Vsonic vc1000, gr07, x10, brainwavz b2??? the best IEMs for me under 130$
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Oct 29, 2013
I have the a161 and I kind of loved them until the left side is dead so I want to get a better earbuds :)

I'm listen to classic rock, alternative rock, metal and little pop and rap I want a good Isolation but I want a good bass too not like the hf5

I think about the Vsonic vc1000 it's look they have a good Isolation and comfort

The second is the gr07 it's a little too expensive but maybe it's worth

Please tell me what you'd recommend and WHY. Thanks!
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I'll bite. I don't have any of the iem's you have listed except the GR07 (I have the MKI original ones). I have however had the HF3 (HF5 w/mic & controls) and it's easy to tell you to stop the debate and get the GR07. You will not regret it. I also have s4i's, RE-272, etc. Just as reference.
I say the GR07 because it's really an audiophile staple. It is unique and SO much better than it's price point. Just my .02 but I just cant see someone not liking them and they don't require you to have anything better than a Zune, Clip, or 5th gen iPod or similar to still sound really, really good and certainly leaps and bounds better than consumer grade. All while having room for MUCH better sources and amping wil only improve th quality. They have bass, but not just that. It's tight, clean, extends well with excellent attack and decay. Pointed treble with a touch of sibilance (MKI at least, never heard the MKII) but clear, un-muddied, well positioned and defined sound. Wonderful with guitars, pianos, bass drums, violins and lots more. Examples of greatness, Flobots, Hoobastank, Daft Punk, 8 Bit Operators, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison, Adele, Nirvana, The Roots, etc. They are really well balanced.
Compared to the ETY's they wont be cold, clinical and they are not analytical but thats not in anyway saying they are soft. I actually went to them right after my HF3's, they were the 4th IEM I bought in 5 months and then..... I didn't buy anything else for a year (you see where this is going). 
Best of luck (that got long quick). Hope it helped.
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Thank for your comment I really think to achieve more money and go for sure with the gr07 but I wanted to hear more about the Vsonic vc1000 they very interesting me.

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