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The discovery thread!

  1. rulerofrecords
    no worries. did not find them on aliexpress. Penon Audio and Amazon Japan have them listed at about 300 USD. The search continues ...
  2. courierdriver
    That's exactly what I want. I skip by almost everything that doesn't have a balanced output.
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  3. courierdriver
    Ok, thanks. Sorry, I got lost because both these items are being hyped at the same time, and on the same thread. I think I'm gonna pull the plug on the 9038s next week.
  4. Coyro

    All hail the M&M (math & measurements): doing a +90% micropore mod on NX7 cut my audible range from over 20K to 18.5K and now the shrills are staying only where they intentionally supposed to be.
    The only question is - for what do we have such nifty little twitters if the most prominent result of they're work must be undone? :unamused:
  5. courierdriver
    Only mods I've done is a cable swap and my usual tip swap. Other than that, I love the NX7 as is.
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  6. superuser1
    MiniDSP Ears are known to be unreliable when it comes to the highs? Is that a correct assumption? Many have told me that so just checking with you. Thanks
  7. Wiljen
    Most tools within the hobbyists price range are less than good above about 10kHz. That is one reason I picked up the Clio is to improve on that
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  8. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    Holy rambola!! My NX7 have arrived in San Fran! That means they should be here by Wednesday! That's the fastest anything has ever arrived from China Post. Usually it's a solid two weeks. I'm getting stoked to listen to the earphone of the year, as deemed by Ds and courier!
  9. Coyro
    As we've discovered previously - I have the bat's ears. :bat:
    I totally adore the possibility to actually hear or at least feel something from the long promised range "up to 20K", "up to 30K" or even "up to OMFG 40K" - it's the new experience, absolutely. But the reality is a tough mistress and the records that are meant to be played for most folk will not necessarily benefit from such quantity of an excessive treble.

    I'm not dishearted at all: lets this iems are not for my ears ootb but they have an interesting sig and make me to wonder about the difference in what the ear perceive and the brain hear. I think I'm still gonna tinker with them a bit more, reducing the micropore coverage up to 70-80 percent an doing a bit more of tip/track/source rolling. Not to make a $65 Solaris but out of sheer amusement. Maybe I'll accidentally hit the sweet spot and assemble something universal enough, who knows. If not - I got my reference exemplar of an audible 20K+ treble. :)
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  10. FastAndClean
    calm down batman
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  11. castleofargh Contributor
    if you're into those stuff, I suggest you look for gears with massive IMD. that way out of hearing range signals will create distortions that could land in the audible range and still be fairly loud. or maybe just slow down the music playback so that 30kHz becomes maybe 15kHz ^_^. anyway it's never going to sound like actual 30kHz but it will sound like something.

    this paper on noise explores a pretty large range of subjects, including a good deal of what's typically accepted as knowledge about ultrasounds and humans:
    the most simple explanations for your experience would probably be:
    - you're hearing distortions, not actually those ultrasounds themselves.
    - you're getting some serious amount of bone conduction.
    - you're listening at levels that are bad for you.
    - you're a mutant and should ask Marvel to get you as an Avenger(they used "my super power is to show my butt in latex" girl, and robin hood in the movies. they surely can make room for batears ^_^) I totally support your application.
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  12. courierdriver
    So, has anyone got some impressions on this unit? I'm curious and would like to buy, but I'm concerned about how much it would drain the battery of my smartphone.
  13. Coyro
    It surely can be. And reminds me of

    The child is born and is taught that this is "the note A of the first octave" and tuned for 440Hz, that is "a red color" with 440THz wave frequency, this soup is not salted because of NaCl absence and so on. That returns us to the question of what we actually feel and how this subjective experience can be compared and evaluated.

    PS: on the other hand - I usually can't hear the difference between the cables. Except the one of them clearly don't comply. :upside_down:
  14. superuser1
    Also a dash of mj in that mix will make the experience more psychedelic :D
  15. peter123
    Are you talking about the 9038S?
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