1. VeXun

    Best Galaxy s3 iem's?

    I recently switched from an Iphone 4S to a Galaxy SIII and am loving jellybean, so amazing. Anyway I have a pair of klipsch x10i's and etymotic hf3's unfortunately only the middle button work I really want a good near audiophile quality iem headset for my device. Any suggestions? Sent from...
  2. CyrusCR

    Sony EX1000 Vs Klipsch X10

    Hi Guys i wanna to buy one o this please help me to best choice i listen Pop&Hip Hop
  3. heather j

    Klipsch x10 V. Atrio MG7

    Hello, I am looking for an earphone for my friend. Since I do not know well of earphones, I need your help! My friend listens electronics and dubstep musics, plus sometimes ballads and band musics. Those two were what I was recommended from others.. plz choose one for me which is better choice...
  4. yhmaster

    Shure SE215 vs Klipsch x10

    Hey guys, right now I have a little over $100 to spend on new IEM's. I've looked around online and narrowed down my choice to between the Shure SE215 and Klipsch x10. I'm stuck between these two and they cost about the same, $89 for the x10 vs. $99 for the SE215. I tend to listen mostly to...
  5. tehsprayer

    Shure SE215 or Klipsch X10

    I am looking to buy a set of IEMs that are the best bang for buck that have a nice bass (not muddy and bad). I want comfortable IEMs with the best SQ and isolation for the price of around $150 MAX (to canada).    The SE215 can easily find in Canada for $99.99 CAD and the Klipsch X10 is going...
  6. mosi

    Xonar essence STX with Klipsch Image X-10?

    Did anyone ever try said Xonar essence STX directly with klipsch image X-10 IEM's ? Years ago I've plugged the klipsch into a meier audio amp and they sounded utterly horrible as in extremely muffled, boomy and whatnot out of some mysterious reason. Since the STX also has some kind of beefier...
  7. djbasketball1

    Klipsch image x10 vs Sennheiser ie8

    Which would be your personal take? Specifically for: -Electronic music -Physical work   Thanks in advance,
  8. djbasketball1

    Fischer DBA-02 or Klipsch image x10 (please help!)

    Hello Head fiers,   First of all i am asking because there are very little posts on the Fischer DBA-02. I heard that the DBA-02 are similar to the Westone 3, is that true?   Are the DBA any good, how do they compare to the x10's? Which of the two have more bass?   Thanks...
  9. informalgear

    Klipsch Image X10 Buddha Review

    Almost two years ago, I walked into my local Klipsch dealer and noticed an in-store sale special; Klipsch image X10 $199 (CDN).  I knew that these phones usually commanded well over $300 and given the money back guarantee, I dropped the two hundred bones and headed home.  I had recently passed...
  10. bassophile

    Klipsch Image X10 vs Futuresonics Atrio for BASS?

    Which one has deeper bass, more bass quantity, more texturized bass, more bass detail...etc...   Thanks in advance!!
  11. yipcanjo

    Anyone have the Etymotic Custom Fit + HF5 / ER4 *and* own the Klipsch X10 ???

    I'm trying to figure out if the Etymotic Custom Fit for the HF5 (or ER4) could possibly also fit on the Klipsch X10.    Anyone happen to know, or could test it out for me?
  12. Totally Dubbed

    Klipsch Image X10 - Am I missing something?

    Hey guys - sorry quick question/post:   I'm demoing currently a set of my co-workers X10's to put this...: They are not bass heavy + a little distorted, muddy mids, spikes on the highs (EDIT: OH MY GOD that hurt my ears....listening to Lupe fiasco - the show goes on) and not...
  13. pancakeplease

    Klipsch X10 vs SRH840

    Does anyone know how these compare? Granted they are IEM vs Headphones, I'm curious how the sound quality of a $350 IEM compares to that of a $150 headphone?    I have the SRH840 and ordered the klipsch X10 today and need to keep only one. Just going off of sound quality.    If the x10...
  14. BigPanda

    x10 vs. s4i/s5i/reference s4i

    Long time lurker here. Ok, I realize this may not be a fair comparison but I want to ask and maybe get a few other points of view.   My situation:  Just ordered the x10's yesterday and got a really good deal.  These weren't on my radar but due to the price I jumped; too good to pass up...
  15. oremor12

    Klipsch x10 or UE Triple fi.10?

    Yesterday on Amazon, There was an insane deal on headphones. There was the Klipsch x10 and the Ultimate Ear Triple fi.10 for the exact same price of $95!! I acted quickly and got the Klipsch x10; did i make the right decision?or should i have gotten the Ultimate Ears? Please remember that i...
  16. zm15

    Need USB Audio Guidance for Klipsch X10's

    Here's the scenario:   Using a Mac Pro at work, the cord from the X10's is too short to connect to the headphone jack on the front of the mac.   Bought a cheap $4 15ft headphone extension cable, wow, bad idea, lost a ton of quality.   So I'm looking for a good USB audio interface...
  17. manfrog

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 or Klipsch Image X10...any thoughts?

    Total rookie please be patient haha   I have both of these headphones but have not opened them and am curious which ones people think I should keep. Got both at the exact same price so $$ is not an issue here. I will return one, but don't want to open before that...issues returning...
  18. hien34

    Amazon special - X10 vs. TF10 vs. old-school B&O A8 - for Trance/female vocals

    Long-time lurker and definitely want to give thanks and props to this community as a whole for being a friendly place to learn about high-end audio   As many did, I jumped on the Amazon $94 special for the Klipsch X10s and UE TF10s.  I've always liked dynamic drivers, but wanted to see how...
  19. GigaFi

    Help me understand what I'm hearing - X10 vs TF10

    I'm currently comparing a pair of Klipsch X10 to the TripleFi 10s but I'm not exactly sure how to describe what I'm hearing.   Every note I hear coming from the X10s seem sharper/crisper/thinner/??? while the TF10s sound more full/less detailed/???   For those that have heard them both...
  20. vinnykris

    VSonic GR07 vs Klipsch Image X10 vs Shure SE215

    Title says it all. I am looking for an IEM that is fun to listen to, while staying in the 100-180 price range. Any other suggestions would be helpful. I mostly listen to rap and hip-hop music. 
  21. abhas

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 vs Klipsch Image X10

    I want to upgrade from Bose IE2. I loved its bass and sound quality. Have heard a lot about trifi10 and X10. Which of them should i buy? m getting trifi 10 for 180$.
  22. jc222284

    Anyone with Klipsch Image x10's?

    I have been eyeing these iems for awhile now and I was curious how do they sound? I dont hear to much people talking about these in the threads so I thought I might  make a post. They look absolutely gorgeous.
  23. ericbellet

    Returning X10's, what to get now?!

    So in my previous post I stated that I had disliked and had trouble with my Klipsch Image X10's.  I am returning them to Amazon (in the 30 day window) and getting something else.  Trouble is, I don't know what to get!   Budget is -200.   Let me know what you guys think!   Thanks a...
  24. Hatmann

    Westone UM3X vs Klipsch X5 and X10

    Does anyone have direct experience comparing the comfort of the Westone UM3X with either the Klipsch X5 or the X10?   My X5s were stolen and I'm looking for a replacement.   The X5s were the most comfortable earphones I've tried but Klipsch (unfortunately) has discontinued them.  ...
  25. frogx345

    Ety HF5 or Klipsch X10? (SAME PRICE)

    I was looking on Amazon today and they list the HF5 for $99 ($50 off MSRP), which I am very interested in because of their analytical/neutral sound; I have been looking at getting them for a long time. THEN I saw the X10 on for $85! (and they're regular $300 MSRP or something crazy like that)...