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Headphones that play great WITHOUT expensive audio system

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by artmindes, Sep 11, 2012.
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  1. Artmindes
    Please recommend me full-sized headphones that can play great WITHOUT expensive amplifier, DAC/source.
    The headphones themselves can be expensive. I just want to keep my system very simple and convenient, even at a cost of not getting the optimum performance.
    Thank you!
  2. namaiki
    What kind of sound are you looking for and what is your budget? Are you looking for open or closed headphones?
    For a start, I'd say that my Beyer DT250-250s are not picky and have a pretty good all round sound.
  3. korzena
    Or what kind of music are you listening to?
  4. Artmindes
    My budget is up to around $2000.
    I am looking for a headphone that goes great with progressive rock, female and male vocals and light and heavy electronic music.
  5. namaiki
    If you're going to spend so much, are you sure that you don't want to get a decent USB DAC/amp combo? You could get something simple like a DACport and that could greatly improve sound depending on what you currently have that you would plug your headphones info.
  6. zuk0v
    As much as I hate it when people come into a thread and suggest the exact opposite of what the OP wants, I'm doing it anyway
    I strongly recommend getting a decent* AMP, DAC, and headphones, and with your budget, that won't be challenging at all. Your budget is 3x what mine was and I'm in love with my SQ
    (hd650, fiio e7/e9)
    unfortunately, I am not well-versed (yet), so I cannot recommend an exact audio chain for you
  7. alpha10
    Is that budget for the headphones alone or the entire stereo ?

  8. GREQ
    I agree with zuk0v, but find your headphone first, then build around it.
    I would say anything with a low ohmage/resistance is what you're looking for, and orthodynamics are out of the question without decent amplification... In fact, most decent headphones are out without decent amplification. 
    Your best bet is probably a Grado, as they're all 32ohm sets.
  9. Artmindes
    $2000 is my total budget.
    I would like to use the headphones with my ipod/laptop as a source and optionally through my mid-fi integrated amplifier.
    If it doesn't make sense to pay $2000 for headphones that will be connected to ipod/laptop/headphone-out of integrated amp, than please recommend me headphones that are cheaper, but that will give me good sound for the kinds of music I listen to (progressive rock, vocals and electronica).
  10. Artmindes
    Thank you for the Grado recommendation. I have auditioned PS1000 and liked the sound very much, however I think I am not able to accept their build quality and their comfort is also an issue for me (too heavy, falling from my head, unable to listen while lying on bed). 
  11. alpha10
    You say very little about what kind of headphones you would like, but I suggest you try the new Denon AH-D600, I think they sound great even unamped and are very comfortable.

  12. shkorc
    I find IEMs most comfortable when listening to music on bed, fwiw. The low resistance of IEMs also means less need for an aditional amp, perhaps you should consider them beside full-size headphones.
  13. Artmindes
    Thanks! Generally I am not a big fan of Denon headphones. I used to have D2000 and also auditioned D5000 and D7000. They are very nice sounding headphones, but not aggresive enough and have too much bass for me. Unless the new series of Denon headphones has different characteristics, I would rather look for other brands.
  14. nieveulv
    - ultrasone edition 8
    - demon d7000
    - beyer t5p
    and a dacport if you want better sound
    Based on the research from various threads :D 
  15. Artmindes
    I already have a pair of IEMs - Westone 3 which I really like. Now I would like to get full-size and open headphones that will give me more open and deeper sound.
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