comfort + high quality non IEM headphones???
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Mar 2, 2013
hi, i currently have a ESW9 and i like the headphones quite a lot. However, after wearing them for a couple of hours (usually 2:30 hours to three hours) my ears start to ache some what. When i am at home i use the AD900x so its not a problem but there are times where i am walking around campus a lot of working on my programming for many hours on my school campus. I was wondering if there is a good pair of headphones (no IEMs please) that has a similar level of sound quality as the ESW9 but with very high long term comfort level. By similar level of sound quality i do not mean a sound signature that sounds just like ESW9, i am referring to headphones that can be placed in a similar tier of sound quality compared to ESW9. I am open to any different types of headphones as long as its portable and comfortable. Thank you in advance for your response

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