Sony EX1000 Vs Klipsch X10
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Something about the rear end of a cat
Nov 26, 2011
Hi Guys
i wanna to buy one o this
please help me to best choice
i listen Pop&Hip Hop

First off -
Genres are helpful, but stating sound preferences, whatever characteristics you look towards for presenting said genres, signature preferences, would be immensely more helpful. Not to mention any preference/criteria in terms of comfort, isolation, build, etc. 
Something to help out with describing sound - 

First off -
Still not sure of the discrepancies in term of sound preferences, signature (emphasis on these), genre, etc. And on the white thing that will be strangely limiting in terms of choices for such a (not going to trivialize your preferences but) small criteria. 
Genres are helpful but stating sound preferences/sig preferences would be immensely more helpful.
To re-quote an old post of mine - 
Frequency ranges and their relevance towards practical music listening - 

(Interactive version here -
Highs = treble
Lows = Bass
Among other technicalities - would give the glossary another read if you're still confused.

Genres are helpful, but we all like different presentations of our genres. Stating sound preferences would be immensely more helpful in the long run. You can find a nice list of terms in the H-F glossary, but would advise against picking and choosing any term that seems appealing because in the end they might really conflicts with one another.
Describing sound is difficult to get into at first, but it makes giving recommendation a much simpler job. Otherwise you have people throwing out random suggestions for the only things they've heard, without much specification on what you might actually be looking for. A massive medley of choices can be just as confusing despite however helpful it might seem at first.

Specifying in this case would be really helpful, especially as the two choices above are rather disparate in terms of sound signature. 

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