1. Me x3

    What would you choose?

    If you have to choose between this five headphones considering sound quality, build quality and mainly what they are beyond how they sound. I mean, there are some products that is nice to have, no matter if they are perfect or not. An old mechanic watch for example, it doesn't matter how precise...
  2. JohnnnW

    In Your Experience Does Beyerdynamic Have Good Warranty Service?

    Anyone know the warranty on the Custom One Pros?   After just 50 or so hours and owning them for 2 months they have developed a serious rattle in the right can at any bass level.    They are very lightly used and cared for so this is frustrating.    What do you suggest I do? Does...
  3. blades

    Dual mode open/closed headphones?

    Does anybody make an open headphone with a snap on cover one can use when more isolation is required?
  4. captainslow

    Need a headphone recommendation

    Hello all, first post here.   Have read lots of reviews on Head Fi but can't make up my mind about which pair of headphones to get.    I'm looking for a pair of over-the-ears in the price range between $300 and $800, but they'd have to be pretty amazing for me to consider something close to...

    Any suggestions for comfortable headphones?

    Sooo, I'm planning to get some new headphones. I currently have the Phillips Uptowns( the one with the bad volume slider). These are my first pair and they are getting worn out. I got around a $200 budget and I have already got my eyes on a few. The Beyerdynamic dt770 pro, the custom one, or...
  6. fatmanny1901

    Klipsch M40 or what?

    I am looking for a pair of headphones under $200 and I found the Klipsch Mode M40 for $180. My question is: are they going to be the best in this price range or should I look for something else? It needs to be closed or at least mostly closed. I know lots of people recommend the DT770 or the...
  7. shinerist

    Are Sol Republic Headphones Worth Buying?

    I've recently been looking into replacements for my beats(I know big mistake) and was hoping to find something under 200 dollars. One brand specifically I've looked at and like the look of is Sol Republic, but I have no idea how they sound. Is this a good brand, or am I sticking to much with...
  8. Kodhifi

    My review of the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (in white)

    Disclaimer, I'm a Beyerdynamic fanboy but my review is critical.   I started with the 880 and life was good. I acquired a 990 and found the first headphones Id ever heard that needed 0 EQ to sound optimal. They are still my go to cans. I've heard great things about the Custom One Pro and so...
  9. 09vdubgti

    New Beyerdynamic Custom One pro's, making "blown" like noise.

    Hello everyone,   After going through my 4th set of inexpensive headphones this year. I said enough was enough and decided to spend some extra cash and buy myself a really nice pair of headphones. I ended up with the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's and I like them so far. I would love them if it...
  10. happyhour13

    Beyerdynamic Custom one pro - impedence clarification needed!

    Hey guys, Audiophile noob here. I am on the verge of buying Beyerdynamic's COP given the it almost have everything im looking for. Just a couple of questions that I just can't find a definitive answer to be completely sure about my purchase. Basically, Impedence. Since im new to the...
  11. genzeleam

    Finally asking for help.

    Hey everyone. Been a member for a while, sold a couple of things on here. Been kind of looking at headphones on and off for a few years but now's when I'm really looking to find something I like.   I recently bought myself a pair of AKG K240s and found that I can definitely enjoy them. I...
  12. waxdoctor

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro - most comfortable headphone

    I just started this threat as I think this is one of the most comfortable headphone I've ever had on my skull!   It's just soft, soft, soft...   Do you share? 
  13. BJplusMilo21

    Help me choose between the Sennheiser Momentums, Beyerdynamic custom ones, or Shure SRH 940

    Hello, I'm looking for a new headphones and have tested a tired a lot of them. The ones that I liked were the Sennheiser Momentums, Custum Ones and the Shure SRH940.    The way that you can help me is to give me advice on the things that I could not try, in particular I'm interested in...
  14. Ucronia

    Akg K701 or Beyerdynamic custom one pro?

    Hi everyone, i was searching for a professional opinion about a pair of good on ear headphones and this seems to be the right place. I'm going to buy a pair of headphones for gaming and home cinema, and for my needs, and more over, for my budget i'm interested about some models; Akg K701 was...
  15. rankone

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro related question

    Hey Everyone!    First time poster here, I have been looking around for a good pair headphones for listening to music specifically HipHop RnB and Lounge/Chillout stuff while blocking outside noise while I work. My choices were narrowed down to the AKG K550 and the Beyerdynamic Custom One...
  16. Armaegis

    [ortho transplant] Fostex T50rp drivers into a Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

    They say idle hands are the devil's playthings...     Look what arrived the other day. Feature of note: variable bass vents! This should be interesting.      Why yes, I think I will...   blah blah blah, I didn't actually read any of it   hello my pretty, I will be...
  17. sancco

    bored of dt-250

    I love my DT-250's, but I'm getting a bit bored of them.  I thought I might try out something a bit more lively.  I've tried Sennheiser and I find their sound like somebody switched on the Rock equaliser.  Quite hollow in the mids.  I've tried ATH-M50 and they sound amazing but on poor...
  18. MfiveM

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones- Now In-Stock- Free Overnight Shipping

        The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones are now in-stock and ready for free overnight shipping.   We will have a full video review of the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones in the next couple of days, until then feast your eyes on the beautiful packaging, specifications, and...
  19. Kuloss

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Thread

    :) discuss, and are there any mods out yet?
  20. sintax92

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, Sennheiser HD25-1 II, or Ultrasone PRO 750 - College Student

    Hi guys,   I have been lurking this forum for the past few days in order to gain some insight into headphones. I received the Beats Studio for my birthday, but I recognize that for the price I could do much better. Thus, I've been looking into a different pair over this holiday break...
  21. Kuloss

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros......already broken.

    so i picked them up and stretched them out a bit to put on my head, and when i pulled them onto my head, i heard a crack, and the pivot arms that connect to the drivers broke. You cant physically see the damage, but when you put them on, the left side doesnt clamp anymore. Is there any way to...
  22. MfiveM

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones- Now In-Stock- Free Overnight Shipping

        The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones are now in-stock and ready for free overnight shipping.   We will have a full video review of the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones in the next couple of days, until then feast your eyes on the beautiful packaging, specifications, and...
  23. DrGonzo

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro - What size are the hex screws?

    Hello Head-Fi'ers,   Anyone know what size the hex screws that hold the outer ring on the Beyer COP's?  I just received by COP's that I ordered from B&H Photo today and a couple of the screws seem to have rust on them, which kinda hinders the looks.  The headphones appear to be brand new (at...
  24. 6SenSensai

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Review

    What can I say about Beyerdynamic's Custom One Pros?  A lot.  And I'm currently wearing them listening to music while I type this.  Going on 6 hours now.  These are impressive for the pricetag, and right out of the box they sound is amazing.  They're actually the first headphones I haven't had...
  25. GL1TCH3D

    Beyerdynamic Custom Ones! New Beyer headphones!

    I just found out about the Beyerdynamic Custom Ones. I haven't seen any threads about it yet so I'm posting one now =) The Beyerdynamic Custom Ones seem 100% new and I haven't seen much info about them just yet. The official page says that the C.Os (Custom Ones) use a 16 ohm driver and have an...