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The discovery thread!

  1. lgcubana
    As a side benefit, moisture and wax barrier
  2. DBaldock9
    Well, I didn't notice any tube hiss or hum, but the P20 is a hybrid (using tubes for the voltage gain, and op-amps to provide current for the load) - and I only had about 2 days of listening to the NX7 with the P20, before heading out on a two week vacation.
    Currently using the NX7 (with VE Pure Blue (Silver) Balanced cable), on the 2.5mm TRRS output of my Shanling M3s, running as a USB DAC for my Laptop.
  3. Otto Motor
    I tested 3 different lightning-to-3.5-mm-audio adapters with my old iphone 5 and the NX7.

    1. Original Apple adapter ($10): weird noise coming out of the left earpiece...right channel appears to be ok.

    2. "Frankenstein" adapter (Baseus, $3, Gearbest, discontinued): everything working fine until the music stops...which is unrelated to the NX7 "this accessory is not supported by Apple"...&#$$%*%$$#!!!

    3. Scosche strike line adapter (originally $40 or so but now cheap on amazon.com): everything fine.

    ....and the iphone 5 also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack: works also well.

    Conclusion: NX7 and Apple don't like each other.

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
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  4. Mlaihk
    I had noise on my left NX7 piece as well, and Nicehck has a fix. Contact them for a replacement. The replacement I received conpletely fixed the left ear piece noise issue.

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  5. zachmal
    what kind of fix did you get ?

    a replacement unit ? a different cable ?

    suffering from left channel issues in default DAC mode with the LG V30 as well and a 16-core cable (HifiHear) didn't improve the situation but made it significantly worse - with that one it occurs *all* the time and extremely amplified in the left channel and also on the right one.
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  6. Mlaihk
    It was a replacement set. I found that the original NX7 left ear piece had audible noise when connected to 3.5mm ports that supports mic and control. Changing cabled does not fix the issue. Seems that the original NX7 is very sensitive to proper grounding of the port and cable. I also noticed that if I connect the NX7 with cable eqipped with mic control, the noise goes away.

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  7. durwood
    Since your comments don't work you think the DT6 piezo is smoother than the NX7? I think the DT6 strikes a nice balance with giving it just the right amount of airiness. If it wasn't for the fit and odd timbre on some songs I would probably use the DT6 more.

    @loomisjohnson-since you have the ZS10pro and the NX7 has a very similar tuning although with more upper treble due to the piezo, do you think it is too much up there? So far it seems my preference leans towards upper treble that is in line with ~1khz. It seems anything that goes north of that in the upper registers doesn't sit well for me. Not to say it's not possible for me to like something with that much boost or that it has to do with relative levels to 1khz, it just seems that seems to be what I have experienced so far with IEM's. Still sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if NX7 can hang around for while.
  8. Otto Motor
    Comments of the blog do work...I had screwed up, sorry. The DT6 don't hurt my eardrums but don't have a good timbre. The NX7 actually do have a decent tonal accuracy...I have no issues there.

    Thanks a bunch, but my unit is for review purposes and did its job. I only noticed the noise when using the Apple adapter to test @Dcell7 's claim -- which I typically don't use. I had no issues with the iPhone's jack, the FiiO Montblanc, the AudioQuest Dragonfly, the Scosche strike line etc.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
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  9. rodel808
    Hmm, I'm going to see I can also get a replacement. Thank you for reporting this.
  10. FastAndClean
    DT6 is the better earphone, the treble has better quality and is not sharp like in the NX7, the only thing better on NX7 is the bass, it has better controlled bass, Otto comments about NX7 having accurate tone are ridiculous, NX7 has very unnatural tone from the bass up.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
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  11. cqtek
    All right, then. Here's my humble opinion about NX7. In the review you can see the NX7 frequency responses with Ostry tips OS100/OS200/OS300.
    Really, with the OS200, the NX7s get very close to a profile I like better. Technically, even at that time, NX7s are good. But my final grade is not so high, because their profile is not to my liking...

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  12. FastAndClean
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  13. lgcubana
    Thank you for writing an honest review.

    I've followed your many trials, with trying to resolve the NX7's "quirks". Therefore I give your assessment a greater level of credence, more so than the other reviewers who got a free unit; who show a biased towards freebies. e.g. (I paraphrase) narrow sound stage, driver separation, great,... except for the piercing needle/piezo at the top.

    Hopefully Nicehck will show their integrity and fix the crossover issues, sooner than later.
  14. ldo77
    NX7 reveived and after only 50 hours of burning I decided to listen it with my LG V30 and Xduoo X3.
    Effectively high are too strong and low not enough.
    So I decided to listen with my shozy Alien, with PWA 5, and It was much better, on low and high.
    Effectively NX7 need a powerfull DAP and a better cable.
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  15. zachmal
    Can you please play music through the NX7 with the V30 with default DAC and see if you also get the static in the left channel ?

    are you using the default cable ? if different cable, which one ?

    LG Stock ROM ?

    So even the es9218p in HIM (high impedance mode) isn't enough to fully power it up ?

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