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The discovery thread!

  1. courierdriver
    I think that a tube would be great with an iem like this. It could help people who find the treble too much for them. Do you get any tube hiss or hum?
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  2. Otto Motor
    Thanks. Submitted an order for all three. The 100s also do some dental correction according to the product page. Micropore tape appears to do the same as the 300s. Will experiment.
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  3. chinmie
    expect to have beautiful smile after a few months of usage :ksc75smile:
  4. castleofargh Contributor
    do you happen to know the filter's impedance of each reference? google didn't help me on that. I considered the obvious 100 200 and 300 being the values in ohm, but it's not much for a typical acoustic filter.

    in general you'll get what you had(just different in quantity). you can almost always expect reduction in the mid to upper mid range, and also a reduction at resonance freqs(probably what the lost in translation dental, referred to). so long as you don't actually seal the path(not great and usually a high freq killer), you can expect that type of behavior. the unknown at some point is going to be how the drivers feel about having an even smaller acoustic chamber? BA for the most part shouldn't really care, but dynamic drivers might have needed that extra freedom(or not)

    I would suggest to find materials you can put over the entire surface of the nozzle, if only to ensure closer results on both channels without having to check, move a little, check again...
  5. Otto Motor
    My thorough analysis of the NiceHCK NX7. Blog first, Head-Fi soon. This will include modding and its result. Lots of bloody work.

    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
  6. thejoker13
    I recently received the Magaosi DQ4 and am quite impressed with them. It's to early to say alot, but I can say they don't have any glaring flaws and that I'm enjoying them a ton.
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  7. darmanastartes
    Thanks for this, you reminded me that I have similar tips that came with the Yersen FEN-2000 (RIP).

    NX7 Stock, Mesh Tips.jpg

    Green is with stock tip, Red is with the mesh filter tip.
    Coincidentally the stock Snapdragon EQ app has a band centered at 3.6 kHz.
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh yea.. Glad your digging on them..I think they are a gem in deed. I told myself I would start rotating my others more after I wrote my review on them but I haven't been listening to my others.They are all getting a bit jealous at the moment. Not good.
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  9. nraymond
    I have the OS100, 200 and 300, and decided to revisit them with the NX7 because of your post. The OS300 seem to correct too much for my tastes... the OS100, too little. The OS200 seem like they could be just right, but I have an issue with the Ostry tips in general - my ears typically fit medium tips well, and with the Ostry, the mesh is near the end, which makes the end way more rigid than most silicone tips, and it seems to cause me minor discomfort. I can feel that rigidity in my ears, which makes me not want to wear them for long, so I usually don't... but maybe I can adjust? I'll give the OS200 a more extended try on the NX7. Another side-effect for me is what I think is an increase in sub-bass perception because I think the more rigid eartip transmits more sub-bass vibration to my ear, so I feel the sub-bass more (for better or for worse).
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  10. courierdriver
    That just goes to show how good the NX7 is. Before them, I was totally diggin the KZ ZS10 PRO. Still love that set, but NX7 is moving up. So, for my current ranking of the iems I currently own: KPE #1, ZS10 PRO #2, NX7 tied with 10 Pro (will see if more break in changes anything), TFZ No.3 at the bottom. Not giving up yet on the No.3...got a nice silver plated copper 2.5mm balanced cable that I'm gonna put on it. Hope it eliminates some of that darkness and lack of resolution. Anyhow, I've been listening to some Robert Palmer and some Gap Band over the past hour, and these songs from these artists sound killer. I'm having alot of fun right now! Cables and tips make a huge difference tho. I don't get any of the so-called brightness that so many are disliking
    [QUOTE="Dsnuts, post:
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  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    You got some tower of power. Gotta hear that sound separation.
  12. Dcell7
    Tried the NX7 with my iPhone today using the lightning to 3.5mm adapter.

    Lots of interference, crackles and noise :triportsad: sounded like some old skool radio communication transmission kind of stuff.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    I am thinking it has to do with that piezoelectric tweeter picking up signal for some reason. Danny Bai had the same issue. Unfortunately the NX7 is not gonna work on phones so much due to that issue.
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  14. zachmal
    Hi guys,

    can anyone who owns a LG V30(plus), G7, etc. and owns the Nicehck NX7 as well run it with the default (aqstic, wcd934x) DAC, please ?

    There is random static hissing / noise appearing with the default DAC for me (LG V30, H930) - couldn't make out the pattern yet.

    Limited to the left side.

    This occurs with UAPP (USB Audio Player Pro, Poweramp, HibyMusic, etc.)

    It doesn't appear when switching to the es9218p dac.

    That's the same behavior and output like I got with the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, there's a report on XDA for it:


    Something related seems to have been reported on aliexpress in the reviews as well:

    Anyone can please test if you get the same ?

    Any ideas what could cause it ?

    I'm suspecting that it must be something with the phone and internal DAC or is there a possibility that the Xiaomi Piston Pro HD and the NX7 share similarities in some way ?

    It doesn't seem to appear with the DT6 which also use piezo-electric drivers - so it most likely isn't related to the piezo electric tweeter for the NX7 ... BA drivers related ?

    DT6 is run with upgraded 16-core TRN cable, NX7 (still) with stock cable - will try and see if also happens once the 16-core upgraded cable arrives (assuming there will be no change).
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
  15. courierdriver
    Try turning off your Wifi/data and bluetooth settings. It cuts down on the noise considerably. If you use streaming apps like Tidal or Spotify Premium, you can download your music to your app, so you won't have to connect to the internet at all. No hiss or crackling that I can hear. Then again, I use an android phone. But I did experience what you are referring to, and when I turned off all the wireless stuff, and just listened to downloaded music, no more noise problems.

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