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The discovery thread!

  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    I see.
  2. CactusPete23
    The NX7 sounds good through the LG-G6 Quad Dac/HIFI model; And yes it sounds better with Topping NX4 DSD, and also better again with IFI Micro iDSD Black Label.
    - But then again almost all earphones and headphones sound better on those dac/amps... So that is not something specific to the NX7's for me. Currently using with the 80-90 MicroPor Tape Mod. But also liked unmodded NX7 at lower listening volumes from all three devices. Cranking up beyond my normal listening volume, for me, the NX7 gets piercing highs without the 3M tape mod.
    - Cranking up volume about 2X (+10db) above normal listening volume, is something I do when testing out new IEMs. Just to see if they maintain their clarity at higher volumes..

    I also noticed that when listening that I could get better bass if I slightly pressed the NX7's deeper into my ears... I may need to try some tips that extend deeper. Using KZ Starlines, as they seem to work well for me with most IEMS. Will see if I have some double flange type around. It is possible that the pirecing highs might reduce if I can get better seal/bass with different tips. Not sure right now if pressing on the NX7's made a better seal for bass, or if it closed off the end of the KZ Starline tips; as that would reduce highs and make bass seem higher.

    For me the NX7's have potential, and are certainly worth the $65 price.
  3. Otto Motor
    I am pretty sure there is a sound reason why we perceive the tonality differently. Differently tuned specimens, different output impedance, insertion depth/fit, a lemon etc. I mostly used the dragonfly black. I can only report what I hear...and maybe I hear "wrong"... @loomisjohnson how was the timbre of yours?
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  4. activatorfly
    Just switched over from listening via balanced output (Sony NW-ZX300a) to Cayin N3 & NX4 DSD (as DAC) combination - with micropore tape mod. All frequencies are boosted with SE output, I agree that the quantity of bass is increased which results in more piercing treble. I’m using wide bore spiral dots, so it would be useful to have any feedback regarding the effect of using various tips to reduce treble peaks. With the Sony DAP clarity is maintained at maximum volume, whereas with N3/NX4, I’d prefer to limit the volume level to just over halfway, in order to avoid any potential excessive peaks.
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  5. PolloLoco
    Wait, are you talking about the Sabaj Da3? Because I will tell you my NX7 sounds terrible with my Da3 at work, but excellent with my sabaj D5 and my Shanling m3s. I think you're dealing with poor synergy.

    So much that I'm planning on taking my Shanling to work on Monday to use as a dac/amp.
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Out of all my sources I didn't love the pairing of the NX7 on my Pioneer XDP-30r. Sounded kinda boring actually compared to my other sources.
  7. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    Despite the crazy mixed reviews, Jim made me a deal I could not refuse on the NX7. Won't say what, but it made me want to pull the trigger on these. I'm a fan of sparkly extended highs and realistic timbres, since I've had the JVC woodies from the FX750, FX850, and FW01. These provide some of the best timbre and sparkle up top of any earphone on the planet (without it being piercing or sharp with peaks). Now the Senn IE40 and TFZ Kings, and especially the KZ's each have that extension and sparkle, but in each case, can border on sharp, with some sizzle stepping over the line (the T2 Pro pretty much are excessive from start to finish), so I can handle me some top end peaks. My old ears have been sound punched like a young Mike Tyson in his prime against journeyman ears, so I'm not too fearing of the NX7, but I sure hope it's going to synergize well with my audio rigs, and live up to the initial @Dsnuts evaluation. Anyways, I took the plunge, so I'll let you know how it turns out in about 2 weeks?

  8. courierdriver
    Plugged into the 2.5mm balanced out of my Fiio Q1MK2, connected via a short Fiio C6 USB cable to my Samsung S8+...I get no hiss or static either. I make sure to turn off data/Wifi, and listen to my music via my SD card, or downloaded Spotify albums. I haven't had any problems with the NX7 at all.
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  9. courierdriver
    Yup, source makes a big difference. The NX7 definitely likes a warmer source/warmer dac/amp. I love it's smooth and detailed sound, with my Q1MK2 out of balanced. Cables also matter. A good high quality copper cable will also smooth things out. I don't get all these people who post all this negative s**t about an iem, when they haven't even gone through the same processes that they would for any other iem. And why so much emphasis on graphs??!! I don't listen to graphs...I LISTEN TO MUSIC! If a piece of kit sounds good with the music I listen to most, why are graphs even an issue? Frankly, I'm not a graph guy...I simply don't care alot about how stuff measures. In the end, it's all about how good it sounds with the genres of music I listen to. I think too many people discount audio gear because they seen a graph FIRST, before they actually listened to it.
  10. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    Funny. You cannot get the JVC HA-FX40 anywhere. They got completely pulled from the market. Anyone who has a pair is sitting on a rarity now. The description of the highs on the NX7 reminded me of the highs on this tiny carbon nanotube earphone from 5 years past.
  11. courierdriver
    I'm like you...I can take some sharp highs. I don't think you will be disappointed. The bass and the detail combo, sounds incredible to my ears. And yet, I don't find them sharp or fatiguing. I never bothered with the stock cable...just went to a nice/Nicehck copper balanced cable, and I just don't get the complaints about it being too bright sounding. The NX7 is a fine set, and I'm happy to own them. They are a nice and Wayyyy more LESS EXPENSIVE alternative to CA gear...or even Fearless stuff. I paid $86 CDN for mine, and they are total keepers.
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  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    I have my FX40 on my ASUS laptop. Use it just about every day actually. It is the original Carbon nanotube earphone. I cant count how many hours I got on my FX40 but due to the small size and ease of use not to mention good detailed sound with a good bass end. I use it to watch videos or listen to music with on occasion. It was the IT01 way before the IT01 came into existence.

    So a bit on the NiceHCK F3 front. It seems Jim and the crew are realizing that they might need a retune. Looks like enough guys has chimed in on their faults and so back to the drawing board. Seems they might do a revision on them. Possibly a retune and a reintroduction as a newer version. That should be interesting.

    Will let you guys know if they do this. As of now they are considering it.
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  13. peter123
    Unfortunately not all reviewers are as dedicated, personally I'd never trust a reviewer that uses only one source through the whole review. I'm sure someone find this approach to be "honest" as it sure makes it more likely to get a bad result and hence a lower rating :wink:

    As always YMMV.....
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  14. peter123
    Doing some comparisons:
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  15. Carlsan
    At the minimum state what you are using for your impressions/review. Note if you have changed the cables and or eartips from the default.

    Bottom line, some phones just do not do well with some gear while other combos can be outstanding.
    Phones that need a lot of juice to sound good, for one, need sources that can really output.
    Some phones hiss with some sources but sound outstanding with others.

    My Solaris for one, hiss with my Ibasso/amp9 but sound outstanding out of my Sony Sony WM1A's.

    That's just how this hobby works.

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