1. leonecro

    Best neutral iem under 150 dollars for 2015?

    What are the best neutral iems under 150 dolallars for 2015?  I was thinking about a mk5 and a mc5 instead of an hf5 because they will be two in case one if the cable breaks. If your recommendation is above or close to 100 dollars please recommend me a detachable cable model. Thank you.
  2. jdhud024

    Is this a good set up?

    I am building my own set up for my room, using a jvc rx series main amp, (free, dont judge ) proton al 1000II i believe for my sub amp, (not at home, my internet is being fixed), klipsch sub 10 without original amp, two aiwa front surround speakers, (no model number, all i know os they have a 5...
  3. noktekniq

    Recommendations other than x10?

    Anything else comparable to the x10?  I'm hearing that these are the smallest earbuds for people with small ears. But, seems like most people say the quality of cable sucks.  My ultimate goal is to find something like the x10 (in terms of nozzle size and fitment for small ears) with cables...
  4. O

    Looking for Clarity

    i  want an iem under 150. i do no really care for the sound signature of the headphones since i like to manipulate the sound with an equalizer anyways. what iem has the best clarity under $150? ive had a re-400 and i liked it a lot but it broke. im looking at the vsonic vc1000. would this be good?
  5. soltenebrum

    I'm in Japan and don't know what to do! (next stop PRC)

    Hi there folks. I've got a pretty hefty IEM shopping list and I was hoping that you could help me trim it a bit. (I started reading reviews, impressions, etc. around 4 months in advance and I wasn't able to decide yet T.T) Prime source is a 5th Gen iPod Touch.   From Japan Zero Audio ZH-BX700...
  6. Almazbek

    Vsonic vc1000, EPH-100 or XBA-3/XBA-30.

    Hello everyone. I decided to buy new headphones instead my old monsters pro gold. The bass is too much for me. I like the treble, that havent got the monsters and don't wont bassy headphones. I prefer rock, classic, EDM and some melodic dubstep. I'm listening music from iphone. And which source...
  7. janoslc

    some help ! IEM for CLIP ZIP, ROCK

    Hi,    need some help choosing new headphones,    wich is better with rock ( Oasis, Jet, Red hot, Pearl Jam, The strokes, The killers, U2, foo fighters..)   fischer audio dba 02 mkii  vsonic gr01 vsonic vc1000 astell kern akr01   i hear the brainwavz b2 and i feel it so brilliant...
  8. Ringmaster

    VSonic VC1000 vs. Etymotic Research ER-4S vs. Brainwavz B2

    I'm looking at these three IEMs:    VSonic VC1000 - $124 Brainwavz B2 - $129 Etymotic Research ER-4S - $222   Out of the three, which is the best one? They all seem to be relatively head-to-head performance wise, but the price and build quality are the differing factors. I've been through...
  9. 5678

    what's the next step up from my VC1000's?

    Working my way up through the IEM world. What's the next step up from my VC1000's? Would like to stay under $200, but would be willing to go up to $250 if the $50 extra makes a discernible difference.
  10. sameatschildren

    Good IEMS or maybe portable closed headphones, around 150$ish, for various types of rock? Debating between Vsonic VC1000 or GR07 but would seriously welcome other suggestions (I'm a noob)

    Looking for IEMs, thinking Vsonic GR07 or VC1000 or whatever you can suggest if you think something else would suit me better. I'm worried that the Gr07 may sound too plain/boring for me but that the VC1000 may be too 'fun'. Or maybe the GR07 bass version is too fun. I don't know. I'm not...
  11. dark energy

    Comparison: VC1000 vs TDK IE800 vs GR01 vs RE400 vs BA200 vs R50

    I am interested in getting VC1000 or GR01 (or something similar) and would like some feedback on these models. I own RE400, have auditioned IE800 for a long period, which i like very much. I have also auditioned BA200. Great smooth sound. [Preferred sound signature: neutral, detailed, good...
  12. Dsnuts

    The discovery thread!

    Welcome to the new and improved. Discovery thread.. I have given some thought into what this thread should be about. If anybody that feels they have something to contribute to this thread as in. It is something new for you or the community I welcome any and every impression of anything that is...
  13. PeterCheng

    $100-150 iem for pop, country and r&b

    I cant choose between dynamic drivers and balance armatures. Dynamic drivers have fuller body on the mids and bass where ba have better clarity and highs. Which kind of driver should i choose for these genres? Thanks =]
  14. daniel521

    IEM that is balanced but fun?

    I had purchased the PFE232 because I thought their v-shaped signature would be fun and energetic. I was wrong because their mids were too recessed for me and I wasn't impressed, they definitely weren't fun for me. After returning them, I tried looking for a mid-centric model here at head-fi, but...
  15. putente

    VSONIC VC1000 - new dual BA IEM - Info & expectations thread

    So, here we have a new product from VSONIC, and it features a dual balanced armature (from Knowles, it seems). They were announced a while ago by VSONICs CEO, and they just surfaced at eBay from a chinese seller (as usual with VSONIC products). In a few weeks (2 or 3) we should see them being...
  16. djvkool

    [REVIEW] VSONIC VC1000 Dual Armature IEM - Putting the 'fun' in funtastico

      INTRODUCTION   With all the massive hype around VSONIC's new flagship V7007 (used to be known as GR08), you could be forgiven to not seeing this coming. In fact, if it wasn't for Putente who started the info thread, not many people would have known about this. I took the plunge to be...
  17. Acrox

    Vsonic gr07 vs Vsonic vc1000 Need to decide FASTT

    Very Hard to choose between this two in the Joker multi IEM review the vc1000 get better sound and batter Isolation(the Isolation is very important to me) but it's a new IEM and only some people recommended the opposite from the gr07 Please help decide :cool:
  18. Acrox

    Vsonic vc1000, gr07, x10, brainwavz b2??? the best IEMs for me under 130$

    I have the a161 and I kind of loved them until the left side is dead so I want to get a better earbuds :) I'm listen to classic rock, alternative rock, metal and little pop and rap I want a good Isolation but I want a good bass too not like the hf5 I think about the Vsonic vc1000 it's look...
  19. Akaerna

    EPH-100, VC1000, SE315 or X10?

    Hi there, just for you guys know this is my first post. I am looking for a IEM for bassheads, under 200, and also comfortable to wear while i'm running. I have in mind: Yamaha EPH-100, VSonic VC1000, Shure SE315 and Klipsch Image X10. Which of these are more Bang for the Buck? Also, could you...
  20. garcsa

    Vsonic VC1000: make your own cable chin slider

    Maybe all of you have some chin slider at home - if not , you can stop reading this thread - or if you feel that you need one for your new VC1000, than buy some earphone with it from  far east for $1,- .... PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WITH SHARP BLADE AVOID TO CUTTING YOURSELF OR THE CABLE! And one...
  21. djvkool

    Dunu DN-1000 - Dunu's hybrid IEM - Impressions thread

    OK, I just pulled the plug on this baby, first reason was because somehow I've a good feeling about this, kinda the same feeling I had before I plunged to VSonic VC-1000 (which turned out to be superbly excellent), and the second reason was because I kinda owe it to Rocky, he picked me as one of...
  22. adrockthewalrus

    Replacement for RE-0s?

    My RE-0s broke yesterday. I think it's just the 3.5mm jack that's at fault so I'm going to try swapping it off for another, and failing that re-cabling. They've served me well and i love their sound, but I can't see me using them for my daily commute in future for fear they'll die a proper...
  23. rdhananjaya

    Etymotic HF5 vs Vsonic VC1000 vs RE400 for reliability and isolation

    I'm planing to buy comfortable and reliable IEM and after reading lot about them I found HF5, R-50, VC1000, Re-400, JVC HA-FXD80 to fit my budget and needs. My plans for these IEM are use while using the computer and while commuting and some times for sleeps as well (I need the IEM to isolate...
  24. VSONIC VC1000

    VSONIC VC1000

    VSONIC VC1000 come with Knowles Dual Armature Receiver,Grade sound stage, smooth sound, 100% new in box.Maybe you will like it. Perfect, professional.With it, you can enjoy the beautiful music. Ÿ Transparent, smooth sound. Ÿ Comfortable design. Ÿ Low distortion, high...