1. E

    HELP | 3.5mm Jack Fix | Dt250

    Hello Guys! I have a problem, I have some Dt250 headphones and unfortunately the 3.5mm jack just broke... I know the cable is changeable but I don't really want to spend a 60$ on a cable, I will maybe if there are no solutions but we'll see. I was wondering if you guys have any solutions for...
  2. appar111

    K501, DT150, K271S, HD280 or DT250-250?

    After reading Fewtch's comments about how the Go-Vibe could drive the K501's adequately, and the K501's being so cheap nowadays, I thought I would possibly pick up a pair of them, or one of the following: AKG K501 - $129 Beyer DT150 - $163 AKG K271S - $160(?) Senn HD280 - $75 ($95 if I get...
  3. JSchwage

    DT250 pads on HD 280 Pro

    Hey all,   Just picked up some HD 280 Pros from another member and I'm really enjoying these for my set of closed cans. Only issue I have with them is they get somewhat uncomfortable after a couple hours. They come with pleather pads and I've grown accustomed to the velour pads on my HD...
  4. unclematerial

    Headphones for - a-hem - mature acoustic/semi-acoustic music?

    I hope this is an okay question, being almost kind of personal but that would hopefully invoke some of the good people here's knowledge and experience. I could seek out places to listen and will, but some thoughts to chew on first would be good.   These are the headphones I've got and a...
  5. ThinkAwesome

    So many headphones use the similar pads...

    I've been noticing that a large number of headphones have interchangeable pads. A staggering number of headphones are compatible with these Beyerdynamic velour pads. The DT250 and DT280 that they were originally designed for, the Sony MDR-V6/7506, CD700, ATH-M30/M35, M50, and Monoprice 8323 to...
  6. Dusty Chalk

    Tower listening stations headphones?

    Does anyone (presumably someone who worked there) remember what kind of headphones Tower had at their listening stations? I tried searching, but most of the results for "listening station" ended up being about music, not the headphones (as it should be!).
  7. megaMANX6

    Replacement Earpads suitable for Denon AH-D1100

    Hi   Im looking for replacement earpad suitable for Denon AH-D1100 as i feel that the original ear pad is a sweat generating pad when im using the can outside.   Can someone recommend me other ear pad that could be use on 1100
  8. Scot1970

    On-the-go headphones for classical lover?

    Hi there,   My Shure SE530s are no more and so I'm thinking of a change of direction. I'm considering over the ear headphones for my next pair of travel out-and-about cans. I listen to a lot of symphonies so I prefer a neutral and organic, tending to warm, signature that has a wide and open...
  9. HelloMelly

    Should I get DT-770, DT-250, or Custom One Pro?

    I'm shopping for a new pair of headphones, primarily for dance music, and I think I've narrowed my choices down to these three. I'm curious to see which people would recommend I go with, they all seem similarly-priced and competitive with one another.    The DT-770 seem to win out on bass...
  10. rsaavedra

    Headphone identification challenge!!! ("Let it go" and 20+Headphones)

    OK guys, here's something I immediately thought of when watching this video: whether we can collectively identify absolutely all headphones appearing in this video. There are 25 languages, but not 25 headphones. Some appear more than once, and Spain and Portugal aren't wearing any. Let's see how...
  11. Sandwich

    I'm Crazy! Sennheiser HD205 Beyerdynamic DT250 Mod [PICS!]

    So my HD205s needed new earpads. Can't sell these for more than $10 and  I wasn't about ready to send a letter to Germany to request those crappy pleather earpads of pain. I wanted velour and I wanted to MOD!  I heard a lot of people put DT 250 pads on their MDR-V6s to improve comfort and keep a...
  12. DObleX

    Burson Soloist SL vs Lehmann Rhinelander vs Schiit Lyr vs Yulong A18 for Beyer DT250/250?

    Hi. I've neutral and closed Beyerdynamic DT250/250Ohm. Could you tell, what of these amps will be best for it: Burson Soloist SL vs Lehmann Rhinelander vs Schiit Lyr vs Yulong A18? Result: clear, neutral, detail and smooth sound.
  13. NinjaVsNinka

    Why I chose Shure SHR840, and not AKG 271, Beyer 770, 990, 250; ATH-M50...

    First of all, I’m not well versed in the headphone sound terminology and I haven’t made this kind of written review/run through before, so bare with me. I use my headphones a lot, therefore a decent pair of headphones is a must. I listen to all music genres, and I want to be able to pick up all...
  14. Kdavis71

    Sheepskin pads for ATH-M50?

    I am having the issue of stock pads for my ATH-M50 being quite uncomfortable but I like my sound quality. I read about putting DT250 and the Shure velour pads on my headphones but from reading multiple reviews of all those pads on M50s it seems they all hurt the sound quality which is something...
  15. sidr

    Sony MDR 7506 Or Beyerdynamic DT 250 80 Ohm for small head

    Hi, I've been searching around for some good, full size, headphones for under $200 for months. The Sony MDR 7506 seem to be well praised for their price. My most important concerns are: Really Comfortable (will wear these for several hours at a time) and Over ear I also have a really...
  16. bpandbass

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50s with Beyerdynamic DT250 Earpads.

    With the mediocre ATH-M50 vinyl earpads making my ears sore, I figured it was time to get some Beyer DT250 velour pads.      Here they are from top view. A little linty     They don't protrude too much, and make a good contrast color to the white M50s. Headband is still pretty...
  17. Craigster75

    In a zombie apocalypse, which headphone would you take with you and which would make the most effective weapon?

    The concept of this thread is inspired by The Walking Dead as I just watched last Sunday's premier and am a huge fan.   My one headphone for listening, assuming I had a way to charge my player, would be the Ultrasone Signature DJ- great sound, durable and closed to isolate groans of the undead...
  18. amigomatt

    DT250 vs GMP 8.35D v SoundMAGIC HP100 for music production?

    Hi people,   You can see my list of cans in my signature, but I'm wanting a pair that I can use specifically for music production.  My music making will include using electronic sounds, but I am very keen to have some headphones with accuracy and transparency for recording and...
  19. amigomatt

    DT250 vs GMP 8.35D v SoundMAGIC HP100 for music production?

    Hi people,   You can see my list of cans in my signature, but I'm wanting a pair that I can use specifically for music production.  My music making will include using electronic sounds, but I am very keen to have some headphones with accuracy and transparency for recording and...
  20. KruppaBuddy

    DAC+AMP for Beyerdynamic DT 250 ( 250 Ohms)

    Hello Audiofans, About a month ago I bought a DT250, and unfortunately my DIY AMP didn't pull them up, because I can't remake it, i think about ready-made solutions ( near 250$).   1) Audio-gd NFB 15.32 2) Audio-gd NFB 12.1 3) Maverick Audio D1 Plus 4) O2 + ODAC 5) Fiio E9K + E17...
  21. Rikifi

    Beyerdynamic dt250 80ohm Ok for general listening?

    Looking at getting the beyerdynamic dt250 80 ohm version. Basically I have dt100's 400 ohm but have stuck the on ebay as I can't use email with my TV, my ipod etc. They need amp to drive them basically.. So I want the beyer sound, want to use them mostly for playing music via ipod, samsung...
  22. sancco

    bored of dt-250

    I love my DT-250's, but I'm getting a bit bored of them.  I thought I might try out something a bit more lively.  I've tried Sennheiser and I find their sound like somebody switched on the Rock equaliser.  Quite hollow in the mids.  I've tried ATH-M50 and they sound amazing but on poor...
  23. Tyson

    Anything better than Beyer DT250's for a Senn HD600 lover?

    I have to have closed headphones in my current situation. I love the HD600's, and I own the Beyer DT250's (the 250 ohm version), which I like quite a bit. My question - is there another headphone out there with a similar sonic signature that is even better from an overall quality standpoint...
  24. smuh

    Sony MDR-V6/7506 with Beyerdynamic DT-250 velours pads?

    Hi guys, anybody knows if the Beyerdynamic DT-250 velours pads fit on the Sony MDR-V6?   I can't really stand the leather/pleather pads during summer.   Thanks, Andre
  25. punks15

    beyer dt250/250 vs srh840 amped

    hello just some newbie want to upgrade his rigs this will probably the last closed i'll buy considering my budget... so the title says it all which is better when amped? ( rec me a good amp too for each phones ) Beyer DT250/250 vs Beyer DT250/80 vs Shure srh840? i listen mainly to vocal...