isn d02
  1. Dsnuts

    ISN Earphones impression thread. New ISN NEO 3!

    Model: H40 Shell material: resin Configuration: Balanced Armature & Dynamic Hybrid Ergonomic wearing design Dynamic driver : 9.2mm 3 Balanced Armature: Custom 1 BA for middle Frequency + composite 2BA for high frequency Impedance : 22 Ω @1khz Sensitivity : 105 ± 3dB @1khz Frequency response ...
  2. Dsnuts

    The discovery thread!

    Welcome to the new and improved. Discovery thread.. I have given some thought into what this thread should be about. If anybody that feels they have something to contribute to this thread as in. It is something new for you or the community I welcome any and every impression of anything that is...