Etymotic HF5 vs Vsonic VC1000 vs RE400 for reliability and isolation
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Jun 3, 2013
I'm planing to buy comfortable and reliable IEM and after reading lot about them I found HF5, R-50, VC1000, Re-400, JVC HA-FXD80 to fit my budget and needs.

My plans for these IEM are use while using the computer and while commuting and some times for sleeps as well (I need the IEM to isolate well).

I read that R-50 have a reliability issue with the memory wire and it doesn't seems to isolate well ether.

HA-FXD80 have the isolation issue.

So my choices have narrowed down to HF5, VC1000 and RE400.
How is the reliability compared of these two IEM's.
I found some reliability concerns for the HF5 in amazon review that says that the nozzle broke when tried to change the ear-tips. But I didn't found any other issue with them like one side not working after some time.

But some of the Vsonic models have issue like suddenly stop working.
As the VC1000 is new to the market I didn't found any reviews that says about broken situations. How is the reliability of VC1000.

I read lot good things about HF5's extreme isolation capabilities how is the noise isolation of VC1000 compared with HF5.
I'm looking for a IEM that I need to use at least for one year mostly every day. My maximum budget is about $130 with shipping costs.

I appreciate any other recommendation for a IEM for my needs.
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Did you try Vsonic GR07BE?
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Any new opinion guys?
I'm in a similar situation and it will be really helpful to have some more "up to date" recommendations!
To give you more context I'm currently using...
@HOME+WORK  FLAC > Macbook Pro/Air > Grado 225i (since 2012).
@OUT  MP3 > iPod Classic 6G > Sennheiser CX300 (since 2008).
I'm thinking about upgrading both setup with the following:
FLAC > Macbook Pro > ​
iBasso DX50 as a USB DAC ​
(temporary situation as I plan to invest in a desktop setup in the next few months) ​
 Grado 225i.​
@OUT  FLAC > iBasso DX50 > New IEM (not decided yet).
The question I'm not able to solve by myself is "which IEM should I buy?"...!
I'm in the same budget, ideally under $130 but I would be able to do a small stretch if it really worth it (after all it's an investment). Most of the time I'm listening to Post-Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Indie (let's say Rock and Metal to sum up) but I'm also a big Miles Davis fan. A low-impedance headphone (<32ohm) would be great as I don't plan to carry a portable amp with the DX50. Finally I would say that my Grado 225i totally meets my expectations and I would like to find an IEM that would be in the same vein...
I made some research and my hypothetic top 3 would be:
Etymotic HF5​
- HiFiMan RE-400​
- VSonic VC1000​
I also considered these IEM first:
- Shure E215
- RHA 
- VSonic GR07 Classic​
Any advices are welcome!
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