Replacement for RE-0s?
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Aug 13, 2007
My RE-0s broke yesterday. I think it's just the 3.5mm jack that's at fault so I'm going to try swapping it off for another, and failing that re-cabling. They've served me well and i love their sound, but I can't see me using them for my daily commute in future for fear they'll die a proper death.
In the meantime, I'm looking at the RE-400s as a potential replacement as they seem mostly like for like. Is there anything else worth me considering in the same sort of price range (though theoretically up to £200/$300)?
I like the relative neutrality of the RE-0 and the lack of bass emphasis. It's not that I hate base, but for years I've had cheap IEMs and earbuds which have emphasized it far too much. Right now I'm using my old backup shure SE110s and they sound horribly muddy.
They'll be used mostly with an iphone 5 unamped as I hate using the adaptor and stuff to get my fiio e7 working with it, though not ruling out the possibility of using an amp in the future.
I went through the summer gift guide list of IEMs but none stuck out in my ideal budget, those that did seem to be notably more expensive in £ than $.
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My RE-400s have just broken after less than six months, so I would be wary about them. They did sound very nice, smoother and thicker than the RE-0s but still nicely detailed. Hifiman might have made some improvements since the first batch though so check out the long threads on them. I have decided to go for the Fischer DBA02II. I tossed up between those and the V-Sonic GR01/VC1000. I went for the Fischers based on reviews (mostly from the epic Joker thread and the one comparing them to the CK10) and because they look like the most low-profile and shallow fitting which is important to me.
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You might want to consider the HF-5. They sound closer to the RE-0 signature than the RE-400.
I find their build quality very good, and they are easy to drive.
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I'm considering taking the jump to the UE 900s, though the Brainwavz B2 looks tempting. neither appears to really be the same signature, but what I'm reading suggests I'd like them for similar reasons to liking the RE-0, I'm reading up on the HF-5s now.
Might have to see if I can borrow any of these to give them a listen first.
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Try to find Hifiman RE272, you will be quite happy after RE0.
Also Etymotic ER4P will be very good phones after RE0.
Even from iPhone 5, it is ok.

UE900 are not neutral, B2 little bright, but they can suit you (also take a look on Rockit R50, same drivers inside and same sound level), 

Take a look on Vsonic GR07, they are quite well with Apples.

More money = Westone 4, neutral and perfect with Apple devices.

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