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Audio-Technica AD900x or Sennheiser HD 598?

  1. nuclearboy197
    Could you help me decide between these two? They are the same price on Amazon and I just can't decide! I will be using them for gaming on Xbox One and all-genre listening. The audio sources will be my phone (HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition) and my Xbox One. I'd like to be able to pinpoint where sounds are coming from while gaming. I have also previously owned the V-Moda XS, which provided far too boring of a listening experience for me. Sounstage is very important to me as well as an "airy" sound. I also would like them to be comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. So which is a better fit for me? Or should I get something else? If so, I'd prefer open-back. Regards!
  2. billybob_jcv
    If you thought the VModa XS was "boring", then I suspect you would not like the HD598, and you might prefer the AD900X.
  3. nuclearboy197
    Thank you. I am still on the fence however. I don't suppose you could write a comparison of the two? (Assuming that you've heard them both).
  4. nuclearboy197
    Here is a link to the headroom frequency response graph for these two: http://graphs.headphone.com/graphCompare.php?graphType=0&graphID%5B%5D=2851&graphID%5B%5D=3061&scale=30
  5. nuclearboy197
    I just found the Sony MDR-MA900 that could work as another option. Thoughts?
  6. KG Jag

    The MA900 is another good can that is often considered with the HD 598 and AD900X.  The first and last have the largest sound stages.
    If you're primarily looking for a gaming can, then I can't help you beyond what I said above.  If not, you need to tell us specifically what you found "boring" about the V-Moda, and then describe the sound signature that you seek in more detail and mostly in the context of music.
  7. nuclearboy197
    As you said, it will be primarily for gaming. This means that soundstage will be more important than everything else, so which is the best in this category? Also, how would you rate the comfort of the three? Something to keep in mind, is that I am not a basshead but nobody likes muddy, floppy bass. I don't need anything big and boomy as long as the bass is tight. Thank you.
  8. ZapX629
    I prefer the AD900X quite a bit to the 598, especially for games and movies. Some older thoughts on them:
    "AD900X beats the 598 in the simple first impression test. Better detail, easier to drive, better soundstage, more clarity, etc. The HD598 isn't without its strengths. It can sound more natural on some tracks but it's usually far too warm for me. The AD900X can sound bright on some tracks but it sounds natural and clear most of the time.
    The bass is equal on both, in quality and quantity, a bit faster and tighter on the AT. The mids are a bit more recessed on the 598, but still present. Vocals are airier and more ethereal on the AD900X, more smooth on the 598. Treble is smoother on the 598 by a hair. AD900X has more excitement and sparkle.
    The larger stage can set some things a bit far away, but 95% of the time it's no problem. I'd easily pick the 900X for me, based on the clarity, detail, and airiness. I bought them thinking the HD598 might image a lot better, but separation is the same and other than the slightly blacker background, I don't find them that different in the imaging department."
    Hope that helps. 
  9. nuclearboy197
    Thank you that really helps. Could you compare the comfort on them? It's the last thing keeping me on the fence. Thanks.
  10. KG Jag
    Headphone comfort is a very individual thing.  Sizing and sensitivities are unique to each person.  We can point you to headphones that are generally considered to be comfortable and mention others that have garnered complaints for being uncomfortable.  However, the only way to know for sure is to wear them yourself for a time equivalent to your longest listening session.
    Both of these cans are generally considered to be comfortable--but your mileage may vary.

  11. ZapX629

    Comfort, I'd say is a wash. Both of them, for me at least, feel completely unobtrusive and I don't even notice them being there. Both have soft earpads and don't clamp very hard. 598 has the traditional band where the 900X has the wing system. I don't have any comfort issues with either. 

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