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Comparison: VC1000 vs TDK IE800 vs GR01 vs RE400 vs BA200 vs R50

  1. dark energy
    I am interested in getting VC1000 or GR01 (or something similar) and would like some feedback on these models.

    I own RE400, have auditioned IE800 for a long period, which i like very much. I have also auditioned BA200. Great smooth sound.

    [Preferred sound signature: neutral, detailed, good high freq extension]

    All other comparison/recommendations in the <200 usd range are welcome.
  2. dark energy
  3. muscular
    Ie800 is 900usd. Nowhere near <200
  4. GForceXIII

    the TDK IE800s do.
  5. jarrett
    BA200 is supposed to be similar in sound signature to the IE800 so I read.
  6. dark energy
    From memory, TDK IE800 had more raw detail. BA200 on the other hand had the best sounding, butter smooth bass(imo perfect sounding for bass leads), great mids as IE800 but maybe more analog'ish sounding. What strikes me with IE800 is brilliant instrumental separation and uber detail in higher mids and high freq.

    I am leaning towards IE800 since these are cheap as hell atm and i would say they are at least BA200 level IEMS. (BA200 is abit more neutral sounding un EQ'ed though)
  7. jasonb
    I've never heard the rest but I love love love my GR01. Neutral, detailed and extended up top, they are for sure. They are also very easy to drive, and will be powered perfectly fine from just an ipod or smartphone. They sounded good from my old iPhone 4, and sound great with my Galaxy S4 as well. My only complaint with them is that they don't have replaceable cables. The build quality is good, but I just wish the cables were replaceable because eventually the cable may fail. At $200 I think an IEM should have this feature. 
  8. bhima
    No R50 on that list? I bet the R-50 has better upper extension than all of the others in your list.
  9. jasonb
    The R50 is tuned very much like the GR01, so I don't think it has any better extension than the GR01. It is cheaper than the GR01 though. The GR01 has the better build quality, better included tip selection, and a right angle headphone jack(which was important to me). 
  10. bhima
    ahhh the right angle plug. I don't notice it being absent  that much on my r50 but on my Philips she I really notice not having it! those Philips can't keep a signal in my pocket when i'm running without an extension cable that has an L plug.
  11. dark energy
    Great value. According to clieos review, they are on the same level overall. GR01 has better midbass, but slightly smoothed out highs.

    R-50 is starting to look like a very good deal(sound wise), i did notice quite a lot of build quality issues with it. That could be a deal breaker for me. ( a friend of mine has spent ~500 usd on IEMs in 2 years and they have broken down. RE262 speaker jammed, AT CK10 cabel came off, in a bad way that you couldn't solder it together. Build quality is a must for me)

    There has also been reported some channel mismatch, so that you hear instruments shifted slightly left/right.

    (R-50 added)
  12. dark energy
    According to H20FIdelity they are releasing R-50 revised model soon with improved build quality.

    Impression on VC1000 from the same user. (other user(s) as well, it looks like overall, considering BQ & SQ VC1000>R-50. Same price point.)

    Don't get me wrong. R-50 still seems to be like a brilliant IEM for the money with its wide imaging and detail. Close call really.

    I hope this topic helps some people make their decision on some of these iems. It looks like i am getting VC1000 or TDK IE800's or both :) I would also look out for the revised R-50.
  13. MoonYeol
    I only have the R-50 of these but I'd say that either you need to be very careful with the music you play through them or you need to get other tips than the stock ones. Or the sibilance will cut through your brain if the singer has very pronounced "S". I do however have Re0 and GR07. None of them are as sibilant as the R-50 (to my ears). The R-50 do make warmer tilted iems sound really warm and coming from a warmer iem makes the R-50 sound a bit thin and splashy. But except for the sibilance, to me, that's like a splash of cold water. The bass is a bit tighter than GR07 and I think it's well textured it's just that it lacks that "organic, living" feeling the GR07 conveys. And I did it. I managed to start talking about GR07 instead. However, the R-50 are terrific, but either get tips that absorb a bit of upper mid/lower treble, EQ them or only feed them high quality songs without any hints of sibilance.
    TLDR; R-50 can be sibilant. CAVE tips and songs.
  14. dark energy
    Thanks for your input
  15. TheBanker
    Have anybody compared TDK BA-200 and IE -800 to Yamaha EPH-100 ? Thanks ..qq

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