1. RatFarm

    So if I don't care for these IEMs, which ones would I like?

    So if I don't care for the following IEMs what would you think I would like?   Klipsch X10: Decent sounding but not very transparent. Musical but a bit veiled, lack of details.   Senn IE7: Nice bass but grainy mids, highs. Veiled.    JVC FXZ200: Very transparent and revealing, great...
  2. thevisi0nary

    sennheiser 380 pro is better than dt 770?

    I have the dt 770 but im still looking for others as i feel these are too heavy on the bass, i tried the 380 pro's and wow they seem very balanced. Anyone else share this opinion?
  3. davidhunternyc

    Which IEM's Have the Best Soundstage?

    It almost seems like a contradiction of terms to ask this question but I am wondering nonetheless. It seems far easier for full-sized headphones (especially open headphones) to convey soundstaging (headstage), but IEM's? So which IEM's do you think have the best soundstage and >>>>>why?<<<<<
  4. Polar1

    Do these IE 80's look fake?

    I would be grateful if you guys could share your opinion on whether those Sennheiser headphones seem to be fake or not.    IE 80:$_57.JPG$_57.JPG   IE 7...
  5. Shizdan

    Sennhesier IE7 Upgrade

    I know the IE7 are old. How do they hold up no a days? Should I upgrade. I have been using them for gym use and was wondering if there is a worthwhile upgrade?
  6. zebRAW

    Custom Arts Music Two CIEM Review

    Review Custom Art Music Two   Warning: This is an „amateur“ review. DUE TO LACK OF EXPERIENCE AS WELL AS LACK OF GEAR FOR COMPARISON, TAKE THIS AS AN SUJECTIVE OPINION RATHER THAN AS AN OBJECTIVE TEST. This said I will be trying my best to be as objective as possible in my situation. Please...
  7. JoeDoe

    Modified or Fake Senns?

      I didn't want this to get buried at the bottom of an old thread about fake IE7s.    Do these look fake to anyone else? Or are they actually just upgraded as the ad claims?
  8. h1a8

    Increasing the sound value of iems.

    I hope this doesn’t hurt sales for headphone makers. I just want to help out the community with my findings.   Now many iems owe their sound mostly to how they are tuned and very little to how they are built acoustically. In other words, many iems have been equalized beforehand.  Knowing this...
  9. mjumrani

    IEM < $160 (new or used) || GR07 or IE7 or FXT90 or ??? || For EDM / Progressive & uplifting Trance

    Hey guys I have been going through the forum for the past few weeks now, but I'm still as confused as I was at the beginning. I've been looking for an IEM to replace my X10 for around a price tag of $160 be it like new or brand new. I listen to EDM, Progressing & uplifting Trance and House...
  10. TrantaLocked

    Help: fake/non fake IE7?

    I got my IE7s for $169.99 from adorama through ebay ( is an authorized sennheiser dealer on their list) Everything seems ok when compared to the IE8 pictures here: but I'm not sure if my front...
  11. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU DN-16 VS IE7 (How DN-16 developed) - Part 1

          Hello guys, I'm engineer Andy from DUNU. DN16’s near 10 months development is close to finish. It can’t wait to be published. And I want to share some thoughts with you.       2010 April I have been assigned to develop 8 models of DUNU and required to achieve “SM3” (the sound quality...
  12. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU DN-16 VS IE7 (How DN-16 developed)-Part 2

    Hi guys,   I am DUNU engineer Andy. Here is More information to share with you.   Top-Sound DN16 VS IE7 (Round 2) review event is start!!          DN-16 first review event is coming to the end. I appreciate forum’s friend support and participate very much.        Except...
  13. moomooemu

    recommend me tips for ie7's? I got some comply t400 but they muffle highs too much

    I think the comply t400 are fantastic. they are amazingly comfortable and isolates well but I find that they muffle the highs a little bit too much for my liking. Anything that has the same level of comfort but doesnt muffle highs? Thanks!
  14. GodOfMafeiness

    what's the correct way of wearing/inserting the IE7s?

    Hello head-fi-ers   I purchased a pair of Sennheiser IE7s from a store about 4 months ago and up till now i am still having issues in trying to wear/insert them correctly. Each time i try, i will have to keep adjusting its position in the ear until i get the fit right and that often took...
  15. Devon8822

    Sennheiser IE7 soundstage VS Earsonics SM3 soundstage

    So I will be choosing between these two iems soon i think, but I am wondering about a couple thing. I have heard that the IE7s have a very very good and wide soundstage. However I have heard mixed things about the SM3 soundstage, some reviews say they have no soundstage at all, some say they...
  16. Vlado Yotov

    IE7 at UK online stores

    Hello guys, I have been reading head-fi forums for quite a long time, and really enjoy it :) Recently I've been looking into IEMs (my budget limit being about £130), and decided to buy the Sennheiser IE7. I have seen several threads about fake IE7/8 on the market, so I would like to ask...
  17. Mingneh

    Sennheiser ie8/ie7 or Klipsch image S4

    Hi fellows!   I am *finally* upgrading from my Sennheiser cx300ii. Now i know they are a pair of fairly cheap ear-buds, but it is probably my best choice ever made since i've decided to upgrade from my ibud. That said, i've said up enough to further upgrade my ear-buds. I'm currently looking...
  18. nikp

    Fake Sennheiser IE7?

    Hello, I bought these off an eBay seller who have so far 100% feedback (First time I bought something from an unauthorized dealer from UK). I have huge doubts that this is an original retail packaged IE7. The foam inside is damaged. Seal is taped together.   It came with: -carrying case...
  19. MonkeMajik

    Sennheiser IE7 vs Brainwavz M2

    Hey crew ... new kid on the block here, wondering if anyone can help with some experienced opinions about these 2. I need to get a quality set of puppies before Christmas, as my old Sennheiser CX300 died and I'm tweaking without any phones.   Im keen for a decent upgrade, as the CX300's...
  20. jhelsas

    Sennheiser IE7 @ US$ 100 ?

    Today I've found this:   Can anyone confirm if it's true this price, and of course, if it is a real IE7, and also I would like to ask if...
  21. het66

    Is this fake Sennheiser IE7? please help me.

    I just barely got it today, for $70+$14 for shipping. and realized 2 day after item had shipped that this model have tons of fake ! he shipped from Canada but his name is Chinese for sure, he also has 99.1 positive percent and 2 feedback said his bose MIE2i fake and he claim that "I called Bose...
  22. joshgoldman

    B&W C5 v.s. Shure 215/315 v.s. Sennheiser IE7 v.s. Klipsch X10i

    Hi all,   First post on here! Excuse any nonsense!    Basically looking to buy a new pair of earphones. I'm currently using Klipsch S4i, however, really not satisfied with the sound they give. I don't find the sound to be warm, or particularly impressive in the treble/mid-range. (Maybe...
  23. Blotto80

    From IE7 to??

    I recently bought a pair of IE7s but when they showed up they were fakes. I'm kind of gun shy on trying for another pair with the high amount of counterfeit senns out there. Once I get my money back I'll have about $175 to spend was wondering what kind of comparable units fall into my price...
  24. insanit

    IE7 out-of-warranty replacement

    Hey guys, I recently sent in my Sennheiser IE7 for an out-of-warranty repair and they're sending me an IE60 for free. There are hardly any reviews on the IE60 and certainly none comparing them to the IE7. Is it worth complaining to try to receive the IE80 instead for $200? Or is the IE60 an...
  25. Shizdan

    Ipod Touch 3g + Senn IE7 Cheap Amp

    I'm looking for something I can connect to my Ipod Touch 3G Or Droid X2 for my Senn IE7's while I'm running. I'm looking on the budget cheaper side. I have been looking at Fiio but am unsure. I need more bass and volume level.