular tips (S, M, L) a pair of memory foam ear tips, and iem themselves can be found on their own compartment.
There is also an envelope that contains some paperwork like instructions, user manual, warranty card, and a QC passed certificate.

And inside the carrying case, they also gave extra 2 sets of black ear tips.

carrying case
BGVP is giving a lot of accessories to their customers for $60.

Build Quality and Design :
DN2 is built like a tank.
DN2 is made out of aluminum alloy. It is cold to touch, because of the metal build. This iem is fairly lightweight.
Very compact and tiny in size. This is designed to be wear over the ear. There are two color options, black and gray. I have the black one.
A chrome BGVP branding can be found on the iems. There is a tiny back vent on the "P" letter.

On the bore, there is a metal grill and also there is a lip for holding tips tightly in place.
For connection, they have used mmcx connector. There are no left and right marking on iems, you have to look close at the mmcx connector for the red and blue rim. Connection is tight, cable clicked on the port tightly. I haven't faced any kind of connection issue.
DN2 is a robust iem. It won't break on you easily.

Cable is also great. It is a silicon shielded soft-touch cable. It's a 4 core 6N OCC silver-plated cable.
Mine came with a microphone. Microphone quality is also good and there is also a button for changing tracks and receiving or rejecting calls. They used a straight 3.5mm gold plated jack with small strain relief. A metal wire splitter and silicone chin slider can be found. They used metal for 3.5mm jack and mmcx connector housing.
For $60 they have used quality materials for both iem and cable.

Bass tips are dark blue in color and have colorful bores. Vocal tips are slightly transparent, plain white color. I found bass tips are a bit hard, but vocal tips and black tips are soft. And they also gave a pair of memory foam ear tips. Memory ear tips take a much longer time than usual to expand to their original shape.



Technical Specifications :
1 beryllium coated 10mm dynamic driver
1 custom balanced armature
Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity: 110dB
Impedance: 21 ohms
Rated power: 12mW

Comfort and Fit:
These are hands down the most comfortable iems I have ever had.
Even if you have small ears, it will fit perfectly. These are so comfortable that I can even sleep with them without any kind of pain. Sometime I even forgot that it was in my ears.
I never felt any kind of pressure in my ears. Nozzles are not long. I have used it for more than 4 hours continuously, zero comfort issues.
Ear hook sits nicely over the years, with no pressure or pain. It doesn't go deep into your ears, so comfortable for everyone,
Judging by its size, It will be very comfortable for everyone.

Sound isolation :
Sound isolation is good. It will block noises around you. But while listening to music, you won't hear anything from outside. So I can clearly say that sound isolation is good enough.

Sound leakage :
Because of the closed-back design, there is almost zero sound leakage.
I didn't notice any sound leakage at 70% of volume while it was in my friend's ear.

This is a fun-sounding iem. Lively sounding with very good and controlled temperature
Very responsive to the equalizer, it can handle equalizer very well. But I didn't use any equalizer, because I already liked the pairing with my source.
This is a mid focused iem. I've burned in DN2 for a total of 40 hours so that the diagram will loosen up for better bass. I think it worked, not a big difference, just slightly noticeable.
DN2 will require good recordings and a good source if you want to take full advantage from it.
It can handle complex tracks very well.
While pairing with a warm source, it gave me a pleasant experience. This has a dark background.
DN2 is a very smooth sounding iem. I found it most enjoyable with the xduoo X20 (in high gain mode), it never sounded dry, edges are not sharp, very smooth sounding iem. Acoustic instruments in this iem are soothing.T
This iem is a treat for budget audiophiles.

They used a 10mm beryllium coated dynamic driver for bass.
Not enhanced, very controlled bass with the vocal tips, but a little bass bleed can be noticed with the bass tips.
I always prefer less bass on music. but I'm enjoying every bit of it.
Bass is light but very musical, with enough details on the bass. Due to the dynamic driver and beryllium coating on the dynamic driver, resolution of bass is very good. It is also fast, and clean. Bass layering is also on point.
Electronics bass also sounded good. It never gave me muddy bass. Rich and enough punch. No pressure on the eardrum due to bass response.
Drum kicks are clean, not shouty at all.
While using it with bass ear tips, it will increase the quantity of the bass.

BGVP used their custom in house balanced armature for upper mids and dynamic driver used for lower mids. They positioned the balanced armature at the nozzle.
Mids are a bit forwarded here.
Good amount of texture and weighty mids, male vocal sounded good, deep, smooth, and round vocals. tiny details on vocals can be heard, like when they breathe.
Female vocal also sounded airy and crisp.
while using vocal tips, it reduced bass a bit and mids felt a bit forwarded. I didn't expect that mids are going to be that good because of their driver configuration, as lower mids are coming from the dynamic driver and upper mids are coming from a single balanced armature.
but they have done it right.

a single balanced armature is handling the higher part of the frequency response. This is their newly developed balanced armature, they named it Phoenix. Trebles are really good. it's not highlighted, well-controlled and mature trebles.
Guitar strings sounded very clean with natural timber.
Enough details and texture. I was skeptical about treble because balanced armature on budget iems sounds metallic. But again, BGVP surprised me, didn't notice any metallic sound.
With vocal tips, I have experienced a bit of sibilance on high volume, but nothing uncomfortable.
for the most part, treble was clean and clear.

Soundstage and Separation:
Soundstage is very impressive. Soundstage is a big positive side for this iem. It has a hall kind of presentation. I'm impressed by the sound stage. Wide.
Separation is on point. left and right separation was really good, also same goes for instrument separation
and placement.

This is a fun-sounding iem. if you are looking for analytical sound with a lot of micro details, you may not be satisfied with the sound.
But if you are a musical person, no matter what genre you listen to, you will enjoy every bit of it.
And also if you are looking for an iem that has great build quality, easy to drive, comfortable to the ears, great sound for the price, what are you waiting for?. just buy it, I don't think DN2 has any flaws in the sound department. It is just too good for the price. DN2 will put a smile on your face.

Tracks used
Metallica - nothing else matters, master of puppets, enter the sandman.
Billie Eilish - lovely
Europe - the final countdown.
Guns and Roses - november rain, sweet child o' mine.
Pink Floyd - comfortably numb.
Linkin Park - lost in the eco, crawling, heavy. castle of glass.
Yao Si Ting - speak softly love
Ameline - midnight in norway
Halsey - without me
Queen - we are the champions, bohemian rhapsody, another one bites the dust, somebody to love
Scorpions - wind of change, still loving you
System of a down - chop suey, toxicity.
Eminem - recovery (full album)
Madona - papa don't preach, into the groove
Lady gaga - million reasons, marry the night, telephone


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