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The discovery thread!

  1. courierdriver
    I'm not having any problems using it with my phone at all (Samsung S8+) along with my Fiio Q1MK2 dac/amp. I just turn off Wifi and data and no more noise. It's as quiet as any other iem I own.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    Maybe it is an Apple thing.
  3. Dcell7
    I dont think wifi or BT is the cause. It probably is the lightning to 3.5mm dongle that is the culprit because there are no problems at all when i am using the 3.5mm port of my iPad.

    It is not just noise like hiss and a bit of crackle. It really becomes unlistenable. Like thing is gonna explode very soon :)
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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  4. rodel808
    Mines exhibits the same hissing and crackling sound on a few of my cables. Both on single ended or balanced cables. I first noticed it only when used the TRN BT20S Bluetooth adapters but only on the left channel. Then as I started listening to the NX7 on my various sources, I started noticing certain cables consistently had the crackling sound no mater what the source was. So I suspect it's the quality of the cable that's the cause of the issue. Problem is those same cables with the crackling on the NX7 sounds perfectly fine with my many other iems.

    I wrote about this issue on AliExpress and Jim was quick to respond to me and even offered a replacement (great customer service). I choosed not to as I could still enjoy the NX7 with other cable pairings that didn't have the crackling sound. So far the best cable pairing I found with the NX7 is my copper litz cable from Impact Audio (Etsy). To my ears, it tamed the brightness a bit while bringing out more bass. It has since been my daily driver ... which was my beloved Oriolus Reborn. NX7 has less bass quantity but I'm addicted to the details and resolution in the upper registers.
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  5. Dcell7
    Is it hissing and crackling sound on the background or is it on the foreground ? If i use the NX7 with stock cable and an Apple lightning dongle it is a static sound fest. The music is faintly on the background. The static sound with hissing and crackling is on the foreground. Tested it with my iPad again, if i use the 3.5mm port there is no problem but if i use the dongle it is a static fest.

    Just tested the NX7 with my KZ ES4 stock cable and no problems at all. So the culprit is the stock cable of the NX7. Time to order a new cable :ksc75smile:
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  6. rodel808
    On mines the hissing and crackling sound occurs when no music is playing and becomes worst when there is music playing.

    Have you tried your stock nx7 cable with other iems to see if there's still hissing and crackling?
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  7. Dcell7
    Yes, the complete results are :
    • Shanling M0 or M2S + NX7 + NX7 cable -> no problems
    • iPad with 3.5mm port + NX7 + NX7 cable -> no problems
    • iPhone/iPad with lightning dongle + NX7 + NX7 cable -> horrible noise
    • iPhone/iPad with lightning dongle + NX7 + KZ cable -> no problems
    • iPhone/iPad with lightning dongle + KZ ES4 + NX7 cable -> no problems

    So it seems like it really is the combination of the NX7 itself + the stock NX7 cable + lightning dongle. The KZ ES4 with NX7 cable does not have any static noise at all when using it on iPhone/iPad with lightning dongle.
  8. activatorfly
    9 meter roll of Micropore tape arrived this morning.....(99p on eBay.) I already have wide-bore spiral dot tips attached....so bass-boom isn't an issue. Many thanks for this easy mod - seems like the NX7's peak treble transients have at last been tamed :)
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
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  9. Otto Motor
    Apparently, 3M micropore works infinitely better than Johnson & Johnson...
  10. activatorfly
    I was sent Finepore Tape (not 3M)....I'll add a roll of 3M later.
  11. nraymond
    Uh-oh, does this mean there is something called tape rolling too? :wink:
  12. mbwilson111
    ... or unrolling.

    9 meters... wow.
  13. Ziggomatic
    Trying out my own tape mod (Scotch Magic Tape) on my Nicehck EP2. Will report back on changes to the sound, but initial impressions indicate sound stage takes a hit. Also, comfort is reduced.

  14. mbwilson111
    but they look so beautiful that sound and comfort no longer matter.
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  15. Otto Motor
    I like your record player!

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