bored of dt-250
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Jun 27, 2011
I love my DT-250's, but I'm getting a bit bored of them.  I thought I might try out something a bit more lively.  I've tried Sennheiser and I find their sound like somebody switched on the Rock equaliser.  Quite hollow in the mids.  I've tried ATH-M50 and they sound amazing but on poor recordings they sound god awful.  Also I imagine they get quite uncomfortable after a while.  I have a big head.  The ATH-AD700's look of interest, but I can't find anywhere in Sydney I could try them out.  Has anyone got any suggestions on places or headphones?
I currently use an ASUS Essence STX and iTunes.  Mostly listen to rock, trance, metal, hip-hop.
Biggest concerning factors are comfort, sound and price.
Also, does anybody else find that switching back and forth from different headphones/speakers really make you overly aware to each device's shortfalls?  I'm sure if I listened to nothing but my DT-250's for a month I wouldn't be so bothered.
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I have the dt-250's they are the most boring headphone in my collection, I quite frankly dislike them, they are not a musical headphone, very very flat and accurate.....but so boring. 
AD900's, check them out mate. they are the complete opposite of the dt-250' a good way. 

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