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Fischer DBA-02 or Klipsch image x10 (please help!)

  1. djbasketball1
    Hello Head fiers,
    First of all i am asking because there are very little posts on the Fischer DBA-02.
    I heard that the DBA-02 are similar to the Westone 3, is that true?
    Are the DBA any good, how do they compare to the x10's?
    Which of the two have more bass?
  2. Kezghan
    I hate to be critical but is it that hard to do a little bit of research before posting? I am not sure I have seen anything comparing the W3 with the DBA-02. Cost vs. performance the DBA-02 sound like they would win out vs. the X10.  Try the search function it works very well.  Good luck!

  3. yello131
    I never heard Weston 3 nor X10 myself thus can not comment on that but DBA02 have relatively little bass impact compared to Dynamic-type IEMs such as IE8/IE7, FX700, DDM, RE252/262, Ex1000.
    What kind of music you listen to?
    If you are looking for a bass heavy sound signature, DBA02 are not for you.
  4. djbasketball1

    I listen to techno/trance/progressive music.

    To the other post: it is extremely hard to find much information on the dba-02 as they are rare.

    The westone 3 and the Dba-02 are both dynamic drivers.

  5. sari0n
    The dba-02 has dual balanced armatures, not dynamic drivers.  Westone 3's also have triple balanced armatures, and are not dynamic.
    You could possibly take a look into the brainwavz b2's.  There's some debate, but I'm pretty sure they are the same as the dba-02's with some minor differences.  They should be easier to find and are also $50 cheaper if you preorder them now, although you'll have to wait a month to get them.
    The Westone 3's are much bassier than the dba02's.
    There's a review of the dba02's here if you haven't seen it yet:
  6. djbasketball1

    I must say that I already own the DBA-02 so there for comparing them to the image x10
  7. dfrost
    You're kidding about "very little posts for Fischer DBA-02", right?
    Here's the thread on the DBA-02's that's currently at 265 pages with many reviews among the nearly 4000 posts. DBA's are hard to find to purchase, but quite a few head-fiers have them, so I wouldn't call them "rare".
    Have you read joker's collection of reviews? The W3 (and many other Westone models) are included, but no X10's
  8. buffalowings
    DBA-02's are very different from westone 3's. 
    dba 02: light in bass, quick, punchy,treble focused, prone to sibilance
    westone 3: midbass hump, recessed treble (my view on this is different from many) no sibilance
  9. yello131


    DBA02 are not so rear any more.
    Many dealers around the world carry DBa02 including MusicaAcoustics.com
  10. djbasketball1

    No i am not kidding, is there a comparison between the x10's and the DBA-2's? no
  11. sari0n
  12. djbasketball1
  13. djbasketball1
    anyone else to help out?


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