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The discovery thread!

  1. Bui Hai Anh
    I find the NX7 works best with the new Sennheiser tips accompanying the IE40 - IE400 - IE500, the ones that have foams already inserted in the nozzles. They tame the treble peak without taking away the extension.
    Also, this monstrous 16-core ISN copper cable really helps.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    Piezo tweeter has its own sound. Which can be a good thing or bad depending on your view of them. Not the most natural of treble but you can't deny that detail in the higher registers. I suppose guys that love them some sparkle to their treble would love the NX7 as it has that. I only wish the treble notes had more roundness to it. Otherwise I have no issue with it. Again very unique sounding. In conjuction of that bass that comes out to play. NX7 has been getting too much ear time over my other earphones.

    On a side note. I was listening to my Andromeda S last night and I was so used to getting that ghostly detail in the higher registers it is like the Andromeda S had something missing from it.
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  3. FastAndClean
    Andromeda is missing that deadly attack on your eardrums with sharp cold weapons
  4. davidcotton
    Hands up, no I haven't but enough reports keep coming through to suggest a peak in the treble, which is something that I'm not sure that I'd like (one of the reasons I've not tried 64 audio higher end stuff in all honesty). That combined with the fact that my right ear seems to reject most iems means there isn't a lot of point in trying. Have been tempted to try fearless as they offer a true custom option (and I do have a set of digital scans of my ears that I could send them), but something holds me back. The irony is back in the day (before age and other circumstances shafted my hearing) I tended toward a treble sound, nowadays I prefer something a little smoother for longer listening periods.
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  5. slowpickr
    Have never heard the Andromeda but I like the new avatar :thumbsup::wink:
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  6. FastAndClean
    Olivia Culpo, she is stunning
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  7. slowpickr
  8. activatorfly
    It is subjective...but prior to this set I was relatively averse to iem’s and also overley bright earbuds. Thus on paper or graph!! - it should have been the same with NX7’s. Conversely, after 7 days of burn-in - I’m not really aware of wearing them. Usually I experienced irritation, queasiness & fatigue, however these feel very organic to me.
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  9. PolloLoco
    Source is crucial with the NX7. I loved the NX7 with my Sabaj D5 & ifi iematch, as well as my Shanling m3s. Today I used my brighter Sabaj Da3 at work, and the highs were a bit too piercing for me. Tomorrow I'll see if adding impedance via the iematch might help.

    In all cases I used the Nicehck 16 core silver plated copper balanced cable.
  10. DBaldock9
    The NX7 sounds good to me, with my Loxjie P20 Tube Hybrid Amp, connected as either Balanced or Single-Ended.
  11. Otto Motor
    Schamoni, I forgot about my own blog post on micropore modding: https://www.audioreviews.org/how-to-remove-treble-peaks/

    Taping 80-90% of the nozzle off with micropore tape will remove the 13 kHz peak but likely not alter the 2-4 kHz area. Will try tomorrow...that's where measurbating is useful: to record "before" and "after" and to make sure the channels remain balanced.

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
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  12. Otto Motor
    Otto Motor's Dollarstore Audiophilia

    I mentioned it before: I want bang for my buck. And I also mentioned co-blogger Biodegraded being a "Dollarstore Audiophile". This weekend, I checked a "Dollarama" myself, and left with amazingly useless treasures.


    1. The Quirky ($1 CAD): a totally redundant device to roll up earbuds/earphones.

    IMG_0643.jpeg IMG_0645 copy.jpeg

    2. Scosche ClipITs ($1.25 CAD): weird universal sports ear hooks that didn't make the cut either.

    IMG_0643 copy.jpeg IMG_0645.jpeg

    3. Monster iSplitter ($4 CAD): 3.5 mm audio adapter for sharing movies/music with your partner; adjust the volume for each user separately. A non-seller from 2011.

    IMG_0638.jpeg IMG_0640.jpeg

    4. Ultrabright earphone storage pouch ($2.50 CAD): finally I will find my earphones in my backpack. Hey, something useful at last.

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
  13. Otto Motor
    Why did you attach chains to the earpieces?
  14. Otto Motor
    Balancing the NiceHCK NX7's Tonality with Micropore Tape

    That's what it looks like:


    That's how the resulting sound differences can be quantified:

    NiceHCK NX7 micropore mod.jpg

    What a surprise: the micropore does not primarily tame that 13 kHz peak but also and more so the upper midrange and lower treble. In previous endeavours, nothing above 5 kHz had been affected by the micropore.

    The perceived sound differences are stunning and will be described in detail in my forthcoming review. But much of that bright overpixelation (and therefore most of the fatiguing element) is gone...which brings out the true detail resolution for my ears...and it thickens the vocals department somewhat...hurrah! The only downside is that the bass goes towards boomy...one needs wide-bore tips for this modified version.

    Now I am really happy with the NX7.

    Last but not least, it is to note that the micropore made an infinitely bigger sonic difference than a cable change or the 50 hr break-in/burn-in...at a cost of next to zero (a 3 m roll was about $2).

    P.S. There are lots of earphone tuning/easy-modding wizards out there and I compiled the spread-out wisdom -- referenced to the sources -- handily under one "roof" for your ease of use: https://www.audioreviews.org/modding/

    P.P.S. This is a great example of the usefulness of measurements (independent of coupler, even). Showing the differences graphically leaves no doubt on the effect of the micropore taping. What measuring of course can't tell us is inhowfar the sound quality has changed...but one can have an educated guess nevertheless :wink:.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  15. cqtek
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