1. C

    Recommend me some budget IEMs

    High, long time lurker here but having trouble finding something that fits the bill. I've been through a few different IEMs in my time, including Kanen KM92 (which were great at their peak and I'd still use them to this day if I could), Panasonic RP-HJE125, Soundmagic E10. More recently I've...
  2. B

    which of these open backs should i go for?

    i want to get a good open back with a very tight budget of $52. it gets confusing when i see a lot of reviews because they're different, and some even oppose another. what i want the most is clear, balanced mids (maybe if they were bit compromised, i'd be okay, so long they aren't muddy), and...
  3. CCA Polaris

    CCA Polaris

    Frequency: 20-40000HZ Impedance: 30-50Ω Sensitivity: 107±3db Plug type: 3.5mm Pin Type: 0.75mm Cable Type: Flat Transparent black cable Cable length: 120±5cm
  4. KZ EDX Pro X

    KZ EDX Pro X

    Impedance: 23±3Ω Plug type: 3.5mm Pin type: 0.78mm Cable type: Flat transparent black cable Cable length: 120±5cm Sensitivity: 108±3dB Frequency: 20-40000Hz
  5. username643827

    portable FLAC player recomendations

    Hello everybody :dt880smile: I am looking for a OFFLINE budget portable FLAC player that has decent amount of storage or microSD slot for expansion. The used market is trash for me so sadly no OG ipods only touches. Any good models of Ipod touches i should lookout for? I will not use...
  6. S

    Wired IEMs that doesn't go around the ear

    I am looking for good wired earbuds under $50. I don't prefer the ones where the wire goes over the ears (like most IEMs) as they always seems to tangle with my glasses. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  7. artkingjw

    Seeking Budget Computer Speakers - Aus

    Hi all, I'm after some computer speakers that are cheap, think < AU$100 (< US$ 67). Located in Australia. What's a good non-Logitech option these days? Or is Logitech really the best option in my specific case? Better to spend as little as possible? I'm moving into a small room, but with a...
  8. TRN CS4

    TRN CS4

    10mm dual magnet dynamic driver, Silicon crystal composite bio-cellulose diaphragm, Imported polycarbonate housing, Upgradeable cable.
  9. SMSL PS100 Multifunctional DAC

    SMSL PS100 Multifunctional DAC

    From the manufacturer: The PS100 is a versatile and compact audio decoder converter with HDMI ARC, optical, coaxial, and USB inputs, making it suitable for various audio setups. Whether you want to connect it to your TV, computer, or smartphone, the PS100 promises to deliver enhanced sound...
  10. KZ ZAT

    KZ ZAT

    KZ ZAT Pinnacle Benchmark of Hybrid Earphones 4-level tuning switch 16 tuning styles 8 customized balanced armature driver Dynamic driver with quad-layer voice coil 3D printed acoustics cavity Personalized design aesthetics 1- 8mm Superlinear Low-Frequency Dynamic Driver 2- 30019 *2 Mid to...
  11. Simgot EM6-L

    Simgot EM6-L

  12. R

    Sundara or Timeless

    I am torn between purchasing a hifiman sundara or a 7Hz timeless. I know its like comparing apples and oranges but I am mainly interested in raw technical ability and resolution between them. I currently own a Hifiman he400se running on a Topping L30 II amp and a Ibasso Dc03 pro dac. I am open...
  13. Tripowin Piccolo

    Tripowin Piccolo

    Tripowin Piccolo Driver Config: 11 mm Dual-Cavity LCP Dynamic Driver Earphones Sensitivity: 110dB±3dB Impedance: 32 Ω±10% Cable: 0.78mm 2-pin, 3.5mm
  14. QKZ CK5

    QKZ CK5

    An entry level IEM from QKZ (Technical Specification) 1. Material: PC+ABS 2. Weight: 15g 3. Speaker: 9.2 mm NdFeB speaker 4. Speaker Power: Rated input power: 3mW, Maximum input power: 5mW 5. Impedance: 16Ω±15% 6. Speaker Sensitivity: 96
  15. S

    Hifiman Sundara Setup on a Budget

    I have became interested in audio about 2 years ago, the same time i became interested in music. I bought some kz earbuds so I could enjoy my music without disturbing anyone. after that i purchased the sennhesier HD58X and a Fiio BTR5 DAC/AMP. Christmas of last year I got the Sundaras as a gift...
  16. samandhi

    TRI Star River Impressions

    I didn't see a thread yet for these and have only seen these mentioned on the Discovery Thread, so I thought I would start a thread here for people to give their impressions on these. I have a set incoming (should be here between Feb 16 through the 22).... My Hermano @FranQL has me a bit excited...
  17. J

    Replacement for my SE215s

    Howdy everyone, first post here. Finally, after six and a half years, my Shure SE215s have kicked the bucket. Now, I'm looking for a replacement in the $100-$150 range - I listen to a wide enough range of genres that I would like a fairly versatile IEM, which I will be running off of my iPhone...
  18. QoA Gimlet

    QoA Gimlet

    Driver: 1 x DD (LCP Diaphgram) Sensitivity: 108 dB Impedance: 32 Ohm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Cable: 1,2m 4N 4-Core OFC Silver Plated Cable with 0.78mm PINs. No microphone. Connector type: Straight gold plated 3,5mm jack connector
  19. Saadat01

    Kbear Dumpling or Moondrop Quarks?

    I want to buy an iem for the first time. I'll mostly watch anime so the voices needs to be clear and not hurt my ears. So which one will be better for me? Moondrop Quarks or Kbear Dumpling? I can't go above this budget so please don't suggest anything more expensive.... Thanks!
  20. Sound N00b

    Are there budget ciem's? ($300 max)

    I guess I have weird ear canals or something, I think the problem are my ear canals are very oval shaped. I have tried numerous ear tips for iems and the only ones which truly fit are foam tips. Foam tips wear out pretty quickly and also become uncomfortable for me due to the pressure they tend...
  21. wmischke

    Budget pairings with NW-ZX507

    I am looking for recommendations for solid pairings to go with my Sony NW-ZX507. Preferably <$200. IEM/over-ear (open or closed) - doesn't matter. Current arsenal is: Sennheiser HD 599 Sennhesier HD 569 Etymotic ER4SR Kinera Idun Hidizs MS2 KZ ZAX KZ ZEX Pro CCA CRA+ Have previously owned...
  22. Blon Fat Girl

    Blon Fat Girl

    A set of budget single Dynamic Driver IEMs with non-detachable cable by Blon.
  23. Z

    Sub $150 IEMs for regular listening

    Hello, I am looking for an adequate pair of IEMs for myself. I currently own mostly bluetooth stuff like Senn HD4.40 or Technics EAH-AZ70W. I thought of Etymotics ER2SE but got discouraged by the lack of bass and comfort. I saw Moondrop Aria getting a ton of praise so I got interested in them...
  24. S

    Newbie introduction and needing DAP suggestions

    Hey everyone, i'm totally new to this hobby and want to start getting into DAPs and pairing them with decent IEMs. I have a budget of about 2000€ (for DAP + IEM) and really wanna invest into something portable, since i do travel a lot. Overview of DAPs i looked at: First off the IBasso DX240...
  25. H

    SoundMAGIC ES30 experience?

    Hi! In search for a new bass-focused budget IEM, the Soundmagic ES30 caught my attention for just 12€, but searching for reviews lead me nowhere, but reviews of the different E30. Does anyone have/had the ES30? How do they sound for the price?