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Help me understand what I'm hearing - X10 vs TF10

  1. GigaFi
    I'm currently comparing a pair of Klipsch X10 to the TripleFi 10s but I'm not exactly sure how to describe what I'm hearing.
    Every note I hear coming from the X10s seem sharper/crisper/thinner/??? while the TF10s sound more full/less detailed/???
    For those that have heard them both, what exactly am I hearing and what's the term I'm looking for?
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  2. nipit
    If you don't know what you are hearing how are we supposed to know? [​IMG]
  3. mrAdrian
    I guess he is hearing differences but couldn't find the right terms to describe it
  4. Gilly87
    I don't have the TF10 but I do own the X10 and I would say they are very detailed, they definitely revealed things to me in my music that I wasn't hearing before with my SE215 and MS400. I noticed that low bitrate tracks definitely sounded worse than FLAC and 320kbps mp3s. 
  5. Madgravity34
    I think you would describe it as such (I've only owned the TF10's so I am extrapolating here):
    Have great treble presence
    Less Bass
    Possibly a fuller-mid range presence
    V-shaped EQ
    Full and slightly loose low-end with good high-end clarity but not because of the increased bass the overall sound gives the impression of sounding "fuller"
    I hope this helps at least a little.
  6. Liplip
    Lesser bass on the klipsch x10, soundstage not as wide.
    TF10, tighter bass, forward midrange, more equalize sound.. Or maybe exciting... But fitting not fantastic.
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  7. Gilly87
    Actually the X10 have strong bass, its not unrealistic but it has punch and very nice rumble, very detailed and clear. The treble is detailed but slightly rolled off.

  8. Gilly87
    Forward midrange? I thought it had a V-shaped signature.

  9. tinyman392


    +1...  All I've heard about the TF10s was that it had a V-shaped sig :p 
  10. GigaFi
    Exactly this :)

  11. Audionome
    i have the TF10 and i listened to the X10 for about 20 min
    in my opinion
    comfort aside it's a night and day difference the X10s don't come close to the TF10
    the sound of the X10 compared to TF10
    stage way smaller, chopped highs,  the bass is good but the TF10s is more realistic.
  12. devgru
    IMO the X10s have more sub-bass, and bass quantity in general. The v-shape of the TF10s makes the bass appear more fwd relative to the mids. X10s are also easier to drive,  and the TF10s are not often driven to potential on a phone or DAP. 
  13. Audionome
    you don't need gas to drive a bicycle.=)
  14. FlatNine
    Don't discount the source - a lot of what you hear is dependent on the signature of your source gear. I had the TF-10's and currently have the X10i's. I found the TF10's to have good clarity, but high's that were too forward for me, even shrill at times. OTOH, I find the the X10's to be more mellow, with slightly rolled off highs. I've read a lot of posts saying that the X10's are weak in bass, and I respectfully disagree. They are clear and very present, but never dominant, boomy, or muddy. I listen to classic jazz mostly (50's & 60's) and the acoustic bass sounds fantastic on these phones.
    One thing you may be hearing in the TF-10's is your ears screaming with pain and discomfort. [​IMG]

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