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The discovery thread!

  1. Dcell7
    There is no problems using it on 3.5mm port iDevices. It was really the idevice, dongle, NX7 stock cable combination which gave me the static noise. It wasn't just noise, it was a real static hiss crackle fest. Using it with a KZ cable it was all fine.
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  2. peter123
    Here we go again, what a rubbish post!

    Pretty much every pair of IEM's gets mixed reviews, I've yet to see a pattern of the likes or dislikes for a item from freebies vs products paid for as long as the reviewer has experience. Your statement about a review being honest just because it's negative is just about the worst kind of argument I see in here, what's the logic in that statement? Many people would also argue that a person who has paid a lot of money for something is biased towards giving it a good review to defend the amount they've spent on it. Your kind of argument pops up here every once in a while (you'll notice once you've spent some more time here) and in my experience is typically from people who's jealous because no one asks them to review something (most of the time they've never bothered to post any reviews of stuff they've bought either, hmm could that be the reason no one asks them...) or they're just malicious (God knows there's enough of those around).

    I personally think that an honest person is a honest person no matter what sound signature they like or if they like or dislike the same stuff as myself. Maybe I'm just old and naive but hey I like it :wink:

    Just for the record: the questions in my post are rethorical so need to answer them.
  3. Otto Motor
    I agree that not every negative review is automatically the rightfully "honest" one and that there is denial of buyer's remorse. Honest is a stretchable term: a reviewer needs competence (experience and analytical and reporting skills) but also attitude. There are enough competent reviewers out there who sugarcoat and overlook flaws to stay on the gravy train for the latest and greatest (also called being "professional"). If somebody cherry picks the pros of a product or describes it almost entirely with generalisms and commonplaces, that can still be considered honest.

    A real reviewer states their reasonings for the reader to be able to read between the lines and make up their own mind. Then it doesn't matter whether the reviewer has a positive or negative informed opinion of a product. In fact, a reviewer does not even have to give his/her personal opinion in a quality review.

    "Honest" in this context is a worn-out term imo. Most "honest" reviews are as honest as the democratic Republic of Congo is democratic. And if you are in doubt whether a reviewer is honest, read a few of their reviews to convince yourself.

    P.S. Honestly, that NX7 showcase has become a monstrous photoalbum literally overnight: a horror of redundancies to scroll through. Less is more - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
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  4. HungryPanda
    I have the LG V30 thinQ and with a NiceHCK 16 core copper cable on my NX7's and things are loud enough on a volume of 23 playing through UUAP. No "static problems"
  5. Otto Motor
    I modded the NX7 to tame the treble...the original upper mids/lower treble had a metallic timbre as I stated. The DT6 has a totally unnatural timbre. Listened almost exclusively to classical music with the NX7 lately...and a symphony sound off with the DT6 [hey, this is a testable statement]. I have not thought about which of the two is better as I have not listened to them side by side.

    The NX7 is a classic example that little in life is black or white: If one cannot handle a strong upper midrange and treble -- and one has no desire to purchase micropore tape -- or thinks equipment should work right ootb (yes, it should), then this person will find the sound unacceptable. If you are a tinkerer, you will be happy with the NX7. There is frequently a thin line between love and hate. That's why I don't like star ratings -- doesn't leave enough options.

    As to the tonality of the NX7: on or off...would be interesting to hear a few more opinions.
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  6. FastAndClean
    you can tame the treble quantity, but the roller coaster FR stays the same, you cant remove the uneven tone that they have with that tape, you are just lowering the treble quantity and that is not the only problem, the tonality is wrong
    but hey, i am just one guy here, other people may like it
    For me even tonality is Etimotic ER4S, compare the graphs of both earphones even with your tape mod to see the difference
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
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  7. ldo77
    I agree whith that, with the stock cable, UAPP ans the volume on 17 :wink:
  8. CactusPete23
    I have an LG-G6 and plugging in the NX7 in "HIFI" mode, I also do not get any hiss or "static problems". (Not "making" it go into High Gain either. Plays nicely on low gain.)
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  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Now I am understanding why there is such a difference in takes on the NX7. I am certain the NX7 is easy enough to drive but has clarity and definition as a foundation for the sound. So if your source is bright to begin with it will not be pleasant. Who was it that said the Sabaj dac sounds bright using it?



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    Source is crucial with the NX7. I loved the NX7 with my Sabaj D5 & ifi iematch, as well as my Shanling m3s. Today I used my brighter Sabaj Da3 at work, and the highs were a bit too piercing for me. Tomorrow I'll see if adding impedance via the iematch might help.

    In all cases I used the Nicehck 16 core silver plated copper balanced cable.

    Guess who was using the Sabaj Da3 as a source for review. Explains a lot. I don't doubt your take on it fast n clean. What was it your using as a source again?

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    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
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  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    I try at least 4 different sources minimum to get a good idea of the base of a sound that is just me. I wish you could hear how good my NX7 sounds out of my Shanling M5s in balanced. Lol. Oh well it is what it is.
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  11. FastAndClean
    i will try it tomorrow with some dragonfly dac laying around somewhere, however that will not resolve the uneven tonality, sure it can sound less bright with different source but the tuning of the earphone will stay the same
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    You got any daps or amps?
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    Was your take strictly on your cheaper sabaj dac? Or did you at least try it out on anything else? Not to put you on the spot but you make it sound like your take on the sound of the NX7 is cardinal rule. I agree with you that the tonality is not even. But that is what makes the NX7 unique IMO. If your gonna do a review on a phone. Spend some money on some quality sources. It will give you a better idea of what your talking about.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
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  14. FastAndClean
    no, i use phone for outside, after i sold my HD800 and HE500 i sold the amps too
    i tried only with that dac
  15. FastAndClean
    the sabaj is not a dap, it is balanced desktop dac with two SABRE9018Q2C chips, one for each channel, it is a very good dac and all my in ears sound great on it
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