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The discovery thread!

  1. cqtek
    I'm reading a lot about NX7 and I see that mods are already being made to adjust their profile to the preferences of each one, trying different sources, using countless tips...All this reminds me when the KZ ZS5 and ZS6 were released...Something similar happened.
    I have yet to publish the review of the NX7, but I must say that their profile does not fit my preferences. That doesn't mean it's bad IEM, but it's a profile I can't hold for long. And I'm not going to try to make any mod, beyond using a few tips. If I want a different profile, I think I have about 20 IEMs, which can satisfy me more.

    I'm sorry for the good Jim, but I must be coherent with my judgment.
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  2. courierdriver
    NX7 was delivered today, and a separate package that contained the 2 new cables I also bought from Jim. One 8 core Nicehck pure copper 2 pin with 2.5 balanced plug, and one 8 core Nicehck silver plated copper with 2.5 balanced plug. I've installed the pure copper one first to try. As for tips, the NX7 is sporting a nice new set of large red Newbee foams. As soon as my Fiio Q1MK2 has finished charging, I'm gonna give these puppies a spin. First song will be Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath. It's what I always use first, when auditioning new gear for the first time. Awesome percussion with a trippy soundstage. Then, the rest of the Paranoid album will follow. I'm stoked!
  3. darmanastartes
    The Blon BL-03 arrived today:
    Blon BL-03.jpg
    A little bassy, but otherwise very polite-sounding. Fit is even more shallow than the Nicehck EP10, double or triple flange tips are a necessity. Driver flex is pretty bad unfortunately.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  4. courierdriver
    So, I've been listening to the NX7 for about an hour, after about 2-3 hours of burn in. I gotta say...I'm happy and impressed so far. I know they have a ways to go, but so far, I can't complain. The detail is very impressive and I don't find them overly bright, as some have said. I did EQ them a bit in the lows/bass, but so far, I love them. I don't find them bright at all. They have a good sound sig to my ears, and are not recessed to me. That's kinda what I was looking for. I have alot of earphones and headphones that are kinda rolled off in the highs and upper mids. These are nice detail monsters. Perfect compliment to everything I already own. I'll keep y'all posted as they break in, but so far I'm diggin them. Better than the TFZ NO.3, IMHO. These are more lively and not dark sounding. My initial impressions are that they have a bit better detail and soundstage than the KZ ZS10 PRO. The KZ has more warmth tho, so it's a tossup at the moment. The more I listen to the NX7 tho, the more I enjoy these.
  5. courierdriver
    More impressions: love the size of these! Fit is great...no desire to take them out after 3+ hours. Bass is improving...more slam and definition. Very nice.
  6. courierdriver
    Listening to Get Lucky by Daft Punk. No probs with the bass. Great details in the upper mids and highs. Really enjoying this set so far. And they aren't even fully broken in. Very happy with this purchase. I was considering a Fearless model (S6rui or S8), but I'm totally satisfied with this set.
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  7. Dsnuts Contributor

    NX7. Took me a while to gather all my thoughts on them but this is what I came up with. It is pretty much a mishmash of impressions I had over the 3 month period of listening to them.

    For guys that went into them. I am gonna say these are different than most cheaper stuff I have heard and that is not a bad thing.
  8. archdawg

    Heck, just when I changed to a single DD diet something like the NX7 has to come along, oh well. Just took delivery of four new IEMs with three more on their way already and will take my time with them and who knows what comes next anyway. These days the next happy freak accident of that sort seems to wait just around the corner.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  9. Otto Motor
    I have yet to read your review in detail but appreciate your dedication and effort: you put your heart in there...mine is coming up fast, too (also with lots of heart...and time used), and in there I recommend the reader once again reading as many informed opinions as possible to get the most complete picture.

    UPDATE: now I read the whole thing. Interesting read and points well taken. My approach will be somewhat different and people can look forward to the diversity offered by us reviewers...see also Loomis' take. In the end, no one will be bored for sure...lots of ideas floating around.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  10. maricn
    Hi @Dsnuts, could you please specify which cable is this exactly?
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    I literally can't as they are banned here on headfi. NiceHCK has the same cable but it is about $10 more expensive.. Cheaper on the other site.
  12. cqtek
    Well, here I tried to make a joke with you, announcing one of my favorite IEMS of this summer. As a Bass-Lover I'm delighted with the power of its low zone, impressive!
    But, as I said, with the NX7 I wasn't going to use mods, I was just going to use some "different" tips.

    This is the real result using Ostry OS300 tips:

    NiceHCK NX7 OS300 vs NiceHCK NX7.png

    You can find the Ostry OS300 here:


    It's the only way you can listen to mids with the NX7.
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  13. jant71
    I have the OS200 in the King III and they do the same. Tame up high but do help the vocals. :)
  14. courierdriver
    Meh...not really a fan of too much makeup and collagen filled lips. Then again, everyone has a different idea of beauty. To each their own.
  15. courierdriver
    I bought 2 types of Nicehck cables: a pure copper one and an SPC version. Both are 2.5mm balanced terminated. At the moment, I'm using the pure copper one...and the NX7 sounds awesome with it. Bass is great, full and defined. Goes down real low, too. Highs aren't a problem for me. Lots of details but not irritating. Also using wide bore Newbee foams. To my ears, this is a killer combo. Once they are fully broken in, I'm gonna do some more cable rolling. Wanna try my ISN C16, 16 core copper (which I use on my Moondrop KPE). Anyway, thanks @Dsnuts for turning us headfiers on to this awesome set of iems. These are definitely keepers for me!
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