1. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  2. zombie medic

    headphone questions/ a900x vs ad900x

    hey everyone im woundering if i should get the brand new ad 900x headphones from japan or if i should just stick with the a900x for xmas. Has anyone had the chance to trie them out yet? 
  3. Tjj226 Angel

    Back wave resonance issue.

    I am building my own headphones based off the ath 900x. I am pretty much done with the whole project, but there are a few loose ends. Right now I just have the drivers in some baffles made out of CDs and hot glue. They do not vibrate all that much. That being said I made the cups out of some...
  4. meyner

    comfort + high quality non IEM headphones???

    hi, i currently have a ESW9 and i like the headphones quite a lot. However, after wearing them for a couple of hours (usually 2:30 hours to three hours) my ears start to ache some what. When i am at home i use the AD900x so its not a problem but there are times where i am walking around campus a...
  5. nuclearboy197

    Audio-Technica AD900x or Sennheiser HD 598?

    Could you help me decide between these two? They are the same price on Amazon and I just can't decide! I will be using them for gaming on Xbox One and all-genre listening. The audio sources will be my phone (HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition) and my Xbox One. I'd like to be able to pinpoint where...
  6. serman005

    Best open cans for $225 US

    Hi, all. Interested in people's feedback on this thread. I listen to rock, country, bluegrass, edm, opera, and jazz--in roughly equivalent doses. I am not a basshead. I have several other cans, but none that fits in this precise niche. I appreciate the assistance very much!
  7. ShinOokami

    Recommendation of DAC/amp for ATH-AD900x

    ok, i just bought the ATH-AD900x and to get most out of these i am going to need a DAC. (still a few days before I receive them   i am considering getting a Portable dac/amp so i can also exploit these cans from my laptop aswell as desktop, and also maybe phone (bit unsure as they are...
  8. C x 2

    DT 990 PRO vs AD900x

    Hi all! I've been looking lurking around different sites doing A LOT of research recently on different headphones and I've hit the point where I'm left with two choices. The DT 990 Pro (on sale at adorama) and the AD900x (~$180 CAD). From what I've read, these two headphones seem to fit the bill...
  9. ShinOokami

    Recommendation of DAC/amp for ATH-AD900x

    ok, i just bought the ATH-AD900x and to get most out of these i am going to need a DAC. (still a few days before I receive them   i am considering getting a Portable dac/amp so i can also exploit these cans from my laptop aswell as desktop, and also maybe phone (bit unsure as they are...
  10. BeAsTMode4MVP

    LCD-3 (and other high end flagships) with Older Recordings/Lo-Fi Recordings

        I wanted to get some opinions on listening to lo-fi recordings, as well as recordings from the 60s and 70s, on headphones of this caliber. The general consensus of the LCD-3s seem to be: transparent, great bass response and impact, elite midrange, good (but not elite) soundstage. This type...
  11. mikek200

    Beyrdynamic DT 880{600ohm} vs AD 900x-differences

    I  would like to know,for those who have both of the above headphones,the major likes,dislikes,of these two headphones. Recently,I bought the DT880,s,and am using them with a Schiit modi/vali setup. The AD900x are coming in ,in about a week. What is your opinions,personnel likes,dislikes,and...
  12. mikek200

    AD-900x,ohm difference??

    Just got the above headphone,unfortunately,I ordered the 38ohm version,instead, of the 600ohm version.  Can you one tell me ,if there is a difference,between the 38ohm,& the 600ohm ,in SQ? I,m not complaining ,,the bass is outstanding,and the comfort level is also excellent.   Volumes levels...
  13. Justinijo

    Looking for open headphones for home using.

    Hello, I am looking for new headphones. I use headphones at home, priority Open headphones. Price for headphones under 500$.
  14. Poet

    Buying Second Pair of Headphones - Advice Sought

    Hello all! I tried posting in different areas and inside the sticky thread but received no advice. So I'm just posting a new thread. These will be the second pair of headphones I've ever bought, never been an audiophile really. First pair were a700's, which are 'alright'.    Most...
  15. Joe Bloggs

    Possible simple bass mod (especially with AT ADxxxx series)

    When I was playing around with my Somic MH463, I noticed that in the pics posted by Boris there were vents around the driver on the side facing the ear: (above and below the driver)   If such vents were not present, the driver should make an airtight seal with the ear (to the extent...
  16. douglatins

    Looking for 200ish usd cans (80% Gaming)

    Usage is 80% Gaming What i looked so far are AD700X AD900X (current pick) Sony MDR-MA900 HD8000 (lol jk) PC360/350 HD598 (used amazon) HD558 KRK KNS 6400 (closed, and i hear open are better for games) I currently have an Roccat Kave Headset, and would like an upgrade of sorts, its...
  17. jbi130

    Recommendation for lightweight, open headphones.

    I'm after some open headphones to I can keep some awareness of whats going on.  I work at home, and the inlaws due to bad health are staying with us for a while.  I need to keep them from hearing the music, yet need to hear some ambient noise to keep an "ear" on things..  I find that over the...
  18. ev13wt

    Design / look of headphones and you

    Inpired by the "Do Grados Look Ugly? Or Do They Look Cool?" thread:   Does the design of headphones influence your buying decisions?       I am affected by the design. If they look ugly to me I have a hard time liking them. I do appreciate the sound for itself, but most probably...
  19. Tsar

    New Headphones for Vinyl and other listening £150 ($230)

    Hi,   I posted in the advice thread but it seemed to get overlooked so I though I would try this So I am after some new headphones sometime in the future as I still haven't replaced my last pair which bit the dust. Now to the fun bit, my music tastes: So my main music taste is...
  20. Gilly87

    DT860 - totally forgotten?

    Just got a pair of these on Amazon for $150 (( as a substitute for my T90 that I can leave at work while the T90s stay home, and I have to say, I'm damn impressed. Soundstage is proportional but not enormous, but it's a...
  21. Cryptarchon

    Headphones for instrumental tracks

    Alright, I have a Sony-NC7 (lol) and I want to get some nice headphones to listen to instrumental music. I've looked at AD900x and they seems really appealing, but I want to know what headphones would give me the best experience for music like:   Budget is around ~200$ willing to spend a bit...
  22. shonor6

    Looking for a step up from my beloved AD700's

    Hey guys. I'm looking for cans that would be a bit more detailed than my AD700's. I'm also looking for slightly different properties in them: I want something that has prominent middles and a bass that's a bit punchier - to enjoy all sorts of metal with. I love my AD700's, but sometimes they're...
  23. Abouna

    Beyerdynamic 990 Pro 250 ohm vs Audio Technica ATH-AD900X

    Well I couldn't resist the Amazon deal on the Beyers so ordered some.   I've now tried them against my ATs and am wondering if they need either some burn in or a better AMP.  I'm running them both through my Topping TP30 DAC/AMP and frankly the ATs have WAY more sound stage and are way more...
  24. AristoNYC

    Best deals on (Amazon Japan)

    I've been reading a lot about how buying electronics from Japanese distributors is a cheaper option (mainly & using Tenso to ship   Anyone know of good Japanese products that can be had for a great price on Amazon care to link? (I don't buy mainly on price but I think it is nice...
  25. Meremoth

    Finished with ATH-AD900X, want a way better upgrade, amp/dac recommended please

    Love the AD900x, now I was something more.  What's the next next up?