1. B

    Modification Recommendations for Logitech's Z-5500 (shooting for it's maximum potentially)

    Yesterday I picked up1 sets of Logitech's Z-5500. They're used but in excellent condition. I've heard so much hype about these over the years it was finally time to see for myself. I'd like to ask the experts out there what DIY mods I could do to this system to take it to it's maximum...
  2. iamkn

    [SOLD] ThieAudio Legacy 9 (Resin Version) + 4.4mm Balanced Stock Cable

    Condition: - Like new; working perfectly well (Received on 8/4; used ~5hours in total) - 100% authentic - Resin build; 1st batch of production - 2-Pin 0.78mm 4.4mm Balanced stock cable - 1-Year warranty until 28/3/2021 (details will be provided) - Only tried S size ear tips but thoroughly...
  3. dleblanc343

    [SOLD] MINT AKG K1000 Bass Heavy

    Hello ladies, gents and rare headphones collectors. I’ve something special for you! For sale today is something quite unique. A black box “bass heavy” AKG K1000 in fantastic condition. Frankly, I’m confident in saying it’s cleaner than any sold online in recent years. On top of that...
  4. Asahi Templar

    For Sale-Sennheiser Hd630vb Closed headphones

    Up for sale is a Sennheiser Hd630vb Closed headphone. This is a great headphones that sounds remarkably open, easily the most open I have heard. I am the 2nd owner but I have only used it for 2 hours. I actually just bought it from another user on here! The previous owner used it a bit and it...
  5. C

    [WTS] Simphonio Xcited2 $110 US Dollars (brandnew and unopened)

    WTS(Want To Sell) Simphonio Xcited2 Never used, brandnew and unopened You can find out many reviews on the internet Buyer pays the cargo's cost I am in Istanbul, Turkey My price: $150 US Dollars Please DM for all your request and yes to negotiation. Thanks.
  6. Focus Audio Vocal

    Focus Audio Vocal

    Focus Audio Vocal Specifications: ● Sensitivity: 105dB ● Impedance: 16 ohms ● Driver Configuration: 10.2mm high energy magnetic tesla, double cavity dynamic driver ● Frequency Range: 5 Hz- 40 kHz ● Plug Type: 3.5 MM ● Interface: 0.78mm 2-pin ●...
  7. Tweeters

    WTS: Tin T3

  8. iamkn

    (SOLD) URBANFUN YBF-ISS014 IEM [New] [Price Negotiable]

    [Price: 75SG but negotiable] Condition: - New but unsealed to test - Working perfectly well with solid MMCX connectors - IEMs were tested with my own ear tips so stock ear tips (both foam & silicone) untouched - Everything that's in the box is included - Price negotiable & even more so if...
  9. Moondrop Starfield

    Moondrop Starfield

  10. Y

    Wells Audio Headtrip

    Mint condition. 4500 usd or best offer
  11. TooPoorForHiFi


    As the title says, Brand New Sealed & Unopen Tin HiFi T4. Ship from US. For Sale Only. Free Shipping.
  12. petezjunior

    [FS] Barely used Focal Elear for $400

    I am reluctantly selling my Focal Elears for $400. The box, cables and headphones come in the package. I'll throw in an extra pair of cables you can use. These will be shipped via UPS 1 day shipping. Also I am willing to accept trades. You can check out my post on ebay, search *Pristine*...
  13. diegodesouza

    TIN HIFI P1 - Personal Experience

    There has been some hype about these going around ( or maybe it was just me, idk ). I came across Z Reviews on Youtube sometime back and every now and then i go and check his reviews. One of his reviews more precisely this one had me really excited about these, enough so, that I went on...
  14. MoonAudio

    Now Offering Empire Ears Custom and Universal IEMs

    EP Series Empire Ears EP Series features a myriad of new technologies, including synX crossover systems, anti-resonance compound (A.R.C.), proprietary balanced armature drivers, and bespoke Ares II cables by Effect Audio. Most models are available in universal or custom fit versions. Empire...
  15. Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable

    Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable

    Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable Penon HiFI Balanced Adapter Cable for Earbud/IEM/DAP/AMP's Technical Details: 8 shares 19 cores Single crystal copper silver- plated cable Gold-plated Plug Aluminum alloy shell CNC cutting Cable length: about 8-9cm 8 kinds of adapters: 2.5mm Balanced...
  16. humzebra

    Eddie Current Aficionado Excellent RCA NOS and KAR Tubes

    I have an excellent condition Eddie Current Aficionado, no. 19 with red lamp on power supply. It has stock caps, inputs and outputs. It can power efficient speakers as well. The price includes a pair of NOS RCA 2a3 and WE 396A driver with about 80 hrs on all, amp itself has about 100 on it...
  17. MoonAudio

    Sony DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player

    Sony DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player $8,499.99 Reproduce even the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound with the DMP-Z1. Crafted for High-Resolution Audio, better than CD quality, with fidelity that's just as the artist intended. Learn More THE SOUND YOUR MUSIC TRULY DESERVES For the...


    Effect Audio "Origin" is the true entry level audiophile cable. Sporting custom EA designed parts and accessories, the "Origin" infused the soul of Effect Audio's craftsmanship into this piece of cable art. Perfect for budding audiophiles and musicians alike, the "Origin" is not only...
  19. James Shoegazer

    (Price dropped:$230) AKG N40 Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

    Great condition and very little usage. Price: $230 (inclusive of shipping from Singapore, PP fees) A new set cost $399.95 so consider that. Included: 2 pairs of Sony tips M/L, 1 pair of original S earbud, 1 original MMCX cable, 1 original MMCX cable with volume control, sound filters, cleaning...
  20. James Shoegazer

    (Price drop) Questyle QP1R - Dynamic, precise and detailed

    $435 (Incl. PP fee, registered shipping from Singapore, 7-10 days) Sad to let go my favorite DAP with precise, dynamic sound. Price is at a steal considering its favorable comparison with top AK players. It surpasses models below the AK380 with less soundstage than 380 and almost reaching same...
  21. F

    Looking for a New Hi-Fi micro system with CD , DAB+ , FM etc £150 limit.

    Hello Firstly I would like thank everyone here who helped me find my headphones (Audio-Technica ATH-M40x ) My question is I am looking a new Hi-Fi micro system with CD , DAB+ , FM etc. I am looking for a something that can fit on bedside cabinet with speakers etc. I also want to make that...
  22. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Focal Elear - New in box, sealed

    SOLD!! I have no need for these as I have the Utopia. As mentioned in the title, they are unopened. Pictures coming soon. It's just a brown cardboard box that says Elear on it so... Asking $500 including Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS. I will ship outside CONUS but buyer assumes all...
  23. MoonAudio

    NEW Aurender A30 and A100 Caching Music Servers

    Aurender A30 Caching Music Server and CD Ripper $18,000.00 PREORDER NOW A30 combines many of the ACS10’s features with Aurender's highest performance server and D/A converter design yet. It’s also the first Aurender to incorporate a headphone amplifier, making the A30 the best solution for...
  24. MoonAudio

    The Next Generation of Astell&Kern AK T5p

    Astell&Kern AK T5p 2nd Generation Headphones $1,100.00 SHOP NOW AK T5p 2nd Generation is the latest collaboration between Beyerdynamic – the renowned German manufacturer with almost 100 years of headphone-making heritage – and Astell&Kern, market leader in premium portable music players...
  25. AnnoyingNewGuy

    Starter Electostatic Headphones w/ AMP

    Just thought I'd start a thread. What would you guys consider the best starter electrostatic headphones with amp included? I've seen a lot where the headphones are >$1000, but I'd consider starter $1000 and under with amp. Maybe I'm crazy. What are the cheapest good Electrostatic w/ amp combos?